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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
ant-tasks 23242   10 years sjm84 A few minor updates to the uninstaller
binaries 26617   8 years sjm84 Deleting the old choice program
gli 27027   8 years ak19 Reducing the newly added DSpace metadata set to just those fields not …
greenstone2 27066   8 years kjdon added in the so (lucene sort order) cgi arg handling
greenstone3 27057   8 years sjm84 Move the "minimise" button to the right side
gs2-core 22832   10 years mdewsnip Lots of improvements, particularly to Windows makefiles.
gs2build 26797   8 years davidb Newer version of config.guess and config.sub to include architecture …
gs2runtime 21488   11 years davidb Missing external folders added in
model-cols 26891   8 years davidb Inside S-block panoramas
model-cols-dev 25219   9 years papitha 1) Changed Photo Annotation to Image Annotation 2) Included Navigate …
release-kits 27026   8 years ak19 Fixing up shebang for newly included file (used by the …
search4j 26817   8 years davidb Strip added as separate stage, to help with cross-compilation
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