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145 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Title">Cover Letter from Maori Affairs with Agenda and Minutes of Māori Education Campaign Executive (August 2nd,1955) attached</Metadata>
146 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Date">19531006</Metadata>
148 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Author">E Schwimmer</Metadata>
149 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Description">Covers submissions, absenteeism, joint kindergartens, parents of Boarding School students, establishing community interest in school children, unclaimed moneys, accommodation fro Māori students, publicity and visual aids</Metadata>
150 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Subject">Māori Education Campaign Executive</Metadata>
151 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.MSHeading">Tikanga</Metadata>
152 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Document-Type">Minutes and Agenda</Metadata>
153 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Notes">English, 8 pages</Metadata>
154 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Access">unrestricted</Metadata>
155 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.PersonOfInterest">E Schwimmer; T T Ropiha; Mr Parker; C Bennett; M R Jones; Rangi Royal; Rev M Bennett; M Deacon; M Taylor</Metadata>
156 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Event">Māori Education Campaign Executive (August 2nd,1955)</Metadata>
157 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Correspondent">Pei Te Hurinui Jones </Metadata>
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160.-1I9 Pkur quote this reference . 52/2 In your re,): DEPARTMENT OF MAORI AFFAIRS (AND MAORI TRUST OFFICE) MigalICRMAFICH UNION WILDING. ticillpdaMilitTAI,ETODU MOTORS BUILDING. TELEGRAPHIC ADDRESS: MAO..AIRS TELEPHONE 17 270 Mr P. H. Jones, Box 78, TAUMARUNUI. Dear Mr Jones, Attached for your information are copiee of the agenda, and minutes of the latest meeting held by the Maori Education Campaign Executive on Tuesday, August and, 1955. Further reports will be forwarded when available. You. faithfully, it es- . BOX 2390. WELLINGTON 6 October 1955. Att/
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192AGENDA OF A MEETING OF THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF THE MAORI RDUCATIOh CAMPAIGN EXECUTIVE Submission No. 1: That Rev Menu Bennett be co-opted as a permanent member of the Central Committee. Submission No. 2: That the appeal to Maori parents be directed to the following objectives:- (a) Early beginning and regularity of school attendance. (b) Creating a keen interest amongst parents in seeking care for their children such as will fully bring out their aptitudes. Creating awareness of and interest in the facilities offered to help children in their education and training. Increasing interest in children's books and promoting an early familiarity with the written word among Maori children. Fostering the kindergarten movement in certain localities, with the emphasis on joint pekeha-Msoei kindergartens. Encouraging Maoris - including those whose children go to Board schools - to take an interest in school committees aed in parent teachers associations. Establishing with each school some Maori group actively watching the educational interests of the school children -a tribal committee, a league, or where these cannot assume the. responsibility an ad-hoc committee. (h) Discussion on the uses of the funds made available as 'Unclaimed Moneys', under the Maori Trustee Act 1953, Sec. 30, and exploration of the possibility of reserving these funds for edacetional purposes. Submission No. 3: That a committee of throe including ono of the organiser: be appointed to carry out initial publicity to bring the campaign before the eyes of the public. anheellision No. 4: That a set-committee of three, including ,ne rf the organisers, preeere a plan for visual aids other than film to 'ee used in the campaign. Submission No. 5: That a sub-committee of three, including one cf the organisers, supervise the making of a film for the campaign. Submission No. 6: That a sub-committee of three prepare a pamphlet setting out the facts about education, vocational guidance, financia assistance and other services for Maori boys and girls who arc being educated for skilled trades and professions. Submission NQ, 7: That a sub-committee of three, including ono of the organisers, study the problem of accommodation for Maoris going intc towns or cities to be educated for skilled trades and professions. Submission No. 8: That a second meeting of thecentmlocamlittee be 'azreee cl9se to September 30, to consider the reports of the sub-eemZittees, anti to discuss the implementing of the objectives discussed at this present meeting under submission 2. (c) (d) (e) (f) (8)
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224MEETING OF THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF THE MAORI EDUCATION CAMPAIGN EXECUTIVE HELD IN DOMINfON FARMERS' INSTITUTE BUILDING, FEATHERSTON STREET, WELLInTON, on TUESDAY. AUGUST 2nd, 1955 PRESENT: Messrs Ropiha (Chairman), Mr. Parker, C. Bennett, Jones, Rangi Royal, Rev. M. Bennett, M. Deacon (Education Department representative), M. Taylor and E. Schwimmer. Hr. Jones moved and Mr. Parker seconded &quot;THAT the Rev. Manu Bennett be co-opted as a permanent member of the Central Committee.&quot; The resolution was adopted. SCHOOL ATTENDANCE: Mr. M. Taylor spoke of the problem of absenteeism as he saw it and as described to him on his recent visit to the East Coast. Mr. Jones agreed that this is a problem, and added that it is difficult to convince some parents of the importance of their children's regular attendance at school. Mr. Taylor said that in many cases there seemed to be awareness but not enough conviction. Mr. Ropiha stated that interest can be stimulated to a certain point only and beyond that point it is a matter for parents alone. He thought that the committee should consider means of infusing enthusiasm into parents. Mr. Ropiha said that there is more general awareness now of the importance of education but there is still a minority which is difficult to move, and it seemed to him that the committee should consider how to help those who are anxious to educate their children and then how to help the minority who are perhaps in need of assistance and who may have good reasons for not sending their children to school regularly, , transport, lack of money, distance from school, ill-health, etc. It was important to decide just how far the committee's activities are to be extended in this campaign, as there was a real danger of achieving nothing at all if the campaign were too wide. Mr. Schwimmer spoke in support of Mr. Ropiha and agreed that the committee's engergies should not be diffused too widely. Mr. Taylor's visit to the Coast was to study the problem at first hand. He added that it might not be necessary to discuss all the points on the agenda, as this had been intended merely as a guide. Mr. C. Bennett said that a lot of ground had been gained in education and the question now was to consolidate. It was useless to encourage parents to fully educate their children without also taking action about the handicaps, which are mostly financial for the academic children and, on the technical side, are mainly lack of accommodation. Because of these two handicaps many children cannot be taken, Mr. Ropiha agreed that some questions could be held over for the future and suggested that in the meantime the meeting deal with main problems and consider ways of resolving them. The first thing was to decide what these problems are and then how they couldb est be resolved. Once this question was decided then much could be achieved, With regard to Point (o) on the agenda Mr. Ropiha considered that there is general awareness of facilities offered as the Department receives letters from parents. The Maori Purposes Fund Board provides approximately ?1500 to assist in many ways where in any
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256- 2 - special cases lack of finance prevents children from completing their secondary education. Frequently parents provide 90 and the Department provides the balance. It was Mr. Schwimmer's opinion that there is a definite probl of a lack of information on facilities available, to which Mr. Ropiha replied that the Education Department provides funds and surely the Department would diffuse knowledge on scholarships etc. available. He added that perhaps in some cases headmasters are not aware of the form and extent of help available. Mr. Deacon agreed with this and stated that the average European parent does not know or understand the importance of education, nor has he any clear conception of the avenues open to the child of He doubted if the average Naori parent really knows what is open in the way of scholarships and what the child can arrive at if he has any general ability, and he felt that there is a great need for means of enlightening parents. It was true that the teachers are sometimes at fault here as they do not always read &quot;The Gazette&quot; and do not have full information. Mr. Taylor stated that Mr. Robertson told him that ignorance of Maori parents was very great on this subject, and Mr. Robertson's opinion was that the child's future should be discussed when the child is still in primary school rather than in Form V or VI as at present. Mr. Royal reminded the meeting that three years ago the Maori Welfare League had discussed this question at length, and their recommendations had later been printed in the Yellow Book. Mr. Ropiha agreed that much had been done in the past but it was necessary to remind people every year of the available facilities for their children. He suggested that a circular could be prepared for parents of all Maori school children setting out the facilities, advantages and assistance available. Mr. Parker said that one general difficulty with circulars is that many of them are printed in the language of the people who send them, which means that the wording is not simple enough and the people for whom they are intended sometimes fail to grasp their full meaning. In this case it is most important that plain and simple language be used. At this point Mr.- Sbhwimmer referred the meeting to Question N on the agenda. Mr. Ropiha stated that an annual circular rather than pamphlets would be better as the circular could then be changed and modified as required. The Maori Welfare League had already prepared a pamphlet which covered a very wide field. Mr. Taylor thought it necessary to prepare something more attractive and dramatic than an ordinary circular. Mr. Deacon mentioned a small pamphlet prepared by Education Department for general circulation and stated that perhaps this could be used as a glide. Mr. Schwimmer, stated that an attractive lay-out was essential and thought printing preferable to cyclostyling. A small publication could be changed from year to year. SUBMISSION N It was agreed that the pamphlet should have an immediate personal follow-up, and Mr. Schwimmer said that first issues should have trio backing. Mr. Jones stated that the District Welfare Officers are aware of the problem and could help considerably.
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286 </Description>
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288-3- Mr. Deacon suggested that the pamphlets could be distributed through the children in the schools. The Rev. Bennett stated that most dissemination of knowledge among Maoris is still by word of mouth and the average parent has not sufficient education to be able to evaluate reading matter, so in addition to the pamphlet the people must be reached by word of mouth. perhaps the efforts here could be converged by getting the various groups operating in Maori society, , Tribal Committees, Adult Education, the Churches, talking about this and discussing it on the mare,. IC only pamphlets are used then perhaps the results will not be very great. Mr. Ropiha said the matter has been discussed quite a lot over the last few years, and that there has been lack of precision in the facilities available. These facilities should be set out clearly so there is no possibility of misunderstanding. He was told by a Senior Inspector that University scholarships are not much sought after, and thinks this may be because of lack of knowledge of their existence. It is most important that early reminders of what is available be given parents. The Education Department grants only six scholarships, and Mr. Ropiha felt that this small number may be one factor in keeping the standards high. Mr. Deacon said that with regard to the University it is often a question of maturity. Sometimes scholars are too young to go on to University, although their intelligence may be high. Mr. Bennett felt that the Trust situation should be clarified, as many people do not know what is there for them. Suggested that thi, be included in pamphlet. The Rev. Bennett said he understood that one difficulty is th' children get these Trust scholarships and then do not take them for th. full period offered. Mr. Ropiha agreed and said it may be that these scholarships will have to be limited to children at Boarding schools. Mr. Schwimmer said the greater freedom of choice the better: if children are forced to go to Boarding School then this may interfere with the parents' freedom of action. Mr. Ropiha stated that day scholars have greater temptations to leave school than children at Boarding schools. It was moved by Mr. Royal and seconded by Mr. Jones that the funds available elsewhere should be included in this pamphlet. Mr. Bennett drew the meeting's attention to the fact that timinE Is moat important for scholarships as they often close early in the yea:, while material on vocations would perhaps best be printed about Hovembei, Mr. Schwimmer agreed that the vocation material should appear it November, even if it entailed splitting the pamphlet into separate sections. Mr. Schwimmer suggested that the meeting consider means of fostering awareness among parents of the importance of kindergartens es being generally helpful in preparing the child for school. In the course of discussion Mr. Royal mentioned the difficulty already experienced in finding teachers for kindergartens, and Mr. Taylor gave Mr. Robertson's view that pre-reading literature provided in the child's home was most important. Mr. Deacon considered the wl idea most desirable but not essential at this stage. He said that before a child begins to read he usually has a strong pre-disposition to reading and so comes to school with this background. lie thought the average Maori child )robebly would not have this background, but could not BCC how literature could be introduced into the home. Mr. Schwi,ms. suggested that porhps this could be done through Committees, Maori
294 <Description>
295 <Metadata name="Title">7</Metadata>
296 <Metadata name="Image">3B01-01-006.tif</Metadata>
297 <Metadata name="Source">3B01-01-006.tif</Metadata>
298 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3B01-01-006.tif</Metadata>
299 <Metadata name="FileSize">2191923</Metadata>
300 <Metadata name="ImageType">TIFF</Metadata>
