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Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
realistic-books 21014   14 years oranfry restructuring the repository
gs2-java-client 21017   14 years oranfry restructuring the repository
image-generation 21019   14 years oranfry restructuring the repository
gs2-non-core-images 21023   14 years oranfry restructuring the repository
gs2-export-cdrom-installer 22957   14 years ak19 When doing a partial install on the harddrive, the CD Rom installer …
gs2-multi-os-merge 23957   13 years davidb Initial cut at files for nice Mac 'app' to start Greenstone
mg-mgpp-debugging-tools 24196   13 years sjm84 Initial commit of a few useful resources
Greenstone-on-iPhone 24253   13 years ak19 Greenstone web interface on iPhone
gli-rsyntax-textarea 25801   12 years ak19 REGENERATE-FLEX did not correctly handle substitutions yyreset() and …
computer-says-no 25845   12 years davidb Initial version of Computer Say No ... Maybe ... Yes Greasemonkey script
GlamED 26759   11 years davidb More work done on removing the functionality of toggling on/off the …
diy-streetview-pano-capture 26887   11 years davidb Added Remote Control APK
tipple-android-old 26898   11 years davidb Downgrading of this version of the Tipple code to make way for the new …
salamiEndpoint 27751   11 years davidb A further package, and a fix to hte external reference for AMP
cascade-make 28574   10 years ak19 Makeminimal target must remove the *.la files (in the OS/lib folder) …
tipple-android 29227   10 years ak19 Some udpates to the README after Wendy had some questions about the …
fft-ddr 29911   9 years cct9 Reworked version of the project undertaken for open day 2015
mirex 30011   9 years davidb Tweak to the JSON filename used
playing-in-the-street 30126   9 years davidb Some svn:ignore values to cover oof VS automatically generated folders
nz-flag-design 31599   7 years kjdon made two links relative
meddle 31685   7 years davidb Link to open-source code added as footer
ir-harvest 31698   7 years davidb Some initial work on dowloading over OAI
gs3-webservices-java-client 32056   6 years ak19 Changed the default port values from 8080 to 8383 for the Greenstone …
UTF8-Fix 32225   6 years ak19 Committing Dr Bainbridge's (Eclipse) project UTF8-Fix which contains …
FileTransfer-WebSocketPair 33053   5 years ak19 I still had some stuff of Nathan Kelly's (FileTransfer-WebSocketPair) …
book-stumper 33354   5 years davidb Template file for producing OpenOffice spreadsheet format
hathitrust 33427   5 years davidb Some initial files on how to get going
is-sheet-music-encore 33589   4 years cpb16 final01. Need Map results still
mars-music-recommender 34637   3 years davidb Change of external reference to be SETUP.bash, not
my-carved-dl 35366   3 years davidb Version of war file compiled up from soruce
maori-lang-detection 35529   3 years anupama Updating URL in README.txt
the-macronizer 35884   2 years cstephen Upgrade log4j 2.16.0 -> 2.17.1 to resolve CVE-2021-44832 and CVE-2021-45105
bib-stinky 36351   21 months davidb Additional ignore file
gti 36403   20 months anupama I've decided to commit the contents of the GTI machine's cronjob as it …
nightly-tasks 38179   7 months anupama Committing local change from 32 bit linux lsb.
expeditee-release-kits 38271   6 months kjdon we now use nzdl user, not nzdl-gsorg, when uploading to www-internal
metadata-encoding 38793   7 weeks jc550 update readme to include found documentation of the Crossref JSON format
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