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9 <Metadata name="pj.Title">History - Migration; Hawaiki by Pei Te Hurunui Jones Draft (1960?)</Metadata>
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17 <Metadata name="pj.Provenance">Pei Te Hurinui Jones</Metadata>
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213 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Title">Seminar on Māori Origins and Migrations</Metadata>
214 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Date">19621020-22</Metadata>
215 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Author">Department of History, Victoria University, Wellington</Metadata>
216 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Description">Programme and enrolment form for Seminar on Māori Origins and Migrations with notations by Pei which are hard to read but do mention Lapita pottery</Metadata>
217 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Subject">Seminar; Māori Origins and Migrations</Metadata>
218 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.MSHeading">Mātauranga</Metadata>
219 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Document-Type">Programme</Metadata>
220 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Location">Wellington</Metadata>
221 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Notes">English, typed with handwritten additions by Pei, 2 pages</Metadata>
222 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Access">unrestricted</Metadata>
223 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.PersonOfInterest">D R Simmons; Dr R F Watters; Mr R C Green; Dr B G Biggs; Mr I L Thomsen; Mr Andrew Sharp</Metadata>
224 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Event">Seminar on Māori Origins and Migrations</Metadata>
225 </Description>
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227ry 4.04 / ., "FINIETABLE 4, a#4. 4 G.. a/ir SAittillOAV /A/6 w 4,4 14 10 Assembly and mummy tea . 4 Lard. Offiria/ opening. ~L. 0./4/ 18 "Geographical Background of the wife." - Dr R. F. Natters. 10 Lunch Break. 5 -The Evidence of Maori Traditions, especially in Early Record, Mr D. R. Simmons. 0 p tn. Afternoon tea. Victoria University 4 `Tat ;fie Prehistory with special reference to of Wellington Tropical Pnlynesta. DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY Mr R. L. Green. COUNCIL OF 5 Seminar adjourns. ADULT EDUCATION 1101 Srsonyi 10 am. Assembly and morning tea. 10 am. ?New Zealand Prehistory." - Mr R. C. Green. 10 Lunch Break. 5 pan. -'11se Evidence of Linguistics." --Dr B. C. Biggs. 0 Afternoon tea. 4 General Discussion. 0 Seminar Adjourns. MONOM, 10 Assembly and mornig tea. 10 am ?Polynesian Navigation. Mr L. ThOMAtth 10 1,1111Ch Break. 5 Coming of the Maori Ancestors." -Mr Andrew Sharp. 0 Afternoon tea. 4 pm. General Discussion. 0 Seminar doses. ENROLMENT Enrolment may be effected by tilling in the attached form and forwarding it with the fee of ?2 to the Director of Adult Education, B. 2945, Wellington. Enrolments can also be made at the Council's office at 192 Tinakori Road, or at the Adult Education Centre, 248 Lainbton Quay. Telephone 44-557. Tllr closing date for enrolment is October LI. 'Me chart., for morning and afternoon teas on all three days are included in the enrolment fee. Lunch, for which an additional charge will be Iliad, will be obtainable at die cafeteria in the Students' Union building if a sufficient numb, of participant; intimate at Ike time of enrolment that they will definitely lobe lunch there. A Seminar on "Maori Origins and Migrations" Wellington, Labour Weekend October, 20-22, 1962
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257 </Description>
258 <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
259Maori Origins and Migrations being a symposium on an intriguing issue in Pacific prehistory PLACE Conference Room, Sixth Floor, Easterfield Building, Victoria University of Wellington, Kelburn Parade. AIM The aim of this seminar is to afford those specially interested in Maori prehistory an opportunity of studying and discussing some recent developments in this field. The present state of evidence and opinion on the theme of Maori origins and migrations will be explained by a panel of lecturers, all of whom are actively engaged in research and study M this field. BACKGROUND 'Ibis question of Maori origins and migrations is one of nation-wide interest, and has always had a fascination for scholars. Active interest in it was reawakened by the publication in 1955 of Andrew Sharp's challenging book, Ancient Voyagers in the Pacific. This book was later published as a Pelican. In it Sharp questioned the previously accepted opinion that the Maori ancestors reached New aland by deliberate soyaging. Since 1955, controversy has raged backwards and forwards in the Icarus,! periodicals. The question of Maori origins and migrations involves a consideration of the entire Pacific region, for the Polynesian ancestors of the Maoris oxide from far afield. Many new' developments in archaeology, linguistics, and other lines of inquiry arc taking place. The organizers of this seminar consider that the time has al-shed When interested New Zealanders, and Maori people in particular, should be given an opportunity of hearing and discussing the views of scholars wlm are studying in these fields. METHOD To assist participants in the seminar to understand the relevant issues, a short list of appropriate books and at ticks will be sent to those who enrol for the seminar. The September unifier of the Journal of the Polynesian Society is to be devoted almost entirely to articles on this very question. All who are to participate in this seminar are advised to read the articles in this number of the Journal. Those who do not subscribe to the Journal and who wish to receive a copy of the September num- ber will receive one if they remit an additional sum of 7s. ficl. with their enrolment fee. Each lecture in the seminar will be followed by a discussion period during which there will be ample opportunity for question and continent. Besicloo chscusion periods following ketoses, Otto special periods for general discussion ant set :aide so that participant who have contributions to make to the debate will have an opportunity to put forward their views. Mr W. Parker, Maori Adult Education Tutor, who is taking part in the organization of the seminar, will ho at hand to advise and assist participants. Citstint EN Professor F. L. W. Wood, Professor of History, Victoria University of Wellington. Mr Pei to Hurinui Jones, x. Mr J. C. Dakin, Director of Adult Education. Lnertarras R. C. Green, , (New Mexico), Senior Lecturer M Prehistory, 'University of Auckland. Mr Green is an American scholar who has engaged in research and field work in the Pacific and New Zealand. B. C. Biggs, MA., mcm.(Indiana), Senior Lecturer in Maori Language, University of Auckland. Do Biggs has made studies of various Polynesian languages. R. F. Waiters, , ri.(Lonclon), Senior Lee. curer in Geography, Victoria University of Wellington. Dr Watters's special area of study has been the Pacific, especially Fiji. Andrew Sharp, , author of Ancient Voyagers in the Pacific, etc. oft Sharp is well known as the scholar wlm has made special studies of the problem of Polynesian voyaging. I. L. Thomsen, ,.( frt. ), Director of the Carter Observatory, Wellington. As an astronomer and tonnes naval officer, Nfr Thonuen is well qualified to examine the question of navigation in the Pacific. I). R. Simmons, , Assistant Keeper in Anthropology, Otago Museum. Nfr Simmons has oTently been engaged in research on the early records of Maori traditions. 'these records throw light ayoa the questions which arc to be discussed in the seminar. ii lea
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289 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Title">The Cultural Sequence of the Auckland Province</Metadata>
290 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Date">1962</Metadata>
291 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Author">R C Green, University of Auckland</Metadata>
292 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Description">Describes 6 stages of Māori settling in Auckland Province from 1st half of 19th century to 900 - 1100 AD. Each stage categorised by Climate, Culture, Economy, Settlement Type and Ecological Orientation</Metadata>
293 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Subject">Settlement; Auckland Province</Metadata>
294 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.MSHeading">Mātauranga</Metadata>
295 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Location">Auckland</Metadata>
296 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Notes">English, handwritten comments by Pei, 3 pages</Metadata>
297 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Access">unrestricted</Metadata>
298 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.PersonOfInterest">R C Green</Metadata>
299 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Event">For publication in New Zealand Archaeological Association Newsletter, Vol 5, No 4, December 1962</Metadata>
300 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Correspondent">Pei Te Hurinui Jones</Metadata>
301 </Description>
302 <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
303The Cultural Sequence of the Auckland Province Early European Maori Phase (1st half of 19th century). Climate - at the end of this phase a return toward a slightly warmer and drier climate. Culture - a fusion tut with the Maori culture still dominant over the intrusive European elements, Economy - the introduction of European crops, importance of whaling and Maori agriculture for European markets. Settlement Type - differentiated Simple Nuclear Centred Pa of a wide variety of types, the introduction of new a types based on warfare, or as the result of changes wrought by the new economy. Ecological Orientation - an already much modified NOW Zealand environment now further changed by new tools, crops, and techniques more efficient in exploiting both old and new ecological situations. Classic Maori Phase (circa 1650 - 1800 ) Climate - somewhat cooler and damper than today. Culture - Maori (in the general sense defined by Duff 1965; 13 and in the archaeological sense as defined by Cols. 1959). Economy - an intensive form of systematic agriculture able to support a large population; the development of specialized agricultural techniques and forms of storage, numerous rua. Settlement Type - differentiated Simple Nuclear Centred Pa reflecting social segmentation and stratification, an increase in specialized activities and structures for them, and the creation of elaborate defensive systems and of new types of Ea. Ecological Orientation - Ecological variations in availability of basic resources gives rise to considerable differences between regions; primary forest vegetation removed to extent that agricultural techniques rendered it profitable; agriculture and mudflat shellfish and fishing predominating. Village Maori Phase (circa 1450 - 1650 ). Climate - somewhat cooler and damper than today. Culture - a 'transitional or 'ports' form of Maori Economy - Systematic agriculture generally based on the kumara associated with numbers of semi-subterranoan storage structures of several type a. Settlement Type - Semi-permanent Sedentary Pa that are established in successive locations, each for a period of years; a pattern to structures in the community but little evidence for differentiation; use of ditch, bank, and/or palisade defensive systems. Ecological Orientation - midden deposition in quantity in restricted areas of settlement or on beaches, with mudflat species predominating; manufacturing activities taking place in areas other than middene and central areas of settlements; environment sufficiently modified by man that former avi-fauna and many sea mammals are no longer available or do not form a mainstay in the diet except n marginal regions.