301 <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1765</Metadata>
302 <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2704</Metadata>
303 <Metadata name="ImageSize">2.192MB</Metadata>
304 <Metadata name="srclink_file">3B01-01-006.tif</Metadata>
305 <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3B01-01-006.tif</Metadata>
306 <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
307 <Metadata name="ThumbType">gif</Metadata>
308 <Metadata name="Thumb">3B01-01-006_thumb.gif</Metadata>
309 <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
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313 <Metadata name="Screen">3B01-01-006_screen.jpeg</Metadata>
314 <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
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318 </Description>
319 <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
320- 4 - Welfare League Christmas parties could be asked to give books as presents. Mr. Deacon replied that although this would be desirable he did not consider it worth following up at this meeting as the time would be more profitably spent on wider issues, with which both Mr. Ropiha and Mr. Sohwimmer agreed. JcirT KINDERGARTENS: Mr. Royal stated that attempts to start kindergartens in Maori communities and to encourage Maoris to attend Surcpean kindergartens had been made. He knew of some failures, mainly because of the difficu'Lty in finding teachers and interested people to help, and in many Maori communities the idea had been abandoned. More encouragement should be given to parents to send their children to pakeha kindergartens in F,ropcan communities, but it was most desirable to encourage the establishment of Maori kindergartens in Maori communities. Mr. Deacon stated that the Kindergarten. Association is not attached to the Education Department, although the Department provided financial help. The community must raise ?2,500 and then the Department mould subsidise R. for ? on funds. Mr. Schwimmor asked Mr. Deacon if this ?2,500 would be necessary 4n. the event of Maori halls being approved. Mr. Deacon replied that strict rules must be complied with boron a hall could be approved, and then the approval would be for only a st time - until proper rooms could be built. Mr. Parker quoted the example of Waikanae where Maori and pakeha children happily attend the one kindergarten. At Ratana Pa, if the , League could popularise the idea, then he could organise the young men to prepare the equipment. Mr. Deacon made the further suggestion that a Maori quota coal,: perhaps be obtained for the Kindergarten Training School in Christchurch, D7COUPAGING PARENTS WHOSE CHILDREN ARE IN LoARDG SCHOLS TO TAKE AN INTEREST IN Mr. Royal referred to the well-known difficulty of getting parents to show an interest in parent-teacher associations. In reply Mr. Taylor mentioned some cases where difficulty was experienced in keeping parents off the School Committees and where par. e-tercher associations are now being started. On the Coast the position seemed good and there was no need for fostering there. Igue. The meeting agreed that this question be left to the Welfare 71TABLISHMENT OF GROUP IN COMMUNITY TO INTERESTS OF SCHOOL CHILDREN: Mr. Taylor told the Meeting that Mr. Robertson had expressed a wish to see some shall effective group formed in each community for this end. Mr. Deacon agreed with the advisability of this, and suggested 1?:lat Tribal Comittecs be requested to set up Sub-Committees. Mr. Ropihn suggested that there already exists the danger of too many Sub-Committees in a small community, usually composed of the Lame people. Mr. Schwimmer mentioned the Raetihi Tribal Committee where various members have their own specialties and report back to the Tribal Committee, and thought that this system might meet the needs of present problem. He suggested that meetings be held to discuss those educational matters with the people but did not consider it a food idea for this Committee to decide as the matter was really outsicm,
326 <Description>
327 <Metadata name="Title">8</Metadata>
328 <Metadata name="Image">3B01-01-007.tif</Metadata>
329 <Metadata name="Source">3B01-01-007.tif</Metadata>
330 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3B01-01-007.tif</Metadata>
331 <Metadata name="FileSize">1782401</Metadata>
332 <Metadata name="ImageType">TIFF</Metadata>
333 <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1768</Metadata>
334 <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2703</Metadata>
335 <Metadata name="ImageSize">1.782MB</Metadata>
336 <Metadata name="srclink_file">3B01-01-007.tif</Metadata>
337 <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3B01-01-007.tif</Metadata>
338 <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
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340 <Metadata name="Thumb">3B01-01-007_thumb.gif</Metadata>
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350 </Description>
351 <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
352-5- their sphere. Mr. Schwimmer agreed with Mr. Ropiha that anything sent out should be merely a suggestion and that the main idea would be to help where possible without trying to organise the people. The functio,. of the Committee should be merely to give information and ideas. It was agreed that this matter be referred to the Maori Welfare League for consideration. FUrDS OF UNCLAIMED MONEYS: Mr. Schwimmer thought it might be advisable to tap public opinion with regard to spending this money. Mr. Ropiha agreed and thought that public opinion would be in favour of the assistance of Maori children's education. He said that ',az, the last two or three years a large part of communal funds had been directed to education. Mr. Royal did not think that all these funds should be directed to education: same should be directed to other Maori ends - building, etc. Mr. Schwimmer suggested hostels. The Chairman stated that there appeared to be annual losses from hnwtols, althorgh he had been told that Presbdterian hostels do not run at a loss due to the tact that their buildings are now and do not requi., mach maintenance. 111th regard to the United Muori Mission hostels he had been informed that the women who run these were very poorly paid. With regard to the problem of arranging accommodation for young acioris coming into cities to be educated or trained in trades Mr. Schwiminor stated. that the question hero was whether the Committee wishes to deal with accommodation as a separate question or if it thought it advial)le to include vocational guidance work. ibe Chairman considered it necessary to take steps to increase hostel accommodation, and a greed that both questions could be dealt site by the one committee which it was proposed to set up. Mr. Bennett said the Labour Departne had strongly advised their 1.:inister to erect another hostel in. either Wellington or Christchurch, but because the Treasury was not enthusiastic nothing further is to be Acme about it. Mr. Royal moved and Mr. Ropiha seconded that the following subcommittee be set up to study the problems of accommodation and vocation,: Mr. Bennett Mr. Schwimmer Representatives of the Education Department and the Labour Department. The motion was carried. 7ubLigyTy?sqp,coNATTTEE: Mr. Deacon stated that the reason for the existence of this proposed Sub-Committee was not clear to him, and Mr. Schwimmer stated that it was necessary for some sort of statement to be made and that this could best be done by some members of the Executive forming a publicity Sub-Committee. Mr. Royal moved and Mr. Jones seconded that The Rev. Bennett, Mr. Taylor Mr. Ropiha for a Sub-Committee for this purpose.
