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4Application: Greenstone 3 (QBR) web services demo-client
6Summary: Demo-client application in Java for the QBR (Query,
7Browse and Retrieve) web services of Greenstone 3. Also
8provides similar access to a Fedora repository of Greenstone
9collections created by Greenstone's FLI application.
11This is a Java demonstration application for Greenstone 3
12that presents a graphical user interface to Greenstone 3's
13Query, Browsing and Retrieval functionality.
15The application allows one to search collections and browse
16them by classifiers, displaying the results.
18It uses the new QBRSOAPServer web services of Greenstone 3
19to access its search and (document and metadata) retrieval
20operations, thereby demonstrating the use of Greenstone
213's QBR web services.
23It also lets you browse Greenstone collections exported by
24the FLI application into a Fedora repository. If Fedora
25Generic Search is installed and if your "Fedora-Greenstone"
26collections are indexed, some basic querying features will
27be available in the demo-client's interface. A tool to help
28install Fedora Generic Search once you have Fedora (2.2.1 or
29greater) installed is included.
31Documentation on how to use the application, as well as
32related matters like deploying the QBR web services and
33using FLI can be found in the docs/HowToFiles folder when
34the distribution is unzipped.
38 What you need and how to run
40- It runs on Windows XP (not tested on Vista yet) and Linux.
41- You need Java 1.5 or higher installed and JAVA_HOME set.
42- The Greenstone 3 server the demo-client is to communicate
43with must be up-to-date with the latest source code from
44the Greenstone SVN repository. The Greenstone 3 server must
45have the new QBRSOAPServer web services deployed on it. See
46section C.
48A. If you've downloaded the zip file:
491. Unzip it into a folder.
502. Open an xterm and go into the folder where you extracted
51it and type:
52 ./
53If you're on Windows, you can double-click on
54gs3democlient.bat or otherwise open a DOS prompt, navigate
55into the folder where you extracted the zip folder and type
56 gs3democlient.bat
573. From the drop-down box at the top choose "greenstone"
58and type the WSDL URL of the QBRSOAPServer deployed on the
59Greenstone 3 server you wish to connect to. See section C.
62B. If you've checked out the code and application from SVN,
63you'll need JDK 5 as it is used to compile the code. To get
64the application running from SVN:
651. Go into the folder where you've checked it out into.
662. (You'll need an internet connection for this step because
67it will download the file
68Open an x-term when on Linux or a DOS prompt when on windows
69and type:
70 ant build-demo-client
71This will generate the executable.
72To run, type
73 ./
74on Linux and
75 gs3democlient.bat
76if you're on windows. (If you've got JAVA_HOME pointing to
77JDK 1.5, you can also double-click on gs3democlient.bat to
78get it running.)
793. From the drop-down box at the top choose "greenstone"
80and type the WSDL URL of the QBRSOAPServer deployed on the
81Greenstone 3 server you wish to connect to. See section C.
84C. Deploying the QBRSOAPServer web services on the up-to-
85date Greenstone 3 server
861. Go the Greenstone 3 installation folder
872. Type
88 ant soap-deploy-site
89Then it will prompt you for 3 things. Press Enter to accept
90localsite, type "QBRSOAPServer" and Press Enter again to
91accept QBRSOAPServerlocalsite. Then point your browser to
92http://HOST:PORT/greenstone3/services to see if the QBRSOAP-
93Server web services are deployed and to get the link to its
94WSDL URL needed by the demo-client application.
97For detailed instructions, please refer to the html files
98in the folder docs/HowToFiles
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