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310 <Metadata name="Title">5</Metadata>
311 <Metadata name="Image">3C01-03-004.tif</Metadata>
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333 </Description>
334 <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
3352. Isperimental Phase (circa 1350 - 1450 ) Climate - first deterioration of climate toward a cooler and damper phase. Culture a late or 'Archaic' stage in the development of New Zealand Eastern. Polynesian, culture. Experimental stage in the development of agriculture in New Zealand, probably with kumara present; few species of ma remaining or hunted except inland; more use of mudflat species of shell-fish than formerly, and a postulated increased dependence on agricultural products. Settlement Type - Central-Based Wandering with a semi-permanent settlement in which the structures for dwelling and storage are in separate areas; burials usually occur in area of site. Ecological Orientation - environment now sufficiently modified by man that few moa are left and sea mammals are of decreasing importance, except in particular areas. This necessitates an increased ability to 'live into' or exploit this now or 'non-tropical' environment and to increase their dependence on agriculture. Developmental Phase (circa 1100 - 1350 ) Climate - slightly warmer and drier than today. Culture - New Zealand Eastern Polynesian, or in teens of material culture, the Archaic of Colson (1959) or the Aoa-hunter of Duff (1956). Economy - Intensive exploitation of selected species of moa and remaining avi-fauna,according to the modified ecological conditions brought about by man. The Introductory stage of agriculture (initially perhaps without kumara), and a heavy exploitation of the marine environment, especially sea mammals, fish and rocky-shore shellfish. Settlement Type - Central-Based Wandering with semi-permanent settlements in which storage facilities are directly attached to dwellings; burials associated with middens in which evidence for manufacturing, shell-fishing and fishing all occur; the first site components restricted to specialized activity appear. Eoological orientation - suocessful adaptation to the New Zealand environment evident in creation of artefacts of an archaic Eastern Polynesian form superbly rendered in new mediums; use of a full range of materials, many of them widely traded throughout the country. Initial modification of that environment evident in fact that fauna from a number of originally juxtaposed ecological niches no longer occur in one site, but in several, with those on the coast exploiting more heavily the open sea than the sheltered lagoon and tidal river mouths situations. Economy -
341 <Description>
342 <Metadata name="Title">6</Metadata>
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365 </Description>
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367/.14 ,. Settlement Phase (circa 900 - 1100 ) iaho a , 06a,p0441 Climate - slightly warmer and drier than today. Culture - initial adaptation of a tropical Eastern Polynesian culture to a New Zealand environment. 4. Economy - no evidence for agriculture,.eue perhaps to likelihood that initial introductions of tropical plants may have failed. Instead, primary dependence on the hunting of a full range of a (14'-f. r.5) now extinct avi-fauna including most species of moa; an oqually 1 '..)heavy use of see mammals, fish, and the rocky-shore shellfish ' found in abundance and of large size. Settlement Type - a combination initially of Free and later of Restricted z Wandering in which the camp type of settlement dominates, usually with limited evidence of structures and no burials in the Bite, but a full range of other activities in evidence. Ecological Orientation - a full exploitation of the fauna of a then unmodified environment of closely juxtaposed ecological niches; generally oriented toward the coast and utilizing a restricted range of materials for tool manufacture, most materials being of local origin. Inland sites of this phase are generally later and show a slightly different ecological orientation. NOTE, 1. Phases are stages of development and may occur in different regions at different periods of time, so the time scale supplied here is only approximate. 2. Definitions of the stages, Introductory, Experimental, and Systematic, through which New Zealand agriculture paead0c1 are based on Yen (1961). 3. Definitions of the settlement patterns, stages of Free and Restricted Wandering, Central-Based Wandering, Semi-Permanent Sedentary, and Simple Nuclear Centred, are based on Beardsley et. al. (1956) . Green University of Auckland To be published in the New Zealand Archaeological Association Newsletter, Vol. 5, no. 4, in December 1962.
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374 <Metadata name="Title">7</Metadata>
375 <Metadata name="Image">3C01-03-006.tif</Metadata>
376 <Metadata name="Source">3C01-03-006.tif</Metadata>
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384 <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3C01-03-006.tif</Metadata>
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397 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Title">Hawaiki, The Original Home of the Maori</Metadata>
398 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Date">no date</Metadata>
399 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Author">Pei Te Hurinui Jones</Metadata>
400 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Description">Covers a wide range of information regarding Hawaiki and migration. Many comments and references to writings of Percy Smith, Thor Heyerdahl and Te Rangihiroa</Metadata>
401 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Subject">Hawaiki</Metadata>
403 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Document-Type">Draft manuscript</Metadata>
405 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Notes">English, typed with handwritten notations by Pei, 27 pages</Metadata>
406 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Access">unrestricted</Metadata>
407 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.PersonOfInterest">Percy Smith; Thor Heyerdahl; Te Rangihiroa</Metadata>
410 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.MSHeading">Whakapapa</Metadata>
411 </Description>
412 <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
4131: HAT AIN I, T`.'.2 ORIGINAL nal, 02 THE monf 44, THEORY G2 INDIAN olly In the preface to the third etition of his book/ l)lavraild.' Percy `.'with wrotett,T; "The writer in fully aware that his theory as to the origin of the Polynesian race from India as expressed in this work 13 weak, through want of access to works on early India. But a friend of the writer's has accumulated a vast amount of valuable information bearing on the question fro. the Indian standpoint, and which information will, it is hoped, shortly be published." Percy Skith's 'llawaiki was published over fifty years ago, and co far as co are aware the friend referred to did not publish the material mentioned by him. In the meantime, though Percy Smithdeccribed his theory as weak, law Zealand authors have generally accepted the supposition that "the Polynesians originated in IndiII2 Both Medea Best and To 71"N7iliroa (Sir Peter Tuck) accepted the theory, and the letter developed Eis georrephical lynesien trianrle125?from tho migration traditions as interpreted by Percy Cmith/ and placed its apex on 7anter /eland (or Tapanui)f its northern angle on the isltnda of Kahoolawe, Lanni, rolokai, Oahu, Kauai /end ah,ur and its third and southern angle on TOT '.calved (or AotoarW. The triangle, th,refore, had its base centred the important 1,1,nd groups of 7amoa and Tong, and this base included the atoll ;,coup of Tokelau end the atoll of Tukapukn, lyin,7 to the north and northeast of Samoa. These isl ads served as t,e western facade of relynesia. Te nan;Tihiroa in his aTikiTief theZunria67 refected the southern !e/anesian migration route hecause,as ,o observes: "In :enamel the Tolynesiens are physicelly very different from the relranciana. 'tad they stonned at "elanosiat islands to refit their chips and gather new supplies/ it in probable that racial iatoraixture could have tome place." kIA. k, rent on to say: "ruch of t'e /ia;uistic o ide,c fornerly sited in eu-,K)ort of an drigiaal west to east mii.,rtion or :'olY?osians through relanesia ?1?rercy Zmith`ati-iaaW, n P. ,' :lf-Fick""apikis of the l'ullrise";n3S.
419 <Description>
420 <Metadata name="Title">8</Metadata>
421 <Metadata name="Image">3C01-03-007.tif</Metadata>
422 <Metadata name="Source">3C01-03-007.tif</Metadata>
423 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3C01-03-007.tif</Metadata>
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445has recently. been proved to irdicatc a movemon'. from :olynesia westward to the marginal islo.ds of tolanosia." rinall3)To nangihiroa propounle". the theory that tho northern route, which was tho only otter possitle west to east rrd'n'-sludaeq own, Pe4eres.... the Ca,oline Islands; t',.en it branches, on7TYnereading nortli;east through the rel.:3111 Islands toward nawaii, and one going southeast through the Gilbert and rhoonix Islands to enter rolynesie north of Gano1".'tf5 As a noto of reminiscence of that groat man - a lovable cracter in every way - I shoulC litre to recall at this stage an early incident in my youth. To Rangihiroa was discussing Mftwaiki with a group of young people, and I had t: temerity to object to one of the propositions then propounded that our ancestors had Seen, as it were, pushed from "pillar to post" by the pressure of population in Java, and other islands loadirg easterly to Melanesia, and onwards into what is no,- Polynesia. I argued tint we were better righters than any ,f the roces tat inhahited , e islands along that route. Te Rangihiroa only smiled. Te Rangihiroa summed up tho argument against the Melanesian migration route and in favour of that through Yieronesia or the northern route b ' toying: "Strong support in favour of the Licronosian route lies in the positive evidence against the route through Melanesia." also quoted n.-.Gifford who analysed the mythology of Tonga and found "that twenty-seven elements were shared with Icronesia and ten with Melanesia, soma of which may be due to recent contact with. Piji ??4. 7,0 are not told what these twenty-seven elements worn. 3 154 Tuck, 011gs of the nunrisc?; 1938. /bid5.