358 <Description>
359 <Metadata name="Title">9</Metadata>
360 <Metadata name="Image">3B01-01-008.tif</Metadata>
361 <Metadata name="Source">3B01-01-008.tif</Metadata>
362 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3B01-01-008.tif</Metadata>
363 <Metadata name="FileSize">1950623</Metadata>
364 <Metadata name="ImageType">TIFF</Metadata>
365 <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1780</Metadata>
366 <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2715</Metadata>
367 <Metadata name="ImageSize">1.951MB</Metadata>
368 <Metadata name="srclink_file">3B01-01-008.tif</Metadata>
369 <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3B01-01-008.tif</Metadata>
370 <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
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372 <Metadata name="Thumb">3B01-01-008_thumb.gif</Metadata>
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374 <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">66</Metadata>
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382 </Description>
383 <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
384? 6 The motion was put to the meeting and carried. VISUAL AIDS: Yr. Taylor suggested that the film in preparation was the most important visual aid to be considered. Mr. Schwimmer stated that as yet no Committee to deal with the film had been formed. A draft script had been prepared and now a Committee should be appointed to study the script and to supervise the final production of the film. He suggested that a representative of the Education Department, Mr. Harris of the Natiohal Film Library and Mr. Parker form this Committee. Mr. Bennett asked how effective this film would be, bearing in mind that it was intended for Maoriaudiences. Mr. Schwimmer suggested that a travelling exhibition be prepared. -- something simple, not very expensive, to show what study and a career could mean and to explain this in a more direct way than the spoken word. The Rev. Bennett said that the Maori people in general regard films merely as entertainment, and no matter how good the film might be it was still associated with the theatre and thus with entertainment. He felt it might be better to show a film strip in conjunction with a talk. Mr. Parker felt that the main purpose of this film should be to provide a stimulus to discussion. Mr. Jones advised that care be taken to adequately supervise the producers of this film and gave the example of &quot;Broken Barrier&quot; which &quot;five a totally erroneous impression. Mr. Parker said that different people have different reactions -to any film and that universal agreement is impossible, and the Rev. Bennett gave his opinion that a straight film does not provoke critical thought on the part of the audience. Mr. Schwimmer suggested that the script be read and worked on by the proposed film committee. Mr. Parker replied that the Executive was paying for the film and should be able to control the direction of it. One specific purpose in such a film was to inspire the people to progress in the education world, and if this were accomplished then the film justified itself. It was moved by Mr. Jones and seconded by Mr. Royal that Messrs Parker, Harris (of the National Film Library) and Schwimmer be appointed to form a Sub?Committee and that this Sub?Committee be directed to report back to the Executive. The motion was put to the meeting and carried. NEXT MEEING OF THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE: It was considered that a further meeting of the Executive be arranged for the -,urpose of having the Sub?Committees appointed at this meeting report back. Mr. Taylor submitted that shooting must commence on the film by September 30 and so perhaps the Film Committee would meet with two or three additional people to discuss points within the next few days. If the film were held up then it could not be used for the campaign in November. Mr. Schwimmer undertook to have the script typed and distrfbated to the members of the Committee. Mr. Ropiha suggested that a further meeting be called to discuss the film, and this met with general agreement. The meeting closed at 10
390 <Description>
391 <Metadata name="Title">10</Metadata>
392 <Metadata name="Image">3B01-01-009.tif</Metadata>
393 <Metadata name="Source">3B01-01-009.tif</Metadata>
394 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3B01-01-009.tif</Metadata>
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399 <Metadata name="ImageSize">895KB</Metadata>
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402 <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
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411 <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">377</Metadata>
412 <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
413 <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
414 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Title">Letter from Jane Boyle</Metadata>
415 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Date">19751031</Metadata>
416 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Author">Jane Boyle (Mrs)</Metadata>
417 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Description">Mrs Boyle requests whakapapa details for Nukutaurua Jones in compliance with award guidelines</Metadata>
418 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Subject">Ngarimu VC University Scholarships</Metadata>
419 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.MSHeading">Whakapapa</Metadata>
420 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Document-Type">Letter</Metadata>
421 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Location">Taumarunui</Metadata>
422 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Notes">English</Metadata>
423 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Access">unrestricted</Metadata>
424 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.PersonOfInterest">Jane Boyle (Mrs); Nukutaurua Jones </Metadata>
425 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Event">Ngarimu VC University Scholarships</Metadata>
426 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Correspondent">Pei Te Hurinui Jones </Metadata>
427 </Description>
428 <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
429t; DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION WFII iNmroN, NFW ZFA, AND 731 Pr Gtnernment buil log 31 October 1975 Dr P H Jones Box 78 TAUMARUNUI Dear Dr Jones , AWARD OF NCARIMU VC UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIPS I have recently received an application fromAllcutaurua Jones of Ruapehu Crescent, Taumarunui, _for a Nqrrisu VU and 28th (Maeri) Battalion Memorial Fund Schs3arshiP for study at a University in New Zealand. The applicant mentioned has given your name cc referee. As you may know, Ngarimu VC University Scholarships are awarded each year to young Maoris who have attained a high standard in their studies at secondary school. However, applicants Oust culturally identify themselves as Maori and a referee nominated by the applicant is acked to comment on the applicant's identification with the Maori race. Such information is of great assistance both to the applicant and to the Board in coming to a decision on the award of the scholarships. With this in view, I should ho very grateful therefore if you could supply SOME information about the family and background of the applicant with particular reference to the applicant's interest and involvement in Maori affairs and activities. We should be grateful if this information could be sent to us as soon as Yours sincerely doqe_. 604 its) Secretary Ngarimu VC and 29th (Maori) Battalion Memorial Scholarship Fund. Board
435 <Description>
436 <Metadata name="Title">11</Metadata>
437 <Metadata name="Image">3B01-01-010.tif</Metadata>
438 <Metadata name="Source">3B01-01-010.tif</Metadata>
