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5version 0.2
6Fixed a bug with the ordering of targets.
7Added app-root element.
8Hid the passwords and added a new properties file renderer with more verbose output.
9Fiddled with windoze script. (help wanted its not good scripting)
12version 0.3
13Introduced fixed basedir for build.xml files to remove dependency on current
14 directory.
15Introduced SelfExtractor code to deliver installers as a single Jar file.
16Fixed some intermittent bugs in the sysout.jar library.
17Improved feedback of running Ant tasks.
18Added different default values for windows and Unix for directories and files.
19Added an ifTarget attribute to conditionally show installation pages.
20Added a Date input type.
23version 0.4
24Fixed un-important error in the install-config.xml for the demo application.
25Fixed more bugs in sysout.jar related to reusing the graphics buffer.
26Added popup to save/clear in the sysout.jar.
27Fixed double printing in sysout.jar.
28Added corner button to sysout.jar to jump to final message.
29UI improvements including focusing correct buttons and better layouts.
30Changes to the way Properties are saved internally in preparation for allowing
31 ${} syntax in future versions.
34version 0.5
35Fixed an introduced bug when an input page is skipped in text mode.
36Added paging to the license page in text mode.
37Fixed bug printing passwords to properties file.
38Big internal changes to the way properties are stored and referenced
39 to allow ${refs}.
40Other internal changes to the name of InputFields that do not actually
41 collect input to OutputField.
42Allow the use of .. in file and directory references and display the
43 correct absolute path reference.
46version 0.6
47The XML DTD should be upgraded to 0.6 to use some new features.
48Added a modified version of JGoodies' (excelent) Look And Feel to reduce
49 the size of the installers and include and option for anti-aliased fonts
50 in the swing GUI.
51 - Anti-aliasing is resource intensive but good looking.
52 - The package name has been changed to maintain compatibility on the classpath
53 with the original JGoodies files, the new package is org.tp23.jgoodies.
54Added a splash page feature to show an image.
55Added an (optional) image to the extract progress window.
56Added a new input type large-select for drop down lists.
57Fixed errors from targets on the first page in the Swing UI.
58Fixed errors if defaultValue is null. (however it should not be set to null)
59Fixed a bug in the selfextractor when the jar is saved in a path with spaces
60 or other non text characters.
61Added documents about the scrolling in license page.
62Removed images from the default build of antinstaller.jar
63 - Any existing builds that are to be upgraded and use the default images,
64 should add the images to the classpath. The images are included in the
65 download in the /images directory.
66The online manual has been updated, all the changes are included in the download.
67Added some of the new features to the examples and the AnInstaller installer.
70version 0.7
71File and Directory choosers will now show hidden files .
72 Thanks to Markus Dueringer for the tip.
73Environment variables can now be accesses in default values with the
74 ${env.ProgramFiles} syntax. - thanks again to Markus Dueringer
75Also the Java system properties can be accessed with the "java." prefix.
76 - e.g ${}
77Show details button was not big enough in some LAFs - thanks to Mike Watts.
78There are known issues with the directory selector and the Metouia LAF,
79 I can't replicate the issues but if you have problems.
80 a) use the modified JGoodies which apparently does not have this problem.
81 b) keep the stack traces and report them please!
82 When using the selfextractor from windows or X users will probably not
83 see the errors anyway.
84Better defaulting is included for the Directory chooser <page
85 type="text"
86 name="intro.1"
87 displayText="HTML page"
88 htmlResource="/resources/text.html"
89 textResource="/resources/text.txt"
90 overflow="true" />
91 the home directory will be shown less often, it was particularly annoying
92 when the chooser is used to create a new directory
95version 0.7.1
96Bug fix in Defaulting Directory Chooser that manifested in not being able to see
97 directories in app-root.
98RFE-1154368 Can't install from a read only source fixed.
99 The log file is written to the temp dir if it cannot write to the current dir.
100 The file is only written if it can be since it is
101 primarily for debug.
102 - There is no requirement to add <property file=""/>
103 to the build file any more properties will be added directly to the
104 build as with secret properties.
107version 0.7.2
108Changed the implementation of the Progress Details so selecting text is now possible.
109 This is more stable too. It has the side effect of keeping the whole System.out
110 and System.err in memory which is only an issue for veeerrry long builds on
111 machines with too little RAM.
112Changed minor bug where directly edited (not via the chooser) file inputs were
113 replaced with defaults if the user when back.
114Added TargetSelectInput by Mark Anderson providing the option of radio buttons
115 for targets instead of checkboxes.
116Fixed an introduced bug launching from the root drive when ANT_HOME was not set.
117Introduced a new "NonExtractor" this is a replacement mechanism to the SelfExtractor.
118 The Jar is still used to run the installer but the files are not extracted
119 by default.