451 <Description>
452 <Metadata name="Title">9</Metadata>
453 <Metadata name="Image">3C01-03-008.tif</Metadata>
454 <Metadata name="Source">3C01-03-008.tif</Metadata>
455 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3C01-03-008.tif</Metadata>
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475 </Description>
476 <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
4773. Theory of American Origin,' Although various writers have put forward somewhat tentative ideas of America being the homeland, or of the Polynesians, the credit for this forthright claim must go to Thor Heyerdahl. In his 01merican Indians in the Pacific' (1952) he has, in my opinion, put forward a very strong case, if not a conclusive one in favour of America being the principal stepping atone in the movement of the race from "somewhere in Eastern Asia, northwards by wag; of Northeastern 7iberia ant north-western America into the Pew ',Orli." 7 Heyordahl, under various chapter headings, has covered practically all the arguments and theories that have boon put forward by a hest of writers ova the years. A complete list of the chapter headings in his hook of over pig 0,m/4mi pages will indicate the wide coverage of ',in painstaking research vq,rk. It in n wonder to that no one has attempted to note a critical examination of his work in order to discredit the theory ho has 30 confidently and clearly put forward. Pe sey this because there has not been a dearth of critics who have simply dismissed his conclusions without any sound arguments to justify their objections to his theory of an American origin for the Polynesian peoples. le o=atii had an initial objection; a poor one really, es it concerned the title ho gave to his book, "American Indians in the Pacific." To our mind the first title he had in mind, namely/ "The American Origins of the Polynesian would have been a better title. However, I suppose, the American book market dictated the choice of a nnme for the book. Recalling my youthful argument with our kindly elder/ Te Rangihiroa/ I was pleased to note that Heyerdahl - in dealing with the migration route through Velrineeia and as an argument against the theory that "the population pressure caused by the Valay invasion of Indonesia may have started the ancestors of the 13/!Tiynfraii;es ontetheir search for new homelands in the (A-i;e we to 'suppose that the courageous Polynesian rf warriors abandoned all their own settlements end made off ( )9 upon the arrival of small Walay people from the Asiatic mainland? If so the character of all Maorilfchynosians must have changed greatly since than. They did not floe New Zealand when the Englishmen arrived. -rr 4.?yordahl, "American Indians in the Pacific, 1927. he Stn-Tiki apedition7 1950. 1. Tackler 1943 7
483 <Description>
484 <Metadata name="Title">10</Metadata>
485 <Metadata name="Image">3C01-03-009.tif</Metadata>
486 <Metadata name="Source">3C01-03-009.tif</Metadata>
487 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3C01-03-009.tif</Metadata>
488 <Metadata name="FileSize">1374097</Metadata>
489 <Metadata name="ImageType">TIFF</Metadata>
490 <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1728</Metadata>
491 <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2639</Metadata>
492 <Metadata name="ImageSize">1.374MB</Metadata>
493 <Metadata name="srclink_file">3C01-03-009.tif</Metadata>
494 <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3C01-03-009.tif</Metadata>
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509I. amay very well accept the possibility that a -' enough boatload of Malays may have driven ttaori2itlynesians away from a settlement, a valley, or even a small island, hut not that they cleared the whole Indonesian archipelago of tall end warlike Polynesians. It is unbelievable that every tri'o throughout Indonesia should have fled in search cf new hones in an unknown ocean upon the arrival of the first :'slays; on the other hand, if the 'qpithetical Polynesian ancestors had rot settled all the islands, there could have been no population rrossure. Alloying that some expose.' groups of Polynesians from one of the marginal islands rry have deserted the fertile Indonesian archipelago in favour of the ',arrest atolls of ticronosia, we must stir wonder -hp there aro no vestiges of the other and remainin: Polynesian occupants of Intonosia. to physical typo corresponding to the tall Polynesian has been pointe out in this archipelago: neither have archaeolccists found any evidence of early Poly,esian burials or settlement '?. It is not =pnrpese in this tall to make anything like ar eylinnstivo review of HoyordEkhles honk. :Ish7 content 4."Eii?:. for the rreson'. ,ith a LclociA. of chapter Loadings to lanceto the scope of his n'orl, and the wealth of material ho has collected, upon which he has so ably built his theory of the American origin of the Polynesians. The list is g-T3'follow rt 1; 7olvna and the Old 7;orld, - 1. Theories of Polynesian origins/ 2. Mc tall Polynesian stature/ 2. The growth of beard in Tolynesity 4. The occurence of aquiline nose in Polynesia/ ;2-7 5. Mc inconstancy of the Polynesian cephalic index/ C. The absence ef the 3 factor among 8111-blooded Polynesians/ 7. The inconstancy of the Yalayo-rolnouian theory/ 8. The debated existence of a linguistic clue/ 9. Language does Lot belon; to race IC. Inc possibility of :sorrowed words/ 11. Polynesians reached Melanesia from the east/ 12. Traditional migrations and historical drifts go from east to west in lynosia/ 13. Polynesians reached ticronesia from the east 14. The relays (of typiccl yellow-brown akin-colour) and the fair skin in Polynesia/ 1..1.8eyerdahl, 1952, 1.
515 <Description>
516 <Metadata name="Title">11</Metadata>
517 <Metadata name="Image">3C01-03-010.tif</Metadata>
518 <Metadata name="Source">3C01-03-010.tif</Metadata>
519 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3C01-03-010.tif</Metadata>
520 <Metadata name="FileSize">1197873</Metadata>
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522 <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1728</Metadata>
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541;art., li-t; Polvnosia and Northeast Americy :3 Pert k33 The Road through Pawaiki7' r 24. The Effect of 'time' and 'diroctior.' upon actual voyagini distance` 25. North-west American driftwood in Hawaii/ 26. Voyaging possibilities to and from Bewail/ Copnlavitv of PolvneSian - 27. The theory that the dark-coloured strain has a Melanesian or 26. Caucasian element'.in Polynosiay 20. Tho fair and rod-haired element in Thlynosia/ 36. The dou ble epoch of :aster Island/ 31. Easter Island first discovorod by refugoos from the oast steering for the setting sun/ 32. aster Island tradition points to Peru/ ID I Pker-k,f. of the book deals with races of Caucasian-liko cloments in Pro-Inca Pen ) (---PEkrt44 covers the subject of megalithic cult-sites in Peru, Easter Island, end elsewhere in the PaclEfb PNrtlly covers the botanical evidence of Polynesian routes. Tho chapter devoted to the sweet-potato (or tha kamara) la a mOS- t interesting one. Botanists are agreed that its cripinal home was in America, and that both in South America and in Polynesia it is known by the same name. Its transference from Peru to the Pacific, according to Te Rangihiroa,"),41 was 1113uck /Viking; of the Sunrise:. 15. Tho disputed interpretations of Amoricen-folynosian affinities/ 15. Pith the Now ad Paori-Polynesian stopping-stone a new route but not a new nourco is proposed/ 17. Tho light complexion of the North-west American Indians/ 19. Skin colour and physiognomy recall Polynesian peculiarities 19. Local occurrence of the aquiline nose/ 20. Local occurrence of tall stature/ 21. Local 6,owth of ,eardi 22. The concurrence in Northwest-Indian and Ynori-Polynesian blood groups; 23. Evolution of a maritime culture, and tho deep-sea canon in North-west America/
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57316IL 6, accomplich by voyagers who set out from the Marquesas tofete,h11/4 it across 4,000 mile-6 of empty seas; but according to Heyerdahlaltis point of doparture is in the centre of thcAtreLlebolt1 el-17 which, due to the earth's rotation, have blown consistently from east to west; apparently since creation. -7 In Part 441 of his book Heyordahl explains that;" The travelling distance,tetween fixed points in the Pacific water, space is not told by a glance at the map As an example we mention that the Kon-Till raft, after ploughing through less than three thousand miles of surface water from the coast of Peru, had reached the Tuamotu islands which are more than four thousand miles away. An engine driven craft, going in the contrary direction, against the trade wind but at the same speed as Ken-1113'e average drift, would have to cover between five and ail( thousand miles of moving surface water to reach Per; from the same Tuamotu islands. on to say: FAc no sailing craft can maintain an high a speed against the wind as before it, wo find that there is for primitive craft, in actual travoring miles, at least twice as far to sail from Polynesia to Peru as from Peru to Polynesi. The Kon-tiki took ICI days to drift from Callao in Peru to Raroia :reef, which is south of the Marquesas. So that Te Rangihiroa'a hypothetical kunans voyagers, if they were able to maintain the same average speed as the Koa-tiki's drift, would have taken about seven months of hard paddling across empty seas to roach Peru. As he had dismissed the probability of a voyage from :aster Island/ 'because any voyager who had come over a thousand miles from the nearest land in eastern Polynesia would have mottled there and not gone on,"rleAd opine that the voyagers from the Yarquesas would, similarly, have abandoned the idea of returning after landing in Peru. Te aangihiroa concludes his story in his own inimitable style in these wordeq l= Contact was too short to make any lasting exchange in ! religious or social ideas 'he unlmown Polynesian voyager who brought back the sveetipotato from ~oath America, made the greatest individual contribution to the records of the Polynesians. He completed the aeries of voyages across the ide,t part of the Great Pacific Ocean between Asia c.,d Mouth America. Tradition is strangely silent. Cie know not his name or the name of his sp, but the unknown hero ranks among tin greatest of the Polynesian navigators,for he it wan who completed the great adventure. To Rangihiroa died before publication of Hoyerdahl's book /American Indians in the Pacific. AlthougLe urea critical of 1, the theory behind the Kon-t1ldIxpedition, is think that if he -c Duck 1038,14.
