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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
ant-tasks 35676   7 months davidb Adding in JDK1.8 compiled version of this it is ready to go without …
binaries 35421   8 months anupama New background-launcher.vbs script was committed to wrong location: …
gli 35667   7 months davidb Some notes on how to address deprecated warnings added
greenstone2 35705   7 months davidb Changed to make things clearer that not setting JAVA_HOME but having …
greenstone3 35710   7 months davidb Change of var name from HINT to PRIORITY_HINT to better reflect its role
gs2-core 22832   12 years mdewsnip Lots of improvements, particularly to Windows makefiles.
gs2build 35702   7 months davidb Visual Studio *Major* version now set in build.xml as integer value to …
gs2runtime 21488   12 years davidb Missing external folders added in
gs3-collection-configs 34559   18 months anupama Shifted from http to https. Even though simple svn …
model-cols 32218   4 years kjdon small tidying up. Can't remember what I was doing. Hope this is finished…
model-cols-dev 28131   9 years davidb Better home for this
model-interfaces-dev 35730   7 months cstephen Update language strings
model-sites-dev 35481   8 months davidb Bring across the files from Google-dirve mount-point
package-kits 29738   7 years Jeremy Symon Updated ReadMe - overview of inputs and perllib
release-kits 35687   7 months davidb Fixed type on bootclasspath variable name
search4j 35700   7 months davidb Some additional checking added in
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