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1### Language page ###
2page.language-selector.displayText = Language
3language-selector-explanation.displayText = Please choose your preferred language
4#(Note: This installer has not been fully translated into all these languages yet)
7### Intro Page ###
8page.intro.displayText = Greenstone @version@ installer
9welcome-message.displayText = Greenstone@version.major@ is software for building and sharing digital libraries.\n\nIt is recommended that you uninstall any previous installations of Greenstone@version.major@ before running this installer.
11## License page ###
12page.license.displayText = Software License
15### Destination page ###
16page.destination.displayText = Installation Folder
17installDir.displayText = Select an installation folder
20### InstallShield install detected page ###
21page.dontBudge.displayText = Previous Install Detected
22is-install-detected.displayText = An installation of Greenstone2 older than version 2.81, or an installation of Greenstone3 older than version 3.04, was detected in the installation folder. Installation cannot proceed using the selected installation folder.\n\nPlease quit this installer, uninstall the existing Greenstone installation, and then re-run this installer (recommended). Alternatively, you may go back to the previous page of this installer and select a different installation folder.
25### Components Page ###
26# (Note: in the html here, we must use '<br>' for breaklines.
27# '<br/>' and other variations are not recognised.)
28page.selector.displayText = Components
29choose-components.displayText = Please choose the components you wish to install
31Looking_For_Previous_Installation.displayText = Search for Previous Installations
32Looking_For_Previous_Installation.explanatoryText = If this is an over-install, load some properties of the existing installation to aid the installation process.
34Installing_Core_System.displayText = Core System
35Installing_Core_System.explanatoryText = \
36<html> \
37This is the core Greenstone@version.major@ system. It is a required component. \
40Installing_Source_Code_Core.displayText = Source Code Core
41Installing_Source_Code_Core.explanatoryText = \
42<html> \
43This is the core Greenstone@version.major@ system for source releases. <br>\n
44It includes supporting files to accompany the source code. \
47Installing_Source_Code.displayText = Source Code
48Installing_Source_Code.explanatoryText = \
49<html> \
50Install the source code if you wish to compile Greenstone@version.major@ <br>\n
51yourself, make modifications to your copy of Greenstone@version.major@, or if<br>\n
52you just want to see how it works. \
55Installing_ImageMagick.displayText = ImageMagick with JPEG2000 (@bundled.version.imagemagick@)
56Installing_ImageMagick.explanatoryText = \
57<html> \
58Greenstone uses ImageMagick to process images.<br>\n
59The bundled version of ImageMagick includes support for the JPEG2000 image <br>\
60format. If you have ImageMagick on your computer already, or if you don't wish <br>\
61to include images in Greenstone collections, then you may choose not to <br>\
62install ImageMagick. \
65Installing_Ghostscript.displayText = GhostScript (@bundled.version.ghostscript@)
66Installing_Ghostscript.explanatoryText = \
67<html> \
68Greenstone uses GhostScript to process PDF and PostScript files.<br> \
69If you have Ghostscript on your computer already, or if you don't wish to<br>\
70include PDF of PostScript files in Greenstone collections, then you may choose <br>\
71not to install Ghostscript. \
74Installing_Start_Menu_Shortcuts.displayText = Start Menu Shortcuts
75Installing_Start_Menu_Shortcuts.explanatoryText = Create shortcuts to Greenstone@version.major@ on your Start Menu
77Installing_Tomcat.displayText = Apache Tomcat (@bundled.version.tomcat@)
78Installing_Tomcat.explanatoryText = \
79<html> \
80Greenstone3 requires the Apache Tomcat web server to serve your digital library over <br> \
81the web. If you have an existing installation of Tomcat, you can use that installation <br> \
82(some configuration is required), so you can safely opt not to install this component. \
85Installing_Ant.displayText = Apache Ant (@bundled.version.ant@)
86Installing_Ant.explanatoryText = \
87<html> \
88Greenstone3 requires Apache Ant to start and stop the Tomcat web server, to recompile <br> \
89the source code, and to perform some maintainence tasks. If you already have Ant installed, <br> \
90you can safely opt not to install this component. \
93### Admin password page
96page.admin-pages.displayText = Administrations Pages
97admin-expl.displayText = The administration pages of the Greenstone interface allow you to manage the users database, which required if you wish to set up remote greenstone. They also provide an easy way to view log files and to edit the file 'main.cfg'.
98admin-expl-2.displayText = Do you wish to the enable the administration pages of Greenstone? (You will be asked for a password on the next page.)
99admin-expl-3.displayText = NOTE: If you enable the administration pages, they may be accessible over the internet. Please choose a secure password to protect them.
100enable.admin.pages.displayText = Enable Admin Pages
102page.admin-password.displayText = Admin Password
103admin-password-expl.displayText = A user with the username 'admin' will be created for you with the password you provide. Please enter the admin password. The password must be between 3 and 20 characters long.
104admin.password.displayText = Admin Password
109### Tomcat config page
110page.tomcat-config.displayText = Apache Tomcat Configuration
111tomcat-config-explanation1.displayText = Greenstone3 uses Apache Tomcat to share your digital libraries.
112tomcat-config-explanation2.displayText = You can either configure Tomcat here, or by editing the file in the Greenstone3 home folder (${installDir}).
113tomcat.server.displayText = Tomcat Server
114tomcat-server.explanatoryText = Please enter the name of the server machine where the library will be hosted. If you are not sure, accept the default (localhost).
115tomcat.port.explanatoryText = Please select the ports which tomcat should use. It is usually safe to accept the defaults. If you are already running other services on the default ports, please select some free ports.
116tomcat.port.displayText = Tom cat Port
117tomcat.shutdown.port.displayText = Tomcat Shutdown Port
119### Progress page
120page.progress.displayText = Installation progress
122### Uninstaller Strings
124uninstaller.greenstone.uninstaller = Greenstone Uninstaller
125uninstaller.cancel = Cancel
126uninstaller.uninstall = Uninstall
127uninstaller.finish = Finish
128uninstaller.error = Error
129uninstaller.confirmation = Confirmation
130uninstaller.continue = Continue
131uninstaller.complete = Complete
132uninstaller.skip = Skip
133uninstaller.skip.all = Skip All
134uninstaller.retry = Retry
135uninstaller.readonly = Read Only
137uninstaller.will.uninstall.from = Uninstall Greenstone from:
138uninstaller.uninstall.options = Uninstall Options:
139uninstaller.keep.collections = Keep Collections = Are you sure you wish to Uninstall Greenstone = You have chosen to delete your collections.\nPlease backup any collections you wish to keep before continuing = Failed to figure out the current directory
143uninstaller.cancelled = Uninstall Cancelled
144uninstaller.finished = Uninstall Finished
145uninstaller.deleting = Deleting {file} from disk
146 = INFO: Skipping {file} = INFO: No StartMenu path found. Deleting a StartMenu group will not be part of this uninstall
149uninstaller.warning.readonly = WARNING: {file} appears to be read-only
150uninstaller.warning.couldnt.delete = WARNING: {file} could not be deleted. Skipped.
151uninstaller.warning.nonexistent = WARNING: {file} