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10 <Metadata name="pj.Title">History - Migration; Kupe by Himiona Karime (Maori Text) (1954?)</Metadata>
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52 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Description">Migration history - kj</Metadata>
53 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.MSHeading">Atua - kj</Metadata>
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113 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Title">Letter to Bruce Biggs</Metadata>
114 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Date">19540928</Metadata>
115 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Author">Pei Te Hurinui Jones</Metadata>
116 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Description">Contains a list of errata from material regarding Kupe that Bruce had sent </Metadata>
117 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Subject">Kupe</Metadata>
118 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.MSHeading">Mātauranga</Metadata>
119 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Document-Type">Letter</Metadata>
121 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Notes">English</Metadata>
122 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Access">unrestricted</Metadata>
123 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.PersonOfInterest">Bruce Biggs; Kupe</Metadata>
125 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Correspondent">Bruce Biggs</Metadata>
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12828th. September 4 Dear Bruce, I was very pleased to get your letter of the 24th., and thank you for the copy of tl-ie Himionu Kamir, Me. This le excellent material about Lupe, and I hope the rest ie uuly forthcoming. It is very well written. But I have neteoted a few mistakes - peobably in eune caeca typist's errors. lat. Sheet. (a) First line seconn paragraph :- rakoda should read =EAR. (b) Last line of this sheet:- rassa should be taus. 'n,d Sheet. (a) Sixth lice from top of sheet:- Omit comma between phaktUro and petsa (b) Sixth line of seconu paragraph xia woho Should reed 41 waho. (c) Fourth line of third paragraph: - Insert gk between igiuhl and gli4Uhlti. 3rd. Sheet. (a) First line from top:- a /Woe should read o Kure. (b) Second line from tops- 1 te tatuta1 shoula read Al te takutai. (c) Fourth line from top:- 1 a Ngahus 8110121(1 read gi g lizanue ; and ; era ahoula read AlgrA. (d) Second last line:- Insert comma after ILIA ( The author gives a touch of the dramatic by writing Ho to 'Oame the dawn', instead of simply I te atO, In the mor,iiig'.) Fourth Sheet. Nineteenth line from top of sheets- tor; should be ' I'll attend tbethe genealogical material you require in the next nay or so and will write you again shortly. I forward six copies of the Programme for the ,.ueen's Reception at Ngeruawuhia. Kind regards to yourself, Joy and the Vaud:
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158 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Title">Letter and copy of manuscript from Bruce Biggs</Metadata>
159 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Date">19541124</Metadata>
160 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Author">Bruce Biggs; Himiona Kamira</Metadata>
161 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Description">Letter from Bruce accompanies a manuscript from Himiona Kamira regarding material on Kupe</Metadata>
162 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Subject">Manuscript; Kupe</Metadata>
163 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.MSHeading">Mātauranga</Metadata>
164 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Document-Type">Letter; manuscript</Metadata>
165 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Notes">Letter in English, manuscript i te reo Māori, dark type hard to read</Metadata>
166 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Access">unrestricted</Metadata>
167 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.PersonOfInterest">Bruce Biggs; Himiona Kamira</Metadata>
168 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Correspondent">Pei Te Hurinui Jones</Metadata>
169 </Description>
170 <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
171MEE IbilisA Seam QItam I a tope mho era 1 Ur Quip I Metalegpe, tura ight loot to maw tow pata atm ai 11 to rasa we/ to ova at sat bp Ammakassist, i limalltimml. t limila a Moe we ame aid hem tubers mheketroi, Was vale? so era ate rid te tuaeloeme. teemia eon hold la tee to ham. Nara, alma ellmakeplio te ma to Ilia Id tem 1Q1 Saliba el, a am wee hald. hers ea mem kits sat be Una, ea X pe Mpg, bra am. La tae 11 to-UM sa ha harem am4 a lie Ida Were ate Dips hi lam brie. Ito loon a Ore too atm Itt I. balm. Seto i Turekla. fa knew. Est a 1st Ida DIP rheum pal La 11 to wirketlielmict i Ewa ylmilimare :ma Me Lis lama he :ha as roam. /a sham aim Lea rbeltase arm k idin a let Ill umbra Umy atmair a par w. AUCKLAND UNIVERSITY COLLEGE TELEPHONE 350 fib- BOX 2553 AUCKLAND 449- 24th September TIM3EA L AND Dear. Pei, I am sending, you a cory of acme of the material about Kure: that I copied from a ma. of Eimiona Kamira,who died a,;:out two years ago,at iAtimiti,qokianga. As far as I can gather he was regarded as one of the leading lights in their wananxa which