439 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3B01-01-010.tif</Metadata>
440 <Metadata name="FileSize">1568023</Metadata>
441 <Metadata name="ImageType">TIFF</Metadata>
442 <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1799</Metadata>
443 <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2119</Metadata>
444 <Metadata name="ImageSize">1.568MB</Metadata>
445 <Metadata name="srclink_file">3B01-01-010.tif</Metadata>
446 <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3B01-01-010.tif</Metadata>
447 <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
448 <Metadata name="ThumbType">gif</Metadata>
449 <Metadata name="Thumb">3B01-01-010_thumb.gif</Metadata>
450 <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
451 <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">85</Metadata>
452 <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
453 <Metadata name="ScreenType">jpeg</Metadata>
454 <Metadata name="Screen">3B01-01-010_screen.jpeg</Metadata>
455 <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
456 <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">424</Metadata>
457 <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
458 <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
459 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Title">Letter from Minister of Māori Affairs</Metadata>
460 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Date">19550627</Metadata>
461 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Author">E Corbett</Metadata>
462 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Description">Minister Corbett asks Pei to be part of an executive to encourage young Māori to extend their level of education</Metadata>
463 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Subject">Educational drive</Metadata>
464 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.MSHeading">Mātauranga</Metadata>
465 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Document-Type">Letter</Metadata>
466 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Notes">English</Metadata>
467 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Access">unrestricted</Metadata>
468 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.PersonOfInterest">E Corbett</Metadata>
469 </Description>
470 <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
471WELLINGTON. E. 2 7 )1:; 955. I have thought for some time that ens of the main ways of solving Maori problems is through more education and particularly to bring a greater proportion of young Maoris to a level of education where they are qualified to take up a skilled trade or profession. The stabilizing and strengthening influence of such occupations and the greater satisfaction the more intelligent minority can derive from them seem to me of sufficient importance to justify a very Especial effort on our part. It occurred to me that if apse Maori leaders with experience and understanding of this education problem came together to tackle it in a practical way much good could be don. To help these leaders, the Maori Purposes Fund Board has made available a substantial grant for the conduct'of an educational drive. The Government will make suitable staff available to take from the shoulders of the Maori leaders the burden of administrative, elerical and publicity detail. Your participation in this effort would, I think, be beneficial and I should be glad if you would agree to join a small executive to be set up to administer the drive. A tentative date for the first executive meeting has bees set at Thursday July 14. aould you please advise by return mail whether you will be prepared to serve on the executive and if the proposed date is suitable. If the date is not suitable would you suggest a date prior to July 14. which would suit. Yours faithfully, Minister of Maori Affair. Mr Pei Te HurIgui Jones, Box 78, TADMARM7I. &quot;&quot;rfirm' Dear Mr Jones,
477 <Description>
478 <Metadata name="Title">12</Metadata>
479 <Metadata name="Image">3B01-01-011.tif</Metadata>
480 <Metadata name="Source">3B01-01-011.tif</Metadata>
481 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3B01-01-011.tif</Metadata>
482 <Metadata name="FileSize">748517</Metadata>
483 <Metadata name="ImageType">TIFF</Metadata>
484 <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1760</Metadata>
485 <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2118</Metadata>
486 <Metadata name="ImageSize">749KB</Metadata>
487 <Metadata name="srclink_file">3B01-01-011.tif</Metadata>
488 <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3B01-01-011.tif</Metadata>
489 <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
490 <Metadata name="ThumbType">gif</Metadata>
491 <Metadata name="Thumb">3B01-01-011_thumb.gif</Metadata>
492 <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
493 <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">83</Metadata>
494 <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
495 <Metadata name="ScreenType">jpeg</Metadata>
496 <Metadata name="Screen">3B01-01-011_screen.jpeg</Metadata>
497 <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
498 <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">415</Metadata>
499 <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
500 <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
501 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Title">Letter from T T Ropina, Department of Māori Affairs</Metadata>
502 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Date">19500821</Metadata>
503 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Author">T T Ropina</Metadata>
504 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Description">Mr Ropina asks Pei to be part of a sub-committee to investigate the establishment of Māori Language, Cultural and History Chair in the University of New Zealand</Metadata>
505 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Subject">Māori Language, Cultural and History Chair</Metadata>
506 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.MSHeading">Mātauranga</Metadata>
507 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Document-Type">Letter</Metadata>
508 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Location">Te Aute; Waiomatatini</Metadata>
509 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Notes">English, signature unclear, inkblot, 2 copies</Metadata>
510 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Access">unrestricted</Metadata>
511 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.PersonOfInterest">T T Ropina</Metadata>
512 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Event">Establishment of Māori Language, Cultural and History Chair</Metadata>
513 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Correspondent">Pei Te Hurinui Jones </Metadata>
514 </Description>
515 <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
516No.-33 1 Pl. qv. W. rarer.. x kli). ,r your ly AMINVIIMMOZW2A Department of Maori Affairs, P. U. Box 3006, WhiLINGTON, C. 1. 21st August, 1950. Mr. P. Te H. Jones, Puketapu Sawmills, TAUMARUNUI. Dear Sir, At a meeting held at Waiomatatini on Friday evening, the 21st July last, I was appointed convener of a meeting to be held at Te Aute on Saturday. the 26th instant to promote the establishment of a Maori Language, Cultural and History Chair in the University of New Zealand. Your name was referred to me as one of those appointed to form a sub-committee to investigate the matter. You are hereby notified that arrangements have been completed to set aside a suitable building at the Hastings Showground, where the meeting will be held at 7 Saturday the 26th August, 1950. As the s ject is regarded as one of considerable importance i preservation of Maori Culture and History, I should be g f you would make every endeavour to be present. Yours sincerely, Convener.