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6057. Ji 1" 7 -4/- 11,e goneral pattern ,a we see it is that the theory of oast to 2_,t4:.,-t Taos` migration route is no longer t000l.,221?) C7e7.',engihiroa himself had rejected the relanesian route, pad his ovm theory of an alternatite migration route easterly through ricronesiz was dealt with by burdock and Shapiro at the recific Ccionco Congress which 'arc hell 5n -o, "enlsnd in 1749, and in the two papers presented by nese mon w4"Cultural pt,-areas in ricronesial and "nlysic-lIntbropoloty of ricronesia",-, / t here was an beance f ir indication of e ynecion passage through Vicronosi' o followed the ,resentation ToireseTnapers/t-wwiabse-Weawwwalahl. abhor that ell Polynesian influence in lIcronesia was duo to colonists from Samoa and Tinge, a movement in the opposite direction from what it should have been had the Polymesi'ms oome "rem `he west. Ivor. Puck . was now obliged to admit that Polynesian settlemonts in ricronesiz did not support his view that the relynocians A27) had passod through that region from Inionosia. he admitto' that he ,e1 been under lie impression that the Polynesian influence on the two ricronosian atolls of Kapingnmarangi and rukuorx ' taken in conjunction with cortain similarly affected :olanesian ! islands directly south of them represented the trail o" the Polynesian into the Pacific" 13' _Tile- should imagine that it was with some reluctance and a note of sadness that Te Pangihiroa concluded by saying, "it now seems that these Polynesian groups may be a backward movement which started from Canoe and Tonga and lost impetus after a certain distance." Atlewn mind on tho complex problem of migration routes end vhe settlement of Polynesia is briefly set out in en article conthibuted to the Polynesian Journal (1917101. 06/1). ;) apropos of the remark made by To Rangihiroa that aolynesion influence in Eicronesia had "lost impetus after a certain distance," elthough not directed at he Pan7ihiroa's observation, 411nd thin to say,41 T -4, 7eyerdahl, l9P18. ,nd lived to zoo this later book by "Eeyordahli ho would have modified his views about the problem of the introduction of tho kumara into Polynesia. So much. fresh, mntorial has boon published on -olynosia oral Its peoples since he nan6iroa wrote hisAtiings the "unrisoi. that at the present time 'rood deal of thnt most delightful and roach to bock 4 roquires to be retwritton.
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637R. 11,tne thing we sho,ld re-examine is this matter of the dispersal point of the peoples of the Tacific. The ( picture as I see it Is of a westerly migration stream arrested at ) its centre by the eastern island groups of !elanosit, and then, during succeeding generations, branches flowing around a hardening. core of increasing population, firstly ift. I in Tonga, Samoa, then Tahiti. Like the delta mouth of a river the various side branches would flow outwards and 1. (, My impression is that the puzzling features in the cultural affinities between the various island groups would be better explained by the theory indicated above.'- Dirlier in the article ;had made certain ohservations and wrote4 r145,--t page 115 of Andrew Sharp's book kAncioil the PacifiaYhe has made a reference to an Taster Island . study by an ethnologist who considered that the culture showed analogies with New Zealand, the Tuamotus, Mangareva, the Marouesas,and Hvidence on similar lines is indicated by the distribution of certain adze typos am described by Dr, Roger Duff in his book 'The Moa-hunter Period of Maori Culture' (Page 43 and sketch map, fig e 32). Flo my mind this evidence indicates a dispersal point for the outlying islands (Hawaii and New Zealand) as being well to the east of the Tahiti Group. The dialects as spoken on these islands also have many points of similarity, and in my opinion all these analogical aspects are significant pointers to the migration route. followed by the peoples of the Pacific as Icing in a south-westerly direction from or by way of the Tuamotu Archipelagal. especially the Tainui, To :sacra, Matatua and Tokomaru peoples. The Aotea people, on tiro other hand, in speech and traditional lore/ have stronger links with the Tahltianfroup than the other peoples rentioned." jr4ie shall now direct13, attention to various cultural affinities and analogical aspects in relation to the peoples of Polynesia and those of Peru. These notes have boon gleaned from a very interesting book by ldon Mason, The Ancient Civilisations of ;,.-uee qs 7). The comparisons and the general explanations of various cultural aspects concerning the conformity of Polynesian traits ; on either side of the main stream from a prosressively higher point up-stream of the sluggish waters ahead.
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6691- Aa,..t. wit77 t, ese of the reruvimns are entirely arra. The author of :the boo: makes only a passing and brief .Lion o: the 7olynosians. 'eno note he makes might now ,.oc quoted, as follaws:, 1 'the physical typo of the Polynesians, their lan,mage, a., the fundamentals o: their culture connect them with mouth-eastern Asia rather than with America, anore is little doubt that they originally came from the ralayan region at no very remote period. /n fact, they still retain very detail?, legends of their migrations, at least of the later ones. The recent drift of n raft from Peru, to the Polynesian Tuamotu Islrnds proved that such 7. voyage was feasible for unpowered craft, though not Boyordahl's belief that the islands were populated in this manner.. Throughout his book thy author appears lo have boon suite oblivious of the fact that the various customs, mode of dress and cultural aspects of the peoples of 7eru as noted by him were in eny nay analicous to the peoples of Polynesia. This boin,1; so, and remembering his comment on the Ron-tiki drift voyage, we conclude that bid account was not in any way influenced by any theories of affinity between the Polynosiene and the Peruvians. In the present state of knowledge w6 are unable to deal adoquetoly with the theory of a migration route from Tritish Columbia and Vancouver Island. Thor Meyerdahl has dealt with this matter, but have mot been able to obtain sufficient additional material to justify a proper and critical examination of the evidence ho has recorded. Ike can only briefly mention that the type of canoe of the Indians of that area, as illustrated in Moyerdahl's hook, i3 very similar to those of the Maori which we have on display in our 7.:useums..Die have also read that, like the raori, the Indians on the Pacific Coast of Perth tnerica attach the greatest of importance to the possession of an ornamental cloak R3 e covering for the dead. :afore proceeding further rith :Vdision perhaps should point out that Mason was not altogether correct in the statement that "Polynesian p?ysical tynes and the fundamentals of their culture connect them with south-eastern Asia . at no very remote period." This has been the subject of much research work and his statement can be shown to be wrong. /A. shall now examine Mason's book and the analogical aspects we have alluded to,0 ;Tames. ? Like the Polynesians, there were no surnames in ancient Peru (4C). A child was given any name that appealed to the parent., generally descriptive of some quality, or referring to birds, fishes, places)or other
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70110. natural phenomena. A person bore several different names in various st,ges of his life. Incest. --- In ancient Peru incest restrictions were not so groat as among peoples of the Old 7,r1d. There were few for mon of top rank; the last several Inca emperors married their Pull sisters, and nobles were allowed to marry 44C their half sisters. Amongthe commoners/ marriage was permitted with a first cousin, but prohibited for closer relationships/ (51). 'among the Maori people tho aristocracy generally married met cousins. There were cases of marriages between uncles and nieces and some with grand nieces. In the Tainui tribal genealogical descent from the gods there were marriages between brothers and sisters; commencing with the creation of Io, the supreme king, of the 'orld-ofOtero, (Te Motu) who married his sister Floating-Moons (Tau-ana-te7marma), and down twentyone 'Cosmological' generations - as the Tainui priesthood h,n it - to "the Great Sky that stands above" and "The Darth that lies Beneath". 7rom that point in the priestly genealogy we have thirTwo 'evolutionary' generaticoa;nnd then fifteen generations of the 'mythical to the ancestral', whic't brings us to the time of the Great Migration to New Zealand aoutt75-ye9741350',?:). Linguistia The list of fortiour place names given by Heyerdahlt as a sample of a diffusion of geographical names from the mountain plateau of Lake Titicacaiin Peru/into Polynesia, 3w" ti)A 11146 later in our discussion supplement with a number of Peruvian words given by Vasoy in his description of the customs of the ancient peoples of Pe u. The general impression-Tye have gained from an examination of those linguistic relationships is that on VAs score the 7olynesians have morn in common with the peoples of Peru than w,th those of the islands to the west, the Malay arclApelago, and India. -1-The similarity in words of some of the numerals among some of the peoples in the west are in our opinion of an elementary character, and are of no gre't significance. Their words could have been borrowed by or from tine :oly,esions. Among both races, a widow might not marry except to her husband's brother. In addi,don to inheriting the wife or wives of ',is doad brother/ a man inherited his father's wives, C152,) ,eyordahl, 1952. pp,760, 761.
