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114Whawhatikuku, (2) Treasl tic- by I? Oct, 1864. George Grebes, 1944. TO our loving friend Graham, of &quot;armlet.. Friend, Mr. Omahas., greetings to thee. This io a word to you. Thia war in the Waikato was oeamenced by the frmeha. These are the foundadtions up?n which the Maoris arrive at their ooacluslea. Oa 9th July, 1863, the soldierableat to T. Is, and op Su-day, 22nd July, they trampled ox the boundary lima of the Maori lines about which they two, 2akehe and Maori, had disputed. The native chiefs said that the kakehe would begin the Quarrel, and this prediction cane true, for it was Us Europeans who trampled lapels their oaths sad soles., pledges. The soldiers crossed the Maxgatawhirt river, whisk iiii the native leads free the leaded possessives held by the Europeans., and the soldiers stood up. the rmieh was the cause of contention, without obtaining the coaseat of the Waikato chief. who had declared, and the world had art the epee declaratiex, that 'should the eoldiera cress the Mangatawhiri that sot would be a declaration of war ea the part of the Europeans - - call for the aerie to fight with the Neroperms. Was not this act a call to erns, awl a deterniaatiex to create a war with the Maoris Y. Another reams for our alleging that the Europeans the war is this - their having driven away the haerle fres their fixed glottal..mats and free their belonslisgs - - horse., ploughs, carts, previsions, perm..sal offsets. Thet is to say, the driving of the Maoris away from the Yaeger., Ihumatae, Puketapapa Pukakl, Iirikiri, /Dakota, Tuhisata, Tuaksu, Pokes), and Pittman.. St : Maoris eeasider that there was ao cause rmataver for this driving away of the MIA of thee. numerous settlements. They had comnitted se wrong egotist the krmaba, war were they guilty of ay offeace. They did not coseit surliert they did mot steals eon were their hearts wiekedly 1..slimed. But they costlaued to he friendly with the kakeha up to the day upon which they were drive. away frem,their hones. Their belongings. - - their oattle, farsiag, and permosal boloagiage - - were seized by the Pakerm. There Ii another - - the capture of Isaac, his father, the ruse. aid children, together with the ambers of his tribe, without any cause whatsoever, sad without the highest shadow of protest. Is not this ass of your offeace - -the death of Ileac'. father and the death of Isaac's son, during their imprison-neat, although they wore iasecext men t &quot;i The peepl who were suddenly disturbed by you were cultivetias the laced for their gusto , The cert. aid the ploughs wire there, and the horses wore at work. So is li manner the meorio of Waikato were overtakes Sy ax army of Pakehns whilstithey Acre engaged in building houses, is asking cameo, and cultivating the soil. , This is aastieatter - - The Maoris 7 Tekeao were living peaceably,they, were driven off. it houses were burst And their good. taken. And who is able to count up the 4ings then takes free the tribes driven away Irma their aottlementm - - the torsos, the pigs, the poultry, the plough., the carts, the canoes, ad other things Y. There le aultInr. - - Sons of the 'aorta who were living peaceably at their own aettlemint fled Raked ix the night ix affright frog the soldier. who pressed hard upon then, arid the acmes and children of,those various settlements uttered their lamentatioaa a. they went along.,for their hearts wary sad ad in psi-ECraving thus beat so suddenly disturbed.