522 <Description>
523 <Metadata name="Title">13</Metadata>
524 <Metadata name="Image">3B01-01-012.tif</Metadata>
525 <Metadata name="Source">3B01-01-012.tif</Metadata>
526 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3B01-01-012.tif</Metadata>
527 <Metadata name="FileSize">777335</Metadata>
528 <Metadata name="ImageType">TIFF</Metadata>
529 <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1779</Metadata>
530 <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2662</Metadata>
531 <Metadata name="ImageSize">777KB</Metadata>
532 <Metadata name="srclink_file">3B01-01-012.tif</Metadata>
533 <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3B01-01-012.tif</Metadata>
534 <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
535 <Metadata name="ThumbType">gif</Metadata>
536 <Metadata name="Thumb">3B01-01-012_thumb.gif</Metadata>
537 <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
538 <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">67</Metadata>
539 <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
540 <Metadata name="ScreenType">jpeg</Metadata>
541 <Metadata name="Screen">3B01-01-012_screen.jpeg</Metadata>
542 <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
543 <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">334</Metadata>
544 <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
545 <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
546 </Description>
547 <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
548ITS JB. Luart irruxux Department of Maori Affairs, P. 0. Box 3006, WHLLINOTON, C. 1. 21st August, 1950. Mr. P. Te H. Jones, Puketapu Sawmills, TAUMANUNUI. Dear Sir, At meeting held et Walomatatini on Friday evening, the 21st July last, I was appointed convener of a meeting to be held at Te Auto on Saturday, the 26th instant to promote the establishment of a Maori Language, Cultural and History Chair in the University of New Zealand. Your name was referred to me as one of those appointed to form a sub?committee to investigate the matter. You are hereby notified that arrangements have been completed to set aside a suitable building at the Hastings Showground, where the meeting will be held at 7 Saturday the 26th August, 1950. As the importance I should presentact is regarded as one of considerable preservation of Maori Culture and History, if you would make every endeavour to be Yours sincerely, Convener.
554 <Description>
555 <Metadata name="Title">14</Metadata>
556 <Metadata name="Image">3B01-01-013.tif</Metadata>
557 <Metadata name="Source">3B01-01-013.tif</Metadata>
558 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3B01-01-013.tif</Metadata>
559 <Metadata name="FileSize">798299</Metadata>
560 <Metadata name="ImageType">TIFF</Metadata>
561 <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1783</Metadata>
562 <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2103</Metadata>
563 <Metadata name="ImageSize">798KB</Metadata>
564 <Metadata name="srclink_file">3B01-01-013.tif</Metadata>
565 <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3B01-01-013.tif</Metadata>
566 <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
567 <Metadata name="ThumbType">gif</Metadata>
568 <Metadata name="Thumb">3B01-01-013_thumb.gif</Metadata>
569 <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
570 <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">85</Metadata>
571 <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
572 <Metadata name="ScreenType">jpeg</Metadata>
573 <Metadata name="Screen">3B01-01-013_screen.jpeg</Metadata>
574 <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
575 <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">424</Metadata>
576 <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
577 <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
578 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Title">Letter from Robert Keepa, Māori Welfare Officer</Metadata>
579 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Date">no date </Metadata>
580 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Author">Robert Keepa</Metadata>
581 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Description">Advising Pei that Mr Winiata , Tutor and organiser for Maori Adult Education for the Council District, will be holding a meeting at Ngapuawaiwaha Pa, Taumarunui to discuss extending the facilities to Taumarunui</Metadata>
582 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Subject">Māori Adult Education</Metadata>
583 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.MSHeading">Mātauranga</Metadata>
584 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Document-Type">Letter</Metadata>
585 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Location">Ngapuawaiwaha Pa; Taumarunui</Metadata>
586 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Notes">English, date obscured, </Metadata>
587 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Access">unrestricted</Metadata>
588 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.PersonOfInterest">Robert Keepa; Mr Winiata</Metadata>
589 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Correspondent">Pei Te Hurinui Jones </Metadata>
590 </Description>
591 <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
592DEPARTMENT MAORI AFFAIRS, TAUMARUNUI. Dear Sir: ADULT EDUCATION. I have to advise that under the Adult Education Act, 1947, the appointment has been made of a Regional Council associated with Auckland University College the primary functions of which would be to promote and foster adult education and the cultivation of arts. The aims and objects are briefly outlined in circular attached and submitted for your information. Mr Winiata who has been appointed Tutor-organizer for Maori Adult Education for the Council District will visit Taumarunui on the 5thMarcg next. It i8 intended to discuss with him the prospects of extending the facilities to Maoris in the Taumarunui area and, further, to organize intending students into the appropriate groups and arrange a fixture for the meetings of such groups. A general meeting is to be held at the Ngapuwaiwaha Pa, Taumarunui, on the 5th March 1950 at 10. to discuss the above matters and all interested parties are cordially invited to attend. Robt R. Keeps, Maori Welfare Officer.