was nararently flourishing about lETO,t'nen WAG revived in the ninteen-twentiesocue say by ilimiona. Their tede., Lags T believe nonstAtute a sort of rationalisation and comt'fomiae between the different versions of the ihne stories which had been retained in the various sections of Te Te Tiarawa,and ligatkahu. Rs you nes I wasn't nbla to copy out much in the time 1 was there but Himiona's daugiAei .as promised to send me the rest when nhe copies it out. You mentioned that you could be able to illustrate from genealogies some of the following points. Could you let me have the relevant c,enealogies:- (n)Showing that a line containing more women will irve more enerations,thus suggesting that wooer; married earlier, that their reproductive life is shorter,and ;,erha s that a line containing many women ould be a line of less imrortance anyway and therefore also contain more younger sons. (b xammles or a man marrying sistersor of a x max widow marrying her late husband's brcther,or of a man marrying his uncle's widow. (c)Any stories of a woman telling her husband to take another uife,either because of her 1-ognancy,or sterility,or for ether reasons. (d)amslen of marria.;es hatween 7eonle who are several generations a nst. I should also like a copy of the ogramme for the queen's reception/ at Ngaruawahia,if icon have any. Thankyou for the cheque for Heyerdahl's book. Regards to al / of c.:4..k
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202 <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
2032 Kura: Sabra opt oaks sat, kis tato. testi UAW. trail, leaks. rem a Veto kl :Oa Ware, ka ki aka la, &quot;Tadao lorom kl karma, ki to ell okras. oaks mo use tame kerma kla two at a kayos Sams ki ikaalklesi. tea loom eta karma 1 to hears to ualsoas osaliammatos.&quot; Masai larateu looks sake tomaptme to to kamaimasual, le Ate, to Sotmlel is KW. Kelm Bahl be akekaire akar, Waritakm/Psts. obakalre tells ma ors As saki Waskalro. 1 to oa I et/ al sap ',Wks sal ka korereass a Tet ki lima Lelia, sabers marl pal toys kl tomes teas. La sea ap ketiro pal sow rata ki tome UM. Ka palate, fr kl a Ruegerosew, Kauai aa poi al moa Miaow soar Ka arable's, Mr&quot; Surissaal.&quot; Ka ass Tet kialkirasarartist, &quot;2 ma anal ka koala okra ki balks, 111 ko Rousso, am to mos arabs ass alum lit a Oat km aloha ka kaki nap tau make sea la kl as. lam 411 alairfaletri i as pal al.&quot; Ebakostua sea Kura ki tuna solos, ki a Tots, ke aka ass la, &quot;Ns yolks / tioa i arraimaal.&quot; Ka mid a Tet be Iletre pa. iamme Range 1 alert, ka Rao bold a Kora 1 allots. La =boaster. Satareaoto asks ka askle tope letovairva bates Kira a Mails ass kl a la, Ka lobate t. whokaare tee, ka karma 11 a Tat , kis bases room k Datums k1 to bi aka, ka ass a Tote, &quot;La pa/ am aka.&quot; I to so ks boors a Napo raua ke Arta ki te ka korona Iona a Russ la Kura, kla lure la kill asks, kl letaSspa, kla too Uhl rely 1 t. Adak/tame to is. Ka use ate Kara, &quot;Am&quot; La bona tape raga ke Ikea, La sal is taskitl ki sake tar smear ma/ ka ass atm Kips, &quot;Xi kamel am kJ al.&quot; La tadma te puma togas. oaks ka kl raw. Mehl ka kayaks pubs Doe kla rasa to versa to mamba ki ram kia boars toes. Lambs tors saki L. ka ki rasa. Ka M ki le ra la sea ate a Kuser iota, &quot;Ka hell ass. IMAM to lorIllae to ams 'Oka.&quot; Katalleultakta e Bela. La male a Kips km tat; kl rare Matahl ka liquidate tsars te mks Lope. la kaki sal a lupe bra saki la kayo sate a Elstasso, boas sates a Kura lama. K Netureps bat lreautu am kJ a Kips 1 role
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234 <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
235-3- rata trap area I La alp sat ak rape ki liotatann ta ma a Nora 1, to takrial, eke Um art ki to yaks ha hat sal rat kt liarawastakttarl, ka to tab. tarrano t. gala ast tinandorant. 11; la ki a Doran t part 't sea ass yawns strati ass Amato i aro t to rya ? Aaetareaglawayph, ft Mr raw hi /otos ka wheir e a Up, Ida Mom mat la ki ko repo i t the a two away a irtiltikittklataraia, sea, t to oar sat. la UK to trine kit Pan 1 rots as I to paw L err aka. I tar Wanes aka ki rasa Mere Us to army al sae Mkt la IOW no Wry no tali rid Mt taw t L taiiti kl war to rows rat. la Wm sat a Itustaribiass? ke traitor tonal kat lkwate. Lend who my 1 to Um to mkt Input kJ tory ka art 1a tso sal ri Notatros, Ir no. La I Taro. Ito to atty.: born la a Toralcla, ks Mcrae li a Teta I oat sea kataa. It a Waal ik Sit lora it len sett. at St Ism ibi kw L ass tiogats gnat is Ups, Mor nartlal, Tr Irony Pal, am Straklaillatettast, tanatoarritoon , knaransi, tiptiaraitli, Unsnarl, Trattourrea, Ptast, lIzalraloy tabloid. flawl, T. Tad, ago, Ibmnalrirle ltparratiory likaro? k ast tingar Ara To to laroraa ea torn, to lard ap oasis to tow oaranit ark , my to arlkt assitira aniai L tithe lilve iram. ono i ad nip tiaoaa tart mama. L artalf la no Uwe la kit trail arta. i rags aka, /A lisitatitt. I to Unrono Not LW rata. ba tam rd. I Ssoalktraast, ka Mae aka rata. kl to war taro 1 Polahlti, Ira tar to to all kila net La Nolaara, b Iftnastroa. Ea a to rata urea Id miry La VIM rat Itso rasa to apt Laths anti. to tet, Users, Porpoto, Thais, P tontasa. No ladanbitt oat. No to rlwoosa mat art atai [ape Sabi ma ka hart L avian Kra. Rua ral la km ars to aka i to natal Woo
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