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Macronizer changes: 1. adding an ethical disclaimer to the main web page (temporarily still in English for the Maori jsp file too, but Te Taka will be translating this.) 2. Adding more logging to the macronizer. This required setting up a file (and adding its jar file copied from GS3), and modifying the existing java code DirectInput and FileUpload to make calls to logger. Modifications to build.xml to copy the new template file into web/WEB-INF/classes where the log4j.props needs to live. 3. Corrected the svn mime-type property on build.xml so that it's no longer mistaken for a binary file

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7<%@page contentType="text/html" pageEncoding="UTF-8"%>
10<ul id="menu">
11 <li> <a href="../../jsp/mi/main.jsp">Kāinga</a> </li>
12 <li> <a href="../../jsp/mi/about.jsp">Mō</a> </li>
13 <li> <a href="../../jsp/mi/feedback.jsp">Urupare</a> </li>
15<div id="sponsors">
16 <span id="sponsors_logo"> <a href="" target="_blank"> <img src="../../images/logo_waikato_uni.jpg" width="164" height="50" alt="Maramatanga logo" /> </a> </span>
17 <p class="note">Nā <a href="" target="_blank">Ngā Pae O Te Māramatanga</a> te pūtea tautoko. He wāhanga rangahau mai i te kaupapa āmati o te Kohikohinga Pei Te Hurinui Jones. He mea hanga nā John Cocks i te <a href="" target="_blank">Whare Wānanga o Waikato</a>.</p>
19<div id="lang">
20 <p class="note">This site is offered in: <a href="../../jsp/en/main.jsp">English</a></p>
22<div id="copyright">
23 <p>This website collects simple usage logs which will be used for development purposes only. No details which could be used to identify individuals will be collected and the data will be kept securely at the University of Waikato. If you do not wish for your activity to be included, click <a href="">here</a> to notify Dr. Te Taka Keegan.</p>
24 <p class="note">Manatārua &copy; 2011 nā John Cocks</p>
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