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Dr Bainbridge got gssetup.exe (for the export to cdrom installer) to work again for a later version of Visual Studio: now it works with Visual Studio 9 and does not use STLPort anymore. Changed .rc reference to including afxres.h to windows.h in vcinstall.rc, and there were changes to dereferencing File elements in an STL iterator (in fileCopier.cpp). Also needed to change references to unsigned double to double since the former seems to no longer be supported in later versions of Vis Studio.

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1#ifndef _DISKSPACE_H_
2#define _DISKSPACE_H_
3#include <windows.h>
5class DiskSpace {
7 DWORD sectorsPerCluster;
8 DWORD bytesPerSector;
9 DWORD freeClusters;
10 BOOL initialised;
13 DiskSpace(const char *root);
14 int fileSpace(int fileSize);
15 int fileClusters(int fileSize);
16 BOOL initialisedOk();
17 double totalFreeSpace();
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