source: main/trunk@ 28302

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
gs2runtime 21488   14 years davidb Missing external folders added in
gs2-core 22832   14 years mdewsnip Lots of improvements, particularly to Windows makefiles.
search4j 26817   11 years davidb Strip added as separate stage, to help with cross-compilation
model-cols 26891   11 years davidb Inside S-block panoramas
gs2build 27632   11 years ak19 Added external reference to (useful for derk release kit).
binaries 27964   11 years ak19 Setting the mac ghostscript and imagemagick binaries to executable in SVN
model-cols-dev 28131   11 years davidb Better home for this
ant-tasks 28156   11 years davidb Minor tweak to output message
gli 28216   11 years kjdon if there are no indexoptions in collect config file, then don't set …
model-sites-dev 28262   11 years sjm84 This xsl should only affect this one collection
greenstone2 28285   11 years ak19 Deprecated util:: subroutines replaced with their FileUtils equivalents
greenstone3 28297   11 years jlwhisler Allowing the user to customise the context name of GS3.
release-kits 28301   11 years ak19 Release-kit changes for Mac (Mountain) Lion which needs to check out …
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