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22T Issues With Toolbar
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31T Sometimes the toolbar on a collection item's frame will stop working. One example where this may happen is when you click on an unlinked item on a collection item frame. At this stage, the best thing to do is to just exit the system and restart it.
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39T Special Annotations
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48T At this stage it is vital not to remove the "@assocfilepath" and "ao:3/4" annotation items on a Collection Item's frame. Work needs to be done to make these uneditable, in the same way that the frame title in the upper right corner of the frame is uneditable.
50T This also applies to the "@ao:3" annotation on the home frame (Honours1).
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58T ∗ Solution to deal with deleting an @assocfilepath annotation.
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67T ∗ Solution to deal with deleting overlay annotations.
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76T Importing Framesets from Greenstone
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85T The frame.inf file in a Greenstone collection's export directory MUST be edited before attempting to import this collection into Expeditee. At this stage, the frame.inf file contains a complete filepath to the last frame file (e.g. collect/collection-name/45.exp) when it should just have the frame name (e.g. collection-name45). If this is not changed then Expeditee will read the frames in the Greenstone collection rather than the frames in Expeditee.
87T Work will be done to fix the Greenstone to Expeditee script so that the frame.inf displays the correct text.
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