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Adding in the model collection for the CDS-ISIS tutorial now that Linux 64 bit and the Lion (also 64 bit) have a working IsisGdl binary. The Linux 64 machines uses the pre-compiled binary Kathy generated for a 32 bit linux machine. The Lion is 64 bit and uses the binary generated on Leopard which turns out to be 32 bit after all (Apple's help page indicated it was 64 bit but uname returned something that indicated that our Leopard machine was 32 bit).

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1# file
2# You can add collection specific macros in here
3# Lines starting with a '#' are comments.
4# Remember to include the package declaration
6package Style
8# will be applied to all pages
9# add css style lines inside the style tags
10_collectionspecificstyle_ {
11<style type="text/css">
15# add any javascript functions here
16_collectionspecificscript_ {
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