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Some screenshots of the Eclipse Enterprise Edition projects that Nathan Kelly successfully set up on my computer. Can't remember the details of how he set everything up to get them to work, but hopefully these screenshots and the Readme.txt file containing some recollections jotted down just now of certain things Nathan did some weeks ago to set things up, may help.

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1This 'readme' is incomplete and composed of vague memories of some relevant aspects to setting up Nathan Kelly's GWT Greenstone projects for porting GLI to the web in non-applet form.
3* Needed Eclipse Enterprise Edition
4* GWTTomcatSocketServer goes together with GXTWebSocketClient
5* Need a specific version of GWT. GXT (GWT 2.8.0)
6* make sure JRE is set correctly
7* Check build path and run configurations
9* I think one of them has to be Run As > GWT Development mode with Jetty, or Legacy ...
10It may be the GXTWebSocketClient, since the proper server projects run with tomcat server. See the screenshot "RunConfigurationMenu_WebSocketClient.png" for options provided and one of them is the one that's needed.
11* Forgot how to get apache server, but need it. May be that Eclipse Enterprise Edition is sufficient for getting this. Or check the screenshots of the buildpaths, as including the correct jar files in Eclipse EE may be enough (?)
14See the screenshots in the README folder, such as of the BuildPaths for the 3 projects, for more ideas.
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