source: other-projects/nightly-tasks/diffcol/trunk/model-collect/PDFBox/index/build.cfg

Last change on this file was 34934, checked in by anupama, 2 months ago

AUTOCOMMIT by script. Message: Rebuilding model-collections after having committed the new EXIF that Kathy added and the mods we've made to the EmbeddedMetadataPlugin to fix the problem Diego found of incorrect or incorrectly extracted EXIF metadata values.

File size: 388 bytes
1builddate 1614479729
2buildtype mgpp
3earliestdatestamp 1614479725
4indexfieldmap text->TX dc.Title,ex.dc.Title,Title->TI Source->SO
5indexfields text dc.Title,ex.dc.Title,Title Source
6indexlevels Doc
7indexmap text;dc.Title,ex.dc.Title,Title;Source;->idx
8indexstem PDFBox
9infodbtype gdbm
10levelmap document->Doc
11maxnumeric 4
12numbytes 172097
13numdocs 1
14numsections 1
15stemindexes 7
16textlevel Sec
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