120 In the build.xml files should be specifically extracted using unzip with
121 nested patternsets to specify the files to extract.
122 This provide opportunities to improve the performance of installers.
123 Unzipping can now be performed directly into the installation directories rather
124 than unzipping and then copying or moving.
125 Also the antinstaller classes and LookAndFeel and Xerces need no longer
126 be extracted.
127Added an new feature to the ifProperty attribute so the property being tested can
128 come from the environment or the java system properties.
129 for example ifProperty="${env.SHELL}=/bin/bash thanks to Eddyrun.
130 The old syntax of property=value is deprecated in favour of ${property}=value
131 N.B. ${property}=${value} is NOT supported.
132Big internal changes to the Execution class to use a filter pattern currently
133 hardcoded but with intent to allow pluggable pre and post install tasks.
136version 0.7.3
137Added overflow="true" to simple input page.
138GridBag Layout used instead of absolute positioning modified to support overflow size
139 difference.
140More Images and Icons added to a separate download.
141Added GUI tools for Quick start.
142A Much more flexible ifProperty syntax supporting some standard operator with non
143standard syntax (see the docs).
144Fixed a fatal introduced bug in the console version installer
147version 0.7.4
148Added an optional feature to hide password on the console. set textMask="true".
149 N.B. this does not work in eclipse's console and may not be a stable solution
150Implemented plugable filter chains to add steps to the install process.
151 An example releaseNotes plugin is provided.
152Added ext-validated type for pluggable field validation as yet unteset
153 and undocumented.
154Added an Ant task to build installers using Ant.
155Added a modified version of the MetalLookAndFeel to reduce download size and still
156 be able to get the required amount of text in labels and buttons.
157Added LookAndFeel names : "default"|"jgoodies", "greymetal" or "null" .
158Further testing to allow downloads without including xercesImpl.jar or xml-apis.jar
159Added progress pane enhancements to show the targets running for visual feedback of
160 install progress without having to monitor the output logs which can be
161 ugly/confusing.
162XMLValiation of test scripts and minor changes in the DTD.
163Extended validation of config and integrated validation into the installer Ant task.
164N.B. passing command line parameters to the build is an override of the detection
165 method, start scripts should be modified if the default behaviour is requried.
166 e.g. java -cp $CP org.tp23.antinstaller.runtime.ExecInstaller default .
167 will not override the default behaviour or trying X and falling back
168 to text/console
169Added an untested feature for including arbitrary validation classes ExtValidated
170Assorted fixes for i18n.
171app-root no longer creates the directory if it is missing.
174version 0.8
175Added features to load defaults from previous installs and perform almost silent
176 installs property names and targets must not end with the string -targets,
177 this is validated in the config checker.
178Comments expand property values.
179Multiline comments via use of explanatoryText and a null displayText value.
180Fixed a display bug in the progress renderer if there were more than 5
181 targets and none that were dependencies.
182PropertyLoaderFilter added, any users with custom .fconfig files should
183 ensure thier custom versions are still compatible.
184Added a release notes feature that is a tad tricky to install so
185 contact for details.
186Added HTML page feature that allows using the Java HTML rendering to display
187 a page of HTML property references are expanded so the page can contain
188 ${} syntax to give feed back of selected properties.
189 Images are loaded from the classpath so the following syntax will locate
190 and display an image &lt;img src="/resources/temazo.png"&gt;.
191 Java HTML rendering is poor at best and only html3.2 ,
192 so dont expect firefox quality rendering ;)
193 The java renderer handles PNG properly though so nice .
194 trancparency effects can be achieved.
195Fixed bug in validation if only target-selects are used.
196Extended i18n for antinstall-config.xml files using ResourceBundles
197 called LanguagePack
198GUI tool for creating LanguagePack files.
199Changes to the Expression code for ifProperty attributes
200 The original syntax is not 100% compatible e.g.
201 will not work it should be converted to ${}=value1.
202Initial work on loading existing values if found to automate installs.
203 Not quite silent installs but save repeating entries.
204Added ability to stretch the GUI horizontally, but still using fixed widths.
205 Set the wide attribute in the installer element to configure width
206 e.g. 600:275
207Added the ability to deliver different install types in the same Jar which
208 can be selected on the command line with -type [install type].
209Added icons to the buttons in the swing GUI, the installer Ant task now takes
210 a new attribute called icons to specify which icon pack to use.
211Added ability to run special Ant tasks mid build, the same build-xml file is used
212 but the message rendering and logging is different in the antinstaller- tasks
213Added icons for kde and windows to the AntInstaller SelfExtractor, lots of Ant
214 hacking to avoid extra dependencies.
215Migrated classes from sysout.jar into the core src packages
216Renamed ant-ext.jar to ant-installer-ext.jar
217 all build files will need to be updated
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