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73311. Customs Melating to the Deal.) .-1 5"-ancient highland Peru, according to Mason, ancestor-worship end the cult of the dead were of great importance, and so mortuary customs were rather extensive. Omen cut their hair and covered their Conde . The possessions of the dead wore burned; the rest buried with the wrapped body( (Peke 154). If -e were to say that the recital of genealogies and the mention of ancestors in ancient Maori laments And dirges constitute ancestor-worship, Mason's description of Teruvien custom relating to the dead agrees entirely with that of the tolynnsien. L., In Peruere, for religious reasons, not allowed to walk in. the fields (pa 147). ,7ith the taori such women, and also during menses, were tape and the same p4ition aprlied. The practice of a mother, as soon as possible after delivery, washing both herself and the child in a neEgiby stream was common to 'coth the Peruvian MEE) and the Polynesian. Another custom that was common was the preservation of the umbilical cord, but with the Maori it was either deposited in a special under4,round cave or placed under a trop. In some instances it urns buried and a young tree planted over it. (Ono of the best photographs of the late Timi Cara - Sir Janes Carroll - shows him stCn,ing alongside a mike, or Cabbage tree, growing on the banks of the 'lairoa River, under which tree his umbilical cord was buried.) In ancient Peru, the eldest uncle cut the baby's nails and heir, preserving them carefully. The Maori treetod these things in the same way as the umbilical cord and they were ce,efully put away in caves or were buried. The naming of the child among the Maori Was the porogative of an uncle, end the name thus given the child bore until maturity, as PAS the rile in Peru, rP4 147). 'nth the Maori the uncle bestowed the ammo on the male children. Iklucation.) ---2ti)77)-ducetion Mason rrites, drew the child of the commoner there yore , sc'ools, ,o c,luce,.ien. There rein,; no system of writing re cops little to learn that could not be imparted by the parents in cot ry conversati.., and this education by precept end example was all iv- , ,!'etoVerege child got,' (Pew 147). r e noes of the aristocracy and of hostages of high rank, however, ,eccivod some formal instrletions (Ibid,),as did the 'Chosen loser'. Those 'Mos= 70men' went four ;ones learning doreStx science, religion, weaving, resides cod dutiese(f47), This eceeunt fairly covers the Maori too, except with regard to the .esen Tenon' emd religion. Among most Maoritribes weren were not nAmitted to t o leered hoeses 14 learning, tr.:1=1.'2. r a
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765rut among; the Tainui tribes the eldest child/ if a daughter of a high chief/ was permitted to acquire certain rituals. rho id this by listening in from outside luring certain cessions of t:, school of learni. The door ',as left ajar for1,:er benefit. - Leet was kept cutting it into thin strips, Tllowing it to dry, and pounding it. Fish and other watery foods were n1E0 fried for ctorec Teo uovls par day, norlling and evening, were thus the sastory 4,1). The 7aori also obsorved tho same custom and prepared Us :cod for storage :purposes in a similar manner. In adlition the Paori also made huahua of ;ease ,..rats end birds. Those core deboned, carefully roasted, and then preserved in fate using hollowed-out wooden vessels or calabashes for Lhe purpose. uocn-E ,,(4).:44: Yason makes mention of a Peruvian tribe calle' the Mocha, andwriteL) .The picture of the roche afforded us by the archaeologists is that of a dynamic, almost aggressive people, far along the road civilisation, (30) The Macho world was obviously man's, and women definitely occupied an inferior ;:oaition. ("4). The culture location is given as in the 9Ontrallioastal 'area of Peru, and it extends' to t's, north into the valleys of -yTUpe, Paramongainad :uarmey (or Nua-mai to the raori)i (1). Z:"---(As already indicated the wor also occupied a lower position in Maori life - and, wTright add, 5hey preferred it that way.) The names of the valleys mentioned are Maori words. CI "omen, .;In Peru, women wore a one-piece dress that combined skirt and blouse reaching to the ankles and bound at the waist by a long wide, woven and ornamented sash. ,t the top, it reached to the neck, the upper tdges fastened together over tho shoulders by long pins and passing under the arms at the sides,. Like all garments, this dress was a large ,rectangular piece of woven clotlye merely wound around the body./ (44). (:The description as given above tallies with the mode !:of dress of the Maori. Generally speaking the description given a applied to the Polynesian women might be aualified by explaining that it depended on what the wearer was doing as to manner in which the woven cloaks were worn. The men's cloak, in Peru, was a large mantle, worn over
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79713. the shoulders and fastened at the front with large straight metal pin known as Ima (Waorits,fopuni). (2=COnnictelycovered. Black dogskin cloak ID 6/417.)Y' Probably all men wore earplugs of some type, but the nobility, 'Inca, by birth or privilege, wore such great plugs in orifices in the ear-lobes that this class was generally referred to Ore-none, Big Ears (Long Ears in Easter Island). On ceremonial and festive occasions, of course, they also donned gaudy head-dreesea, collars of feathers, and similar regalia (Poem 145). (Tainuis 1. Ingos ,(fMirskitused person of an assertive nature. 2. Ingikis Ancient honorific term) ,orAcoording to Te Kiri Katlpa of the Waikato- Maniapoto tribed.) The worddingiki was used by Te to Haumene of Taranaki in hie Mau Pal Marirefult. Among the Maori,their feathmrcloaks, head bands, ear pendants and other regalia such as the tapeka (a wide sash worn toga-like) which woe ornamented with geometrical woven designs of coloured wefts and known as taniko. THE LITTER (MAOR;,.!!),..) C- "Litter like frames," writes Mason, were doubtless used in Peru "for carrying heavier objeots, but the principal employment of the litter was for the personal transportation of the higher nobility,: Vg. 165)9 --- - With the Polynesian,the amo, or litter) was similarly used, more generally for transportation of elderly people of rank. and high-born women. SOCIAL ORGANISATION. L L ice the Maori hopes(subtribe), who did not encourage marriages willimember. of outside hapus. "The Inca =nay for family relationships, " writes Mason, "suggest theirs was not a plan system with exogamy (or marriage outside the Group) and descent reckoned in a single female line. The respective generations use of considerable importance."
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82914. Viking-1st/1km Maori)plaoed great importance on the:.genealogies, oi'whakapapa. The Inca es a raoe called each other, as the Maori." Polynesian do, by the same term as that employed for l'brotherand?sister.' and there were no distinotione between parallel and cross cousins by their own generation. (The Maori,terms, tungLaprothere or male cousins in parallel generations, and "tuahine or sister end female oousins, were similarly used. Cousins of the earlier generation were termed matua (uncle) or whaea (aunt); tines of still earlier generation or cousins twine removed were kuia, grandam, or koroua4grandsire. The Peruvian considered that a father had eons and daughters, but the mother had only children. The Maori father referred to his soar-as tame (eon) and tamahine (daughter). The mother more often referred to her daughter as taku kotiro (my girl) and her son as tamaiti (male child) and her family am tamariki (children). The Maori terms for 4141,:y and 11/441w and for and s treated in exactly the same way in Peru. Mason writes, "the same terms were used for father and for father's brother, (uncle), for mother and mother's sister (aunt)." To complete the affinity between Peru and Polynesia in the use of relationship terms, we have it from Mason that the terms for brother and for sister, were different when used by a man and by a woman." With Polynesians, a man would refer to his sister or female cousin se a tuahine, and to younger brother or cousin of a junior line ae teina, and to pn alder brother or senior cousin as tuakanat, A woman, on the other hand, referred to a brother or a male cousin as tungane and to younger or older sister or cousins of a senior or junior with the terms used by a man, namely tams or tualcans. --__--- Mason does not give the Peruvian or /noa relationship is terns, and it/rather intriguing to speculate on a possible linguistic affinity in this connection.
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861. SUB-TRIBES: AYLLU (Peruvian) Hapu (Maori).; "In Inca times, as s in Peru today," write. Mason, "the baeio social group of the peoplejt apart from the immediate familt was the ayllu, an enlarged or extended family, a sub-tribe.' Like the Maori4olynesian hapu all members of an ayllu were related - they owned a definite territory. Although the Maori did not exclusively reckon descent in the male line as did the Inca people, nevertheless the male lines among Polynesians gave added lustre to one' pedigree. Some ayllue of Peru, as is the 0 with the laTu of Aotearoa, ascribed their origin to mythical pereonel and each had a name, generally that of a place or person. Reeidence wee generally patrilooal: the eon brought his wife to live with or near his parents. In this oonneotion, and as a modern note, like to draw attention to the wedding celebrations of present-day Maori marriages: unlike that of the Pakeha, theseere held among the people of the bridegroom. As was the case with the Maori, 'the pattern of commoner agricultural labour for the support of the chief einohl ,CA4iki with the Maori) wee a very ancient one. The chief had considerable authority ' He was reeponeible for the ante of hie tribesmen and for the avenging of wrongs done to then. As with the ha u, the ayllu had its 'communal agricultural lende .. and woodland,' Each recognised a founder and a common ancestor. etc, The provinces of the Inoa empire A91 dividedtinto four quarters called taa. The Maori likewise refer to the homes and people on the periphery of an extensive geographical area ae being no nga hau e wha (from the four winds.)
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89316. HCACA OR WACA (MAORIZOWAt) G_ 7n the'Peruvian term hue or waoa((Spanish spelling) we have an important sarather interesting linguistic affini , with the Polynesian,/ wwka)or canoe. The alternative Spanish spelling with an aspirate, huaoa, has its counterpart in the Maori with the use of the preceding indefinite article, he, and a oanoe may be referred to as he wake. Masonge notes on the significance of the term wnoa adds strength to our belief that we have evidence here of unmistakeable affinity between the two races. He writes: "Each fighting group carried into battle some of its portable idol', fetishes, or WI1, which served ea morale sustainers and rallying points the word woos originally meant 'sacred shrine,' end is so used by the Indiana today In ancient, as in modern Peru, there were thousands of 'woes; ranging from great temples to hilla,eprings, and piles of stones. Eaoh was believed to be or to harbour 4/a spirit Which might be malevolent and which should be gratified or placated by come gift or saorifioe." The Maori wake, commonly used as the name for a canoe, was end is still used to very nearly the same extent and in a similar context to the Peruvian word described by Mason. The alternative Maori-Polynesian terms with similar connotation are mauri (orifteliaman, a material symbol of the hidden principle protecting vitality, fruitfulness, etc. of people, lands, forest., and fisheries), and where, the Maori word for house. The Peruvian had alternative terms too, as Mason mentions. Of the apachite he has this to sa "Another type of waoa oalldiapaohita was a sort of cairn at a dangerous or important place on a road where the traveller paused to pray for safety and strengths hence he would add a stone to the pile or leave something of
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92517. trivial value such as a pieoe of worn-out olothing, a quid of coca, or even a handful of straw. This mAstom is still praotioed.? This desoription is very similar to the Maori custom of whakarite (fulfill or render tribute) in the uruuru-whenua rite when entering into (new ) land. It oculd very well be that the Peruvian term apaohita, with its letter change., is the same term as the Polynesian whakarite. Those who have travelled on the Taupo-Putaruru and the Rotorua-Whakatane main highways will remember the hollow atone of Hatupatu near Atiamuri and the Wishing Tree on Hongi's Track, and will appreoiate the signifioance of the simple rite desoribed by Mason and recognise the affinity of the Maori custom of whakarite with the apaohita of the Peruvian. '.-- "The lower class of nobility," writes Masoas known as the 'uraoa claes'." ilhonorific term of the Maori for the nobly born was laka-kura. _ There appears to be a linguistio link here, too; a transposition of the first syllable and a duplioatbn of the last syllable in duraoa will produoe the Maori Yaks;-kura. A further cultural affinity end a parallel linguistic term we find in the term yanaoona, whioh Mason has described as follo7nILL? '7"The royalty and nobility were allowed many privileges such ae the use of letters ramo of the Maori), parasols Ehakamerumaru of the Maori] and attire somewhat resembling the emperor's, eeoondary wives, luxury articles and/yanaoonet servant!.) yanaoona was another important group of nen, who were exempt from the labour-tax servioe. (The Peruvian like the Polynesian did not have a money economy - 88) The yanaoona "were selected in youth, removed from ayllu, or oleo')." some authorities believe that the craftsmen were inoluded in the yanaoona oategory. Curaoa;yanacona (Maorisak,Lakureamlitkonga)..)