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1452. This 1 another - - all those Ail iaid,l 1 the ?aorta drivel. away from their settlomeits they wore willing to go before a tribunal oompeeed of Zuropeud aid natives, as that as iiveatigatiox night take place with reference to may charges brought against then. This was their conotait demand. 'Let there be iivestigatioa. investigation, as iiveobigatioa so that the ?truces with which we are barged may be proved.' But. the NurOpeais would mot hourkei to our .treaty. They sa,d the Maoris must bveotea severely witk bhg gins, with aorta., with roeketn, wi th rifle., aid with 4kinv - - as if the this were lot men aid could cot acs.. aid hum speech, or bnerequapable of bang swayed by .4E101. Here is authr - - letters, toe Or threivA of some foolish. Maoris 'mitt. from Wail). wad s Awemutu - - the mazes of th writer. are paropeeii. jug is the word la reply. Thew letters were 1st-aided to alarm your hearts, ( they were isatimial merely that you Zuropeans 'Light souideretwriters persons of great diournmeit, lsevirg ouch affeetioi for the Pakoha. stela all of you, ilk every place, their le. or a/Tactic's for the kokohe 1. bored upon Sash. Aid as to their assertiou - - they are utterly without fouidatiol, lame, sou, acme, whatsoever. New de thle - - drag thus sea ( the writer. of the lotto.) forth. Notch your men, who wrote thee. untrustworthy letters to klaid., se that inquiry may be mate into the utter. Aid you will find tat they will staid Deism You iig Sato vanaillY, aid posaibly will Rot dare even to utter one word with their mouths. If you had dragged these sea forth, aid set up a cOsikit liquiry before you crossed Waigatembiri, thee both you aid ma would have guilt as to whether there W. truth or falsehood is the. letters. Aid wow we Maoris coicludb that the guropeus are slue responsible for the ooisequea., UhsYkhelikg gi.. full 'red.. to those fol. aid deceitful letter. There 1. another. It is act kipwa that the Waikato. took may hnIft-oa aid their mothers from their Nuropesi fathers. But oi the day that thill Urge shall be iivestigited, emit It will be thou whether the ntatement is true or false. C(2,s Thee are the tegnaeopoily oomaitted by the Waikato..- , I. - To Seitekoho - Removiig thous the timber which bollixed ti the Ituropeue end plasimg it at To I. ( so lur torritorY), owd,..214111 neer. ( a .Live memoir) to leave that place. ) 2. - The writing of letters by Revd. aid I. Herealal,to thiThibri,a of Tinian/ regaro1sg Waiters to keep possess/0i of It. This us the sAgEtostiox of t. iadividualai If they did wrong, it is sot right or Just to bring chveth upoz the tribes of Waikato el a000uat of the utterances of these taw perhus,' 3. - The letters written by ono of the Walkste chief. regardbig the Rinistere of religisa as to whether they should be allowed to remair whether they should be drive' away. PN 4. - The great offeue of seiziag the rriatlag ( press) which be s leased to the Sttreleass. the mail hue, aid the driving away Ir. (limit aid his ampialeis. Now, regarding ell these off.., the whale of the Maori Aiwa eay that it is ai ualust thing that blood should be shed on scout
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1765. may or 31 of theohthiags. But it id the busiae. of court of justice to laquire late the ohdrge., aad to see that justice is aetlafled. Mr Garet eosseatad to take playmeat, mad the sum of thirty pouada was adoordlagly oelloated. alte Gave r Grey Auoklaad la aeamequex. of a letter written to them from Aft the tal of all them wroags the chiefs of Waikato cats to Taranaki Sly :dr. 11 j late Native Minstar), T were sane of the wordst- RS. Matutmera, To sea, to Wlmmu Sanehaaa, to Patera, aad to all the people, ~e friends. thenhlldrex of y old friead Petatau - - separate yeuraelf from thews ere, the Ngeti-Ruaxuls, in that you way be looked upea as Cbriatimi 'PhD Waiks auppoeed that pea. had b.. made with' la .sues. of them ban. env. the ahem letters, cad that both Swaim tad aerie were to live is terns of frieadship. Thls thought of the Waikates? based upea the latter,. of the Native Minstar, aad other sour.. of tea mocrtmil repeated, esoourag(idApore sad hisMompaneas of the Ngati-Maniapate tribe to cmme oa to huoklanl. Amoro cre hisbarrival la Aucklaad wan cast into prima. Bat the Waikato. did mot rims ox ccouxt of Amara'. soadammatlea. They reflected upea the matter, and said that Amer.'