598 <Description>
599 <Metadata name="Title">15</Metadata>
600 <Metadata name="Image">3B01-01-014.tif</Metadata>
601 <Metadata name="Source">3B01-01-014.tif</Metadata>
602 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3B01-01-014.tif</Metadata>
603 <Metadata name="FileSize">1498051</Metadata>
604 <Metadata name="ImageType">TIFF</Metadata>
605 <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1769</Metadata>
606 <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2088</Metadata>
607 <Metadata name="ImageSize">1.498MB</Metadata>
608 <Metadata name="srclink_file">3B01-01-014.tif</Metadata>
609 <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3B01-01-014.tif</Metadata>
610 <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
611 <Metadata name="ThumbType">gif</Metadata>
612 <Metadata name="Thumb">3B01-01-014_thumb.gif</Metadata>
613 <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
614 <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">85</Metadata>
615 <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
616 <Metadata name="ScreenType">jpeg</Metadata>
617 <Metadata name="Screen">3B01-01-014_screen.jpeg</Metadata>
618 <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
619 <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">424</Metadata>
620 <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
621 <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
622 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Title"/>
623 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Date"/>
624 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Author"/>
625 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Description"/>
626 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Subject"/>
627 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.MSHeading"/>
628 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Document-Type"/>
629 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Location"/>
630 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Notes"/>
631 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Access"/>
632 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.PersonOfInterest"/>
633 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Event"/>
634 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Correspondent"/>
635 </Description>
636 <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
637MAORI AptIpT OUQATIom. Stahl Whakamarama. I. Te Kaupapa. He kawe atu 1 etahi mateurangs aroro, a ringaringa hoki o nga Wharewananga o te Pakeha ki nga Mame Maori. He haere rue te hikoi ma te Maori i tenei ra, he waewae KAMM Maori he waewae Pakeha. II. Nga Mahi.- a. He Whekatu Where Korero ki tena waahi ki tena waahi. Ko te mahi o roto i te Wharekorero ne nal he wanananga i te tupunga mai o nga tupune Maori, are he whai i nga whakamarama a Te Ranghiroa. Wananga teketia ai i tena huinga 1 tena huinga a tee no3sai ki te unga mai o nga wake ki Niu Tireni net. Kei roto 1 nga Korero a te Kai Korero ka kites merematia te tupunga mai o te Maori, a te ahua hoki o nga iwi i noho ki Aoteeroe net 1 mug etu 1 nga wake. Kotahi te huinga ote roopu ako i tenei tikanga korero 1 te rue wiki a pau nog te toru marama. Ko te wahanga tuarua ko nga take e pa mai ana ki a taus ki te iwi Maori 1 tenei ra are Modern Maori Problems. Ka pera ano 1 te Hitoria Maori te Whakehaere. b. Dressmaking Class. He ako ki te tuitui kakahu ma nga wahine, Kaore ano 1 tino tuturu tenei mahi. c. Physical Culture. Roopu Teitameriki, a wahine hoki mo nga mahi physical culture. d. Technical Subjects. Carpentry,Building Construction,Engineering,Bookkeeping. III. Te Utu. a. Wharekorero. Etoru hereni i te toru merama mo te whakatapoko ki te Roopu (Class.) Ka tuhia te ingoa ki nga pukapuka Adult Education o te University College, Auckland. Ka tukuna atu he Tiwhikete ina mutu te toru marama ki nga mea katoa 1 mutu pal te haere mai ki nga hui a tenei Roopu. b. Dressmaking. Kei te ahua tonu o te roe o te Course. c. Physical Cultureiteirez Kaore e mo nui rawa, ki te tima te mahi ke mohiotia. d. Technical Subjects. Kaore he utu. Yukuna etu el nga mahi 1 Poneke. Kei a Pepuere ke timata tenet mahi. IV. Whekahaere. a. Me whakatu he Komiti Adult Education ki Lena waahi kis iwa pea nga mama. He tiamana, he hekeretari. Ko tenei te Roopu whanui o nga mahi Kura o tens tekiwa. Ka tukuna atu ki te Hekeretari te Roll me te pukapuka Rohiiti mo nga fees mo te 'hare Korero. b. Mo nga tangata, wahine katoa enei kura. HE MUTUNGA. Maku ano hei whakaatu atu te we timatanga o nga mahi. He timatanga kau tenet. Whakerohia mai e koutou etahi,mahi, etahi take renei e pa ana ki te Education hei awhina ma tatou. Kia Ora 1 te Tau Hou, Maharaie Winieta.
643 <Description>
644 <Metadata name="Title">16</Metadata>
645 <Metadata name="Image">3B01-01-015.tif</Metadata>
646 <Metadata name="Source">3B01-01-015.tif</Metadata>
647 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3B01-01-015.tif</Metadata>
648 <Metadata name="FileSize">400687</Metadata>
649 <Metadata name="ImageType">TIFF</Metadata>
650 <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1765</Metadata>
651 <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2033</Metadata>
652 <Metadata name="ImageSize">401KB</Metadata>
653 <Metadata name="srclink_file">3B01-01-015.tif</Metadata>
654 <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3B01-01-015.tif</Metadata>
655 <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
656 <Metadata name="ThumbType">gif</Metadata>
657 <Metadata name="Thumb">3B01-01-015_thumb.gif</Metadata>
658 <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
659 <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">87</Metadata>
660 <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
661 <Metadata name="ScreenType">jpeg</Metadata>
662 <Metadata name="Screen">3B01-01-015_screen.jpeg</Metadata>
663 <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
664 <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">434</Metadata>
665 <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
666 <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
667 </Description>
668 <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
669AIIIMPLAUDIELAIIILEMZULNAIM MatAlturas. 1. Ts Tapunga sal o to Moeda fl Ortega it the As lad. 11. to vivo nag nza mks. So Maori Ores W Xis Sealed 1. (4 To Klogitastia pliarterrohiti) King M wootot gleorvosoid4 (1) lioelleo 0 Pile. ilstaq et the ramereta litoPina 4. Itio nolo Asia tie IMiadlQ otottot Ootatio Ito z..a, 5. T. goo Maori. Xattri Langone. Xga Maori led esa Meas. Whoa Kaeri.