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95718. The boys were certainly selected for unusual intelligence, ability or promiae to rise to poets of considerable importance. Their statue is a little difficult to define Some of them rose to be,plurame themeelvest" (p. 1801), The foregoing note fairly desoribee the olasa of prieetly scholars of the Maori Share-wananga, or School of Scored Learning. These scholars were called Aw0Aonga. Here we deteot an affinity in the termaiy6eoona and,M(ga ficonge. WARFARE.----The mode of fighting, oonetruotion of forte, Ms of warfare, the ambition to exoel in battle, and to "achieve glory and the advancement of perquisites and favours that fell 8,8Ca to the brave and viotorious warrior," (90)).aesp in every respect the same among both peoples. Their weapons were essentially of the some types!) (i) The Pefruviante sling wee the Maorik2EJ142.) (21 The main arm of their common soldier, the caul,. was the Maori mere or pate.) The "double-edged sword' (mamma) as described by Macon, is the Maori taieha..) ' (Ie note here that the Maori word,fneane to _deliver as a blow or to throw:), (49 The Peruvian bola "consisted of several donee, eaoh fastened to the end of a cord or thong, and the latter tied together at the other ends. Thrown/ they whirled by centrifugal foroe and oovered a onneiderable area, wrapping around the victim's body or lege," (91), For the bola the Maori had the koteha. SLEEPING. The late Sir Apirane Ngataitkn a leotive at the Auckland University over thirty years ago aaidithat,/like his Maori forbears he preferred to sleep at floor level. Mason, on thilesubjeot atriteelt?) C: "Like the simplest of his subjects, the FInoi) ruler slept in the floor' _4,185)4
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98919. CHIEFS WERE TAPS, OR SACRED., =.iting of the /noa ruler's sacred person Mason write9.! "No one else might aspire to enjoy his superior goods, so all hie discards and left-over, clothing, food, or whatnot were oareStly saved and ceremonially burnt by an offioial," (86).' The Maori ariki or high chief, was a like case; and he was very, E, or sacred. but in hi, case the food or articles were more often buried. If they were burnt, a special firs for the purpose had to be made well away from all habitation, and under no oiroumstances were auoh things to be burnt in a fire used for cooking food. Quips or Record?keeping. Like the Maori the Peruvian had no form of writing. What both races had were strings with a system of knots tied to them. By this means they kept reoorde of various things. To the initiated the knots and the manner in which they were tied conveyed valuable information, especially as a system of inventory, for record purposes. Importance of the number seven was a feature. A decimal system was adopted. 4- -46"-'(--. Alr.h4.? ..vee. RELIGIO Dealing with the religion of the Peruvian., Mason writ..P. , L--- "The Supreme deity was the Creator, generally known as Viraeocha, but this name was merely one of his many title. He is said to have had no true name, but, like the great god of some other peoples, his pane may have been too sacred to be spoken, and thus wan unknown to the ohroniolers." (----krpause here to say that every word written here by bia eaon apply also to Co, the )3ipreme sing of the Maori. w J. shall be ending this talk with some further reference to the Io religion of the Maori, and so for the present ligNitoontinue with some further quotaticns from Mason'. book, which correspond with Polynesian beliefs. --
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102120. -- - At page 202, Mahon wrjte5 ..-------.5ifter the creation he (the Creator) interfered if little in human destinies, remaining a benign divinity in the heavens. He was therefore little worshipped by 65`71,1 I the common people; the emperor and nobles appealed to / him more frequently - in time of trouble. The Creator god was apparently a very old end fundamental deity in Peru Vira000ha was also a culture hero who taught his people how to liv." Properly speaking there were no churches in ancient Peru, for almost all oeremonies were performed out of doors, and only the ) priests and high officials entered the temples. Confessions were I made to priests generally' by the side of a stream ' The invalid I was then purified by washing, if he was bed-ridden; if he was able to walk he went to a stream or better to the junction of two 1 rivers and washed himself: rrehall have to interrupt Mason'd account here to say that the Maori did not confuse the yupreme Being/ Io/ with their culture heroes like Maui and Tawhaki. Mason's note about the Creator not interfering in human destinies reminds me of an occasion when I went to visit the sick bed of one of our Maniapoto elder chiefs, Te Where Hotu. Te Whore Hotu was one of tit/sleet two elders of our tribe who had ease knowledge of the Tainui Io cult, and he was also a student of the Bible. I was adoompanied by a leading member of the Ratana frilluroh, and we found Te Where Hotu lying in bed and looking far from well. After a time my companion offered to say Dome prayers and Te Where Hotu gave him perniseion to do so. As far as I am aware the apostles of the Ratana Aurch do not undergo a course of theologioal training fag)) my comrade .44-.Meeruems-emel/ a oou,in of Te Where Hotu - was a noted tribal orator, and in conducting his prayer cession he prayed for a long time and got quite worked up. Towards the end he raised his voice as if he was speaking to a multitude. As soon as he had finished, Te Where Hotu eat up and berated his cousin and said Why shout? One would think God was deaf; And,
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105321. furthermore, you prayed too long and repeated yourself too often in asking God to heal thesiok and to make me well. DoWt you know the ell-knowing God beoomes hoha, or wearied/with importunity, the same as we do when our little grandchildren cane round to worry us for lollies and titbits? I shall get well again, but it won't be because of your prayerel" ,--Te Where Hotu got welljae he had said/and died seventeen years later at nearly ninety years of age. Ae a matter of foot hie oouein, many years his junior, died several years before him. To end my quotations from Mason's book, #.-4Oient, (trglisations of Peru" at page 202ws v1.Z(".11. "More important in mundane affairs' were the sky deities - the gods and goddesses of the sun, moon, stars and thunder these were all 'servants of the Creator. The cult of the Earth-mother was probably the oldest.") At page 204/ he oontinuest# 4 ("Iness were sun-worshippers Naturally the 'thunder "ss.,c1 or 'feather 4d (211a21)(;e the divinity of next importance. ) The name Illap9oonnotes both thunder and lightni4g. He was envisaged as man .. According to one myth., his rift sister kept the rain in a jug which Illapa broke with his sling shot when he yielded to earthling's pleae of rain. rhos star lore was extensive many of the stare and constellations were given mama the morning etar Venue was an important figure in mythology. The name Pleiades took care of seed oould continue with several more pages of quotations 7 from this exoellent book, but ye shall have to be oontent with making a rather sketchy commentary on the notes have just quoted.) Firstly would point out that the sun in Maori is
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108522. deified and as such is named Tama-inu-d-te-ra. (Ee-who-imbibeheSun). Mason did not give a name for the sum god of Peru, but he gives the name Illapa for the god of thunder and lightning. The Maori names for the combined phenomena of lightning and thunder are,eira - rarapa which approximates very oloeely to the Peruvian UlkyS. The Peruvian myth of Illapa's sister and her jug seem, to be e variation of the Maori myth of the moon goddess, who stumbled beoause of a pausing storm cloud hiding the light of the marama, the moon. In her fall she broke her oalabash and in anger she muttered a ouree. The moon thereupon rushed down and taking a firm hold took her away into the heavens. Mason's mention of the stars, and in particular, Venus reminds us that in the poetry ard songs of the Maori the star names are mentioned frequently. The Pleiades, too, as is the case with the Peruvians/ were greeted with joy and gladness as heralding the spring time of the year. liPerhave not by any mean, exhausted the affinities in the cultural elements of the two races, but lame time is running out.) Mks? Before concluding disas/on fj 'should like to quote some affinities in the religious belief. of both the Maori and the Peruvians. Firstly letgquote one of the most famous prayers as reoorded by Mason at page 210 of hie booksi Viracooha, Lord of the Universe, Whether male or female, at any rate commander of heat and reproduotion, ? ( being one who, even with Rie spittle, can work sorcery. Where art Thou? Would that Thou wart not hidden from this eon of Thine 1 He may be above' He may be below' or, perchance, abroad in spaoe. Where is His mighty judgement-seat? Bear me 1 He may be epread abroad among the upper waters' or among the lower water, mad their sands
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111723. He may be dwelling. Creator of the world, Creator of man, great among my ancestors, before Thee my eyes fail me, Thou I long to see Thee; for, seeing Thee, understanding Thee, I shall be seen by Thee, and Thou wilt know me. The SunLthe Moon; the Day4the Night; Mummer Winter; not in vain, in orderly euooession, do they march to their destined place, to their goal. They arrive wherever Thy royal staff Thou bearest. Oh: Harken to me, listen to me, let it not befall that I grow weary and die. I NO shall now match the Peruvian prayer with a Maori invocation from the Tainui Io School of Learning wi4,: THE TRIUMPHANT CHANT OF 10 (THE CLP EME BEING). Tapu. Tapu, most sacred am 1: From the Zenith am I; I am from Rangi-pu-sareare, 'The Heavens, = origin - in-oonoave-apace'; I am from Rangi-pu-anewanewa, 'The Heavens, 4':Ci'iin-in-the,measureless-expense;., I am Is : Ts,, Let we discuss briefly the Maori a000mht,Of the Creation which is generally given in genealogical forms Te Aho Tuatahi, (le First Strand). An ootaval evolution, oommenoing with a peruludial recital, thussA Examining High Priest(Tapatai) asksti 1. 7,';,t [-Where was the dwelling plane of Io in Eternal Spa.? 14'4' The High Priest (Tuahuroa) replies's', 2. 1 c., In the Beginning there was Te Kore, - X, (-4, Formless Voids'