. septum am. just, dad here they, the Waikato., supposed was the and of all 111-feeliam between them aid the ietcehae. But le : aa arty of. /moldier. 1. marched off, it erosees the streak, aad exaamps am lead belodgiagte/ die Maoris - - land which the Pakehas had declared should be held mitered, aaldjmogardiag which they had said there should be am hostile creaming over i/1 &quot;( The Waika mere startled cm hearing aid seoiag as array of soldier. dad they cried oak t Here is aa any of soldiers oars to fight us, wad to steal the laced of the a 1. dad sow for the first time the eager of the chiefs of Waikato burst forth, aid they acids 'Lot us cross over to the other side, into the territory of the Zuropeaas. For the Maoris clearly dimovemd that thin movement of the Sumae was a Mebura- - e stab ix the dark, dishensurabls, .volt. a Pert1didds breach of faith etc. After thi.(4111 old max aid his sox were killed ( 1 Meredith) amt. Pakehas sad ;aria vied with each la the work of killing. (At July 17 at Schema in Walkm. b)sye was a fight at which 15 meor1s ware killed, mad az the some day mother tight took plait. at aaaaraaa I. Zuropeax territory, aid OAS Maori was killed. clap. seas day taw Waikato aay that cne of their sons. was shot by soldiers. The aomax was mot fighting but wily,: long peesaably. After this them was a kakalem, shot et 'mks.. This mode of warfare I. la oder.. rith Rail. ounce. 0. was a battle also fought hem at cinch both Niter/8 sad Pakeha. fall. At Raaaraas there was a,.. max mad swat of the European race killed aad etlaparma there were so. children. Amnia both Maoris sad lureyseimt;foll together at Pukekouriki 1), aad at the 'alma the Yikehas aad the No ' fell - the 2abehas stole oa the 'aerie aad surprised thee. three of the Maoris ' had loon buried at Tin Waima was takes up out of the gram, sad the of thekaorid corpse was cut off by a Suropeaa sad thread late a paid of m im that the flesh 'sight be severed and the naked skull with its grianag teeth aigkt be kept as trophy by this white sea. Maori vim almag quietly nth a load oa hi. beak vas also killed at Waiuku. Me corpse of Atari chief was also talcen from the coffin, the grave clothes tom from it, and the remains left uncovered. At mother plaem , wham a white
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2074. flag had be. hoisted - - but what cared the kakis. for white flags t - - they cut ?pea the skull of a woad maned Bipeka with asord, wad fired ea two of her female cumpattioas, wewediag thou, aid they killed several sea who were axdor a flag of truce aid without m. O'eroa next doll on his leases, but they fired ea him wad he died. nem are the remita of the evil of war which oriel out: &quot;Ax eye for ex eye aid tooth for a tooth i&quot; The Maori is wicked aad the rakeha ite wicked. All good is s t coutextrated ix the Baropatas, nor i ell good coxowttrated is the moon.. The wool. killed I Rangiriri wad Orakau, 26, ailliatot be dragged into this atsteasat, aor the sabusheades of the SUropowts, Aor the stealthyareepiags about after the Maori. to shoot than. But wt. thing oily will we arms- - the rush upon the Maoris at Raparsta ea Sunday at a tine whoa the Vaikatos had may .wetted their ixteatiea of Rakiag peace, mad whim whit. flag. had boos belated all aletag the lies&quot;. The Maori tribes located there, the Beheriki, tAlltzti-Pasa, aad the Noti-Banglweeti, were off their guard, suppoaiag that the we vas ever. Sole of them were at diviao service, ease were ltleep, aad some 'Of the annex were waahieue their faces, whoa the Europe's rushed upon them old killed W. Th. others fled aad the Europe.' followed aid captured was Maori t who though straggled with the Europe'. who captured hi., wad threw the .haa to the 'meta. The latter tolled for help, aid his computeas cane forward with their gums. Maori Wail thrust at with a beyoast, aad then fired al.