675 <Description>
676 <Metadata name="Title">17</Metadata>
677 <Metadata name="Image">3B01-01-016.tif</Metadata>
678 <Metadata name="Source">3B01-01-016.tif</Metadata>
679 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3B01-01-016.tif</Metadata>
680 <Metadata name="FileSize">1151005</Metadata>
681 <Metadata name="ImageType">TIFF</Metadata>
682 <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1787</Metadata>
683 <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2110</Metadata>
684 <Metadata name="ImageSize">1.151MB</Metadata>
685 <Metadata name="srclink_file">3B01-01-016.tif</Metadata>
686 <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3B01-01-016.tif</Metadata>
687 <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
688 <Metadata name="ThumbType">gif</Metadata>
689 <Metadata name="Thumb">3B01-01-016_thumb.gif</Metadata>
690 <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
691 <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">85</Metadata>
692 <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
693 <Metadata name="ScreenType">jpeg</Metadata>
694 <Metadata name="Screen">3B01-01-016_screen.jpeg</Metadata>
695 <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
696 <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">423</Metadata>
697 <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
698 <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
699 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Title">Letter from Adult Education Centre, Auckland University District</Metadata>
700 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Date">19490623</Metadata>
701 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Author">S R Morrison, Director Adult Education</Metadata>
702 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Description">Mr Morrison advises of the intention to appoint Maharaia Winiata as the Maori Tutor for Adult Education. Also suggests that he be introduced to Princess Te Puea to gain approval for the project </Metadata>
703 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Subject">Maori Tutor; Adult Education Centre</Metadata>
704 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.MSHeading">Mātauranga</Metadata>
705 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Document-Type">Letter</Metadata>
706 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Notes">English</Metadata>
707 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Access">unrestricted</Metadata>
708 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.PersonOfInterest">S R Morrison; Maharaia Winiata; Princess Te Puea; King Koroki</Metadata>
709 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Correspondent">Pei Te Hurinui Jones </Metadata>
710 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Location">Tauranga; Ngāruawāhia</Metadata>
711 </Description>
712 <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
713ADULT EDUCATION CENTRE DIREC1011: MORRISON,N. (AUCKLAND UNIVERSITY DISTRICT) TELEPHONES 494, 48,66 PLEASE ADDRESS ALL CORRESPONDENCE TO THE DIRECTOR, ADULT BDUCATIONCENTRE, SYMONDS STREET, AUCKLAND, 23rd June, 1949. Mei Jones, TAUMARUNUI. Dear Pei, - You will recall our ccnversation on the mart,. at Waitara, on the occasion of Sir Peter Buck's visit. You ill also remember that I suggested that you should introduce me tc Princess Te Puea, if we were making any experiments in Maori Adult Education. Next Monday the Auckland University College Council will appoint Mabaraia Winiata, , as Maori tutor in Adult Education, as an experiment for three months. He plans to operate both at Tauranga and Ngaruawahia areas. One week in Tauranga and then he will go to the Ngaruawahia area for a week, the subsequent week to Tauranga area and so on. He agreed with me that it is highly desirable th,t fa the asilmte we eheeld lea bhe aFF,l of-Re Puea and King xadricr.--- He also agreed that you were the one to introduce us and &quot;make plain the way&quot;. I have tentatively suggested Wednesday, July 20th, as a convenient date for us. However, any day that wed: would do. I am hoping that you can do as we suggest. Of course, any expenses incurred would be our responsibility. I know that you are busy, but if that-week or the next could be managed we would be very grateful, and you would have helped to launch in the Wail. to what may be a very important development for the Mm ri cosmunity there. If the experiment is successful, we will make this work a permanent part of our programme. We have been wandering about Maori names for this wank. Winiata hasinaggested that the University BYtension work should be called &quot;where wananga&quot; and the classes &quot;whare borer.. Have you arty comments to make or suggested improvements? I remain, Yours sincerely, Director of Adult Education.
719 <Description>
720 <Metadata name="Title">18</Metadata>
721 <Metadata name="Image">3B01-01-017.tif</Metadata>
722 <Metadata name="Source">3B01-01-017.tif</Metadata>
723 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3B01-01-017.tif</Metadata>
724 <Metadata name="FileSize">779599</Metadata>
725 <Metadata name="ImageType">TIFF</Metadata>
726 <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1744</Metadata>
727 <Metadata name="ImageHeight">1987</Metadata>
728 <Metadata name="ImageSize">780KB</Metadata>
729 <Metadata name="srclink_file">3B01-01-017.tif</Metadata>
730 <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3B01-01-017.tif</Metadata>
731 <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]&quot; width=&quot;[ImageWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ImageHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
732 <Metadata name="ThumbType">gif</Metadata>
733 <Metadata name="Thumb">3B01-01-017_thumb.gif</Metadata>
734 <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]&quot; alt=&quot;[Thumb]&quot; width=&quot;[ThumbWidth]&quot; height=&quot;[ThumbHeight]&quot;&gt;</Metadata>
735 <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">88</Metadata>
736 <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
737 <Metadata name="ScreenType">jpeg</Metadata>
738 <Metadata name="Screen">3B01-01-017_screen.jpeg</Metadata>
739 <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src=&quot;_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]&quot; width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
740 <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">439</Metadata>
741 <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
742 <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
743 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Title">Letter to S R Morrison</Metadata>
744 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Date">19490705</Metadata>
745 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Author">Pei Te Hurinui Jones </Metadata>
746 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Description">Pei clarifies details for meeting with Mr Morrison regarding Maharaia Winiata.</Metadata>
747 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Subject">Maori Tutor; Adult Education Centre</Metadata>
748 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.MSHeading">Mātauranga</Metadata>
749 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Location">Ngāruawāhia</Metadata>
750 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Notes">English, date reads 5th June but as it refers to a previous letter from Mr Morrison dated 23rd June I think it should be 5th July</Metadata>
751 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Access">unrestricted</Metadata>
752 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.PersonOfInterest">S R Morrison; King Koroki; Princess Te Puea </Metadata>
753 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Correspondent">S R Morrison</Metadata>
754 </Description>
755 <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
756xx 78 XX TJGCXXX xxxxrTaumarunui 5th. June 9 Mr. Xerrisen Direoter of Adult Zduoation 8ynond Street , AUCKLAND Greetings , I have just found time to reply to your letter of the 23rd ulnae , and to say that I will be in Ngaruawahis next week-end (9th. inst.) and will discuss with King Koroki and To Puce the set-up with regard to Usharaia Winiata I am due in Wellington on a tribal deputation en the 19th so the following day as suggested by you will not euit for our meeting with Te Puea at N3aruawahia A week-end would suit me better , and I suggest the 30th instant or the let proximo. The suggested toplos leek geed to me , and should more than fill the bill for the experimental period of three months With regard to the name for the of I prefer &quot;whore kerere The name &quot;where wanangs&quot; sight be reserved for the tribal elders when they meet to pave judgement on the work of the &quot;where kerere Kind regards , Yours sincerely &quot;,
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