source: main/trunk@ 26888

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
gli 26574   10 years ak19 Related to commit revision 26567 and 26573. The first mandated the …
greenstone2 26867   10 years davidb Added a block for pesky .DS_Store files, generated by Macs
greenstone3 26884   10 years davidb Latest round of changes for the panorama viewer
gs2build 26797   10 years davidb Newer version of config.guess and config.sub to include architecture …
gs2runtime 21488   13 years davidb Missing external folders added in
model-cols 26888   10 years davidb Panorama based collection of the University of Waikato campus
search4j 26817   10 years davidb Strip added as separate stage, to help with cross-compilation
gs2-core 22832   12 years mdewsnip Lots of improvements, particularly to Windows makefiles.
model-cols-dev 25219   10 years papitha 1) Changed Photo Annotation to Image Annotation 2) Included Navigate …
ant-tasks 23242   12 years sjm84 A few minor updates to the uninstaller
binaries 26617   10 years sjm84 Deleting the old choice program
release-kits 26238   10 years sjm84 Fixed a mistake that was preventing the installer from working
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