&quot; with the guns. It is stated that the Maori was weuaded is seven places, but h. we. set killed. They thee gave hi mew run Is drink, sod covered his over with xative Eel/aunts. Shortly after this the Eurepwainatet away, wed the 'aorta can. book, aad the tamed,ed meter/ died. Now, asoordiag to Maori ideas this is looked upon as a great murder. The Maori. commit murder, for they axe al igitoraxt people, and their anaieat proverb is &quot;The KaR satin Maori&quot;. But as to you Europeans, it is for ytu to sot justly, boe you have all the laws, the Old Teatamentt cad the UK .tamest, Lad you have your great sees which is ever being hold up eligh - - the Baglish, the nighty emetics, of vast influeetoo, of waders ding, et dignity, of cleverness, of ream.., of great ealighteansat, ooveritthe whom. glebe. But is New 2ealead at the preset tine your influence and digAity are ex tie The prize have heard of the love of the Quetta, and the lete of the eofa of lAglaad Sur the natives, and they say? &quot;Lot fightieg oome to do end, and let ho Maori loads be take. or coafisoated. &quot; These word. are aotAtf astallaLiwport, they have been gathered up into our hearts, axd have been plats by bb- aerie under their heads as pillows at this tins, so that thus they nay sleyp madly while lying ox the. words of good will as a shield for eel. / , It is klailose which ever oars to extinguish evil. The atta of the dog is to bite. But the work of sex is reasonable speech. All digtAr ases should be settled by fair argamat, not by weapoas of war. Aad low thimMeris ary'lltokiag to laglead to give than Justice and to protect a us la thdltime of ars. of difficulty, of meet. The taaris alas kaow that there are geatleawa here who le. thea. MX, Fitzgerald, Mr. Williams., sad others, their compaaloas. Be atroag, oh frieads, to bring about .fhb relatioaa, for the mnoris never askmi to fight fr. tie .-. connedweneat of the war uatil Low. For it is only whoa tbe'Mnoria themselves are disturbed by others that they rise. Friend, Grab. - salutatioas. Suffioieat are the wordy.: we aak
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2385. you to Bettis thews et the kakehs aids. have the goodsaas to publish these our words. Dram your loving friends, Ts Otero T. Irkabo. Rums., To Pula. day of Osbibo064. To our 1414 friaS0 arab= living at our home at DUmA Whsowtatikuka oi the 17th
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269copy. IIodated. My frioad Twhiao, Nopera, Bowl, aid all Saniapoto - You ell kiow that ix evil days I hams sever d sorted you, aid so a poammakor tried to saes- bloodshot aid the unjust taking of soy 'Loa's laid. My frioodO, I again write to you to bog of you all to let uo have a .tilts. You know that I ea sot ono to take up arms agoixst soy Msoria. You know that I wish to TIMMOVID all,ovils frox tho load. You kaow that if I seas to am. you it io oot 4 trade. I Mill sot cone to oak you to soil laid, but I will coxs to help you( for peat, gad to do good. You taco as ao the frioad of To Whorowhoro, of Zpihio, Te Putilo, aid Mohithi, To Sgu of Bukaki. You kw. that William Thompoox moat to so, and hour of his death h. was my frigid. You know that Npapora aid other soda mot a. at Haogatikl, old you know that what I pronioed, I have tried to perform. Aid I aew wish truly to serve you, and if I visit you I will come with oily ono or two Europeans who, like myself, or. peacemakers. I wish to goo you to give protection to your loads, aid to know your wishes, so that ix the Ruxuogo (Parliaxmot) I may Do stroxg for you. But I, more than this, wish for your frioadchip. Amu the Europeans you have waxy six/sore frigid., aid my seoiog you I mot sure will de good, aid for tog peas. of the empotry I say, lot so know whore I say root you. Say also whoa I shall come Rid lot all ay oative friends kmow toot my wiah for you all is that am' may bloss you sod oak, you happy aid prosperous, ',k Isar sixoore frioad, George Graham
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