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114924. Darkness enoompaseed the U04verse, with water everywhere There we. no world, no moon, no light. Then there came Ts Po-ka-ura, the Night-that-glowed'; Wherein was conceived Kotahi-te-ki, The One-unspoken-thought'; Primeval Enahined: 3. In the all-pervading gloom of Te Po-uriuri, ',the dark-green Night A voice spoke, eaying4 Should I remain inactive?' 'Nay: Light succeeding Night; Let there be a world of Light: And at once a World of Light appeared, It was called Kotshi-te-korero, The One Spoken Word; Saored, Sanotified: 4. The Voice spoke again, saying; 'Should I remain inaotive?' 13ay: Light suoceedAg Light Let there be a Night of Darkness: And a great darkness again appeared, It was Te Po-ka-karauri, 76 Night that faintly gleamed;' Wherein there was Kotahi-te-wananga, '7he One Snored Assembly,' Seeking for, Chet which is hidden Seeking Searching S. Emergent from Ts Wai-oti-atu, Ite Waters of Annihilation A loud volee then apake saying; Let there be a Night of Darkness above, and a Night of Darkness here below: Sanctified then was the Darkness of the Sacred Night; It was Te Po-moao-nui, the Night-with-the-Aroma-ofSprouting-things;' And therein was Te Kore-whiwhia, 'e Intangible formless Void. Imperceptible Latent:
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118126. 8. Loi A piercing call, and the Voice again is heard In Te Perekere, highf-Intenee-lnrkness,' Saying; 'The Night is distreesful, Come, let there be a World of Light above,: Sanctified then was the Light of the sacred World of Light, Light Primeval, sacred to the World of Light. And, theret pieroed and impaled was Te Bore-makiki-hi-rere-, The Formlese Void pierced by a Line extending into Spaces' Immovable Motionless. 7. In the Night of To Po-tamaku, ',he Creation Night', The Celestial Voice of Eternity spake, say y.-. Let this World, this snored abiding-place, Be a World of Light Eternall A great Light then o'orspread Creation; The Waters, all encompassing, follow in its wake:- And, raised on high, in tremuloue sanctity was Makaka, 'Ale Sacred Curve' Hallowed Holy: The Voice thmiapake again eayingj 'Let the Waters now recede, And let the Firmament appear: At once the Waters were separated And the Firmament appearea: Then there came the Dawn of Te Aio-euku, 'iihe Widespread Cal m,' And there, too, wee the Primeval Being, I4 17/he Supreme Being' 1?.ftmo 'Iothe-foremost', Io-mss, 'Ihe-elevated-one'. 'Iothe-all-embraoing', Io-ruru, 'Io-the-eheltering-one', 'Io-the-vibrant-one', Io-hana, 'Io-the-glowing-one'; .--_____ The Infinite .. The Eternal.
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121326. At this point we are still twenty-two epochal nights of creation away from the birth of Ranginui-e-tu-iho-nei (lhe Great Sky that stands above) and Papatuanuku (l'he Earth that lie. beneath.) I desire now to address a few remarks to the soientists here assemble, I think that the terminology used by the priesthood of the Whore Wananga, School of Soared Learning, reveals the faot that they had pondered deeply on the nature of the cosmos. For instanoe, 'The Formleee-Voidt pieroed4F, Line ti i? (or ray of light) / extending into space, oould very well be a typical Polynesian symbolical terminology to desoribe the proemial point in the evolution of the cosmos, when force (or the "Let there be light" of the Bible) appeared to radiate through spa. The terminology of the evolutionary periods, termed Po, or Night, are not only poetical but also helpful in gaining an insight into the priestly conception of thoPolyuesian as to the varied phenomena which marked the birth of iihe World of Stare,' Floating Moons,' yfhe Far-flung Universe', andao on down to the Earth-mother, or he Earth-that-lies-beneath'. For dramatic presentation it would be difficult to better the description of the striving of ',the Bitterly-cold Universe' and'Yhe Bitterly-cold Night' through the epochal periods called, lhe Knocking Sounds' and 'Abe Indrawn-breath of Heaven' to give birth to 'The Shattered and Expanding Universe' and 'The Shattered and Expanding Night'. !,),? shall here present a comparison with the Seientist and with others of the Tainui Io Cult Fifth Intermission which I have already give'. I shall give it againjo(. The Maoris/ I- "Sanctified then 1,018 the darkness of the Scored Night r It was Te Po-aoso-nui, 'he Night-with-the-aroma-of- sprouting-things." Now hero it is as the Hebrew had itzt
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1240 <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">317</Metadata>
1241 <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1242 <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1243 </Description>
1244 <Content>&lt;pre&gt;
124527. d'And God blessed them, saying, Be fruitful and multiply.. And the evening and the morning were the fifth day2") - ? (Genesis). (The Ao Ado 'ylie beoalmed Universe' and Te Po aio Becalmed Night' strove mightily during the epoohal period of Te Po-uriuri '7'he Dark-Green Night' and begat Te Ao When, Ihe Reddened Universe' and Te Po Where '7he Reddened Right':' And now the Soientistsl, 'It was only routine to make an extraction and epeotrum analysis of chlorophyll. With ohlorophyll the green oame through olearly. Conant who made this his own problem, produced a diagram oloeely worked over with symbols and signs, ehioh unfolded - to anyone who could understand it: - how the atoms are arranged and deployed and linked in such a tremendous molecule as WARC5511720Se One instant there are gee and water as lifeless as the core of this earth or the chill of spaces and the next they are become living tissue. Life, in short, synthesized, plant-synthesized, light synthesized."' te Flowering Earth liDonald Culross Peattie. On this scientific, note I think it proper to end this leoture, and I do so with the pious hope that our talk has been of interest to this Scienoe Congress. J PO. (LciC 7? 7-0(4,. o..k44,444./ , MLA 7).5-
1251 <Description>
1252 <Metadata name="Title">34</Metadata>
1253 <Metadata name="Image">3C01-03-033.tif</Metadata>
1254 <Metadata name="Source">3C01-03-033.tif</Metadata>
1255 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3C01-03-033.tif</Metadata>
1256 <Metadata name="FileSize">1382367</Metadata>
1257 <Metadata name="ImageType">TIFF</Metadata>
1258 <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1704</Metadata>
1259 <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2661</Metadata>
1260 <Metadata name="ImageSize">1.382MB</Metadata>
1261 <Metadata name="srclink_file">3C01-03-033.tif</Metadata>
1262 <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3C01-03-033.tif</Metadata>
1263 <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]" width="[ImageWidth]" height="[ImageHeight]"&gt;</Metadata>
1264 <Metadata name="ThumbType">gif</Metadata>
1265 <Metadata name="Thumb">3C01-03-033_thumb.gif</Metadata>
1266 <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]" alt="[Thumb]" width="[ThumbWidth]" height="[ThumbHeight]"&gt;</Metadata>
1267 <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">64</Metadata>
1268 <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1269 <Metadata name="ScreenType">jpeg</Metadata>
1270 <Metadata name="Screen">3C01-03-033_screen.jpeg</Metadata>
1271 <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]" width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
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1274 <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1276 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Title">Notes on Ancient Peru and Inca Civilization</Metadata>
1277 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Date">no date</Metadata>
1278 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Author">Pei Te Hurinui Jones</Metadata>
1279 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Description">Notes regarding Ancient Peru and Inca Civilization. Headings include, Names, Incest, Marriage, The Head, Pregnant Women, Education, Food and Drink, Alaskan Route, Moche Culture, Clothing, Litter (as in carrying equipment), Social Organisation, Waca (Sacred sites) and Religion</Metadata>
1280 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Subject">Ancient Peru; Inca Civilization </Metadata>
1281 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.MSHeading">Mātauranga</Metadata>
1282 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Document-Type">Notes</Metadata>
1283 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Location">Peru</Metadata>
1284 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Notes">English, handwritten, 8 pages</Metadata>
1285 <Metadata mode="accumulate" name="pj.Access">unrestricted</Metadata>
1286 </Description>
1287 <Content>&lt;p&gt;This document has no text.&lt;/p&gt;
1291 <Description>
1292 <Metadata name="Title">35</Metadata>
1293 <Metadata name="Image">3C01-03-034.tif</Metadata>
1294 <Metadata name="Source">3C01-03-034.tif</Metadata>
1295 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3C01-03-034.tif</Metadata>
1296 <Metadata name="FileSize">1576331</Metadata>
1297 <Metadata name="ImageType">TIFF</Metadata>
1298 <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1676</Metadata>
1299 <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2641</Metadata>
1300 <Metadata name="ImageSize">1.576MB</Metadata>
1301 <Metadata name="srclink_file">3C01-03-034.tif</Metadata>
1302 <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3C01-03-034.tif</Metadata>
1303 <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]" width="[ImageWidth]" height="[ImageHeight]"&gt;</Metadata>
1304 <Metadata name="ThumbType">gif</Metadata>
1305 <Metadata name="Thumb">3C01-03-034_thumb.gif</Metadata>
1306 <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]" alt="[Thumb]" width="[ThumbWidth]" height="[ThumbHeight]"&gt;</Metadata>
1307 <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">63</Metadata>
1308 <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1309 <Metadata name="ScreenType">jpeg</Metadata>
1310 <Metadata name="Screen">3C01-03-034_screen.jpeg</Metadata>
1311 <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]" width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1312 <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">317</Metadata>
1313 <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1314 <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1316 </Description>
1317 <Content>&lt;p&gt;This document has no text.&lt;/p&gt;
1321 <Description>
1322 <Metadata name="Title">36</Metadata>
1323 <Metadata name="Image">3C01-03-035.tif</Metadata>
1324 <Metadata name="Source">3C01-03-035.tif</Metadata>
1325 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3C01-03-035.tif</Metadata>
1326 <Metadata name="FileSize">1901259</Metadata>
1327 <Metadata name="ImageType">TIFF</Metadata>
1328 <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1664</Metadata>
1329 <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2633</Metadata>
1330 <Metadata name="ImageSize">1.901MB</Metadata>
1331 <Metadata name="srclink_file">3C01-03-035.tif</Metadata>
1332 <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3C01-03-035.tif</Metadata>
1333 <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]" width="[ImageWidth]" height="[ImageHeight]"&gt;</Metadata>
1334 <Metadata name="ThumbType">gif</Metadata>
1335 <Metadata name="Thumb">3C01-03-035_thumb.gif</Metadata>
1336 <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]" alt="[Thumb]" width="[ThumbWidth]" height="[ThumbHeight]"&gt;</Metadata>
1337 <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">63</Metadata>
1338 <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1339 <Metadata name="ScreenType">jpeg</Metadata>
1340 <Metadata name="Screen">3C01-03-035_screen.jpeg</Metadata>
1341 <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]" width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1342 <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">316</Metadata>
1343 <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1344 <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1346 </Description>
1347 <Content>&lt;p&gt;This document has no text.&lt;/p&gt;
1351 <Description>
1352 <Metadata name="Title">37</Metadata>
1353 <Metadata name="Image">3C01-03-036.tif</Metadata>
1354 <Metadata name="Source">3C01-03-036.tif</Metadata>
1355 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3C01-03-036.tif</Metadata>
1356 <Metadata name="FileSize">1558453</Metadata>
1357 <Metadata name="ImageType">TIFF</Metadata>
1358 <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1664</Metadata>
1359 <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2635</Metadata>
1360 <Metadata name="ImageSize">1.558MB</Metadata>
1361 <Metadata name="srclink_file">3C01-03-036.tif</Metadata>
1362 <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3C01-03-036.tif</Metadata>
1363 <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]" width="[ImageWidth]" height="[ImageHeight]"&gt;</Metadata>
1364 <Metadata name="ThumbType">gif</Metadata>
1365 <Metadata name="Thumb">3C01-03-036_thumb.gif</Metadata>
1366 <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]" alt="[Thumb]" width="[ThumbWidth]" height="[ThumbHeight]"&gt;</Metadata>
1367 <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">63</Metadata>
1368 <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1369 <Metadata name="ScreenType">jpeg</Metadata>
1370 <Metadata name="Screen">3C01-03-036_screen.jpeg</Metadata>
1371 <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]" width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1372 <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">316</Metadata>
1373 <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1374 <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1376 </Description>
1377 <Content>&lt;p&gt;This document has no text.&lt;/p&gt;
1381 <Description>
1382 <Metadata name="Title">38</Metadata>
1383 <Metadata name="Image">3C01-03-037.tif</Metadata>
1384 <Metadata name="Source">3C01-03-037.tif</Metadata>
1385 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3C01-03-037.tif</Metadata>
1386 <Metadata name="FileSize">1732917</Metadata>
1387 <Metadata name="ImageType">TIFF</Metadata>
1388 <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1664</Metadata>
1389 <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2634</Metadata>
1390 <Metadata name="ImageSize">1.733MB</Metadata>
1391 <Metadata name="srclink_file">3C01-03-037.tif</Metadata>
1392 <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3C01-03-037.tif</Metadata>
1393 <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]" width="[ImageWidth]" height="[ImageHeight]"&gt;</Metadata>
1394 <Metadata name="ThumbType">gif</Metadata>
1395 <Metadata name="Thumb">3C01-03-037_thumb.gif</Metadata>
1396 <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]" alt="[Thumb]" width="[ThumbWidth]" height="[ThumbHeight]"&gt;</Metadata>
1397 <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">63</Metadata>
1398 <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1399 <Metadata name="ScreenType">jpeg</Metadata>
1400 <Metadata name="Screen">3C01-03-037_screen.jpeg</Metadata>
1401 <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]" width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1402 <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">316</Metadata>
1403 <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1404 <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1406 </Description>
1407 <Content>&lt;p&gt;This document has no text.&lt;/p&gt;
1411 <Description>
1412 <Metadata name="Title">39</Metadata>
1413 <Metadata name="Image">3C01-03-038.tif</Metadata>
1414 <Metadata name="Source">3C01-03-038.tif</Metadata>
1415 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3C01-03-038.tif</Metadata>
1416 <Metadata name="FileSize">724243</Metadata>
1417 <Metadata name="ImageType">TIFF</Metadata>
1418 <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1664</Metadata>
1419 <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2632</Metadata>
1420 <Metadata name="ImageSize">724KB</Metadata>
1421 <Metadata name="srclink_file">3C01-03-038.tif</Metadata>
1422 <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3C01-03-038.tif</Metadata>
1423 <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]" width="[ImageWidth]" height="[ImageHeight]"&gt;</Metadata>
1424 <Metadata name="ThumbType">gif</Metadata>
1425 <Metadata name="Thumb">3C01-03-038_thumb.gif</Metadata>
1426 <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]" alt="[Thumb]" width="[ThumbWidth]" height="[ThumbHeight]"&gt;</Metadata>
1427 <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">63</Metadata>
1428 <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1429 <Metadata name="ScreenType">jpeg</Metadata>
1430 <Metadata name="Screen">3C01-03-038_screen.jpeg</Metadata>
1431 <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]" width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1432 <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">316</Metadata>
1433 <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1434 <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1436 </Description>
1437 <Content>&lt;p&gt;This document has no text.&lt;/p&gt;
1441 <Description>
1442 <Metadata name="Title">40</Metadata>
1443 <Metadata name="Image">3C01-03-039.tif</Metadata>
1444 <Metadata name="Source">3C01-03-039.tif</Metadata>
1445 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3C01-03-039.tif</Metadata>
1446 <Metadata name="FileSize">1099185</Metadata>
1447 <Metadata name="ImageType">TIFF</Metadata>
1448 <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1677</Metadata>
1449 <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2081</Metadata>
1450 <Metadata name="ImageSize">1.099MB</Metadata>
1451 <Metadata name="srclink_file">3C01-03-039.tif</Metadata>
1452 <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3C01-03-039.tif</Metadata>
1453 <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]" width="[ImageWidth]" height="[ImageHeight]"&gt;</Metadata>
1454 <Metadata name="ThumbType">gif</Metadata>
1455 <Metadata name="Thumb">3C01-03-039_thumb.gif</Metadata>
1456 <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]" alt="[Thumb]" width="[ThumbWidth]" height="[ThumbHeight]"&gt;</Metadata>
1457 <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">81</Metadata>
1458 <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1459 <Metadata name="ScreenType">jpeg</Metadata>
1460 <Metadata name="Screen">3C01-03-039_screen.jpeg</Metadata>
1461 <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]" width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1462 <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">403</Metadata>
1463 <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1464 <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1466 </Description>
1467 <Content>&lt;p&gt;This document has no text.&lt;/p&gt;
1471 <Description>
1472 <Metadata name="Title">41</Metadata>
1473 <Metadata name="Image">3C01-03-040.tif</Metadata>
1474 <Metadata name="Source">3C01-03-040.tif</Metadata>
1475 <Metadata name="SourceFile">3C01-03-040.tif</Metadata>
1476 <Metadata name="FileSize">985645</Metadata>
1477 <Metadata name="ImageType">TIFF</Metadata>
1478 <Metadata name="ImageWidth">1796</Metadata>
1479 <Metadata name="ImageHeight">2177</Metadata>
1480 <Metadata name="ImageSize">986KB</Metadata>
1481 <Metadata name="srclink_file">3C01-03-040.tif</Metadata>
1482 <Metadata name="srclinkFile">3C01-03-040.tif</Metadata>
1483 <Metadata name="srcicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[srclinkFile]" width="[ImageWidth]" height="[ImageHeight]"&gt;</Metadata>
1484 <Metadata name="ThumbType">gif</Metadata>
1485 <Metadata name="Thumb">3C01-03-040_thumb.gif</Metadata>
1486 <Metadata name="thumbicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Thumb]" alt="[Thumb]" width="[ThumbWidth]" height="[ThumbHeight]"&gt;</Metadata>
1487 <Metadata name="ThumbWidth">82</Metadata>
1488 <Metadata name="ThumbHeight">100</Metadata>
1489 <Metadata name="ScreenType">jpeg</Metadata>
1490 <Metadata name="Screen">3C01-03-040_screen.jpeg</Metadata>
1491 <Metadata name="screenicon">&lt;img src="_httpprefix_/collect/[collection]/index/assoc/[parent(Top):assocfilepath]/[Screen]" width=[ScreenWidth] height=[ScreenHeight]&gt;</Metadata>
1492 <Metadata name="ScreenWidth">412</Metadata>
1493 <Metadata name="ScreenHeight">500</Metadata>
1494 <Metadata name="FileFormat">PagedImage</Metadata>
1496 </Description>
1497 <Content>&lt;p&gt;This document has no text.&lt;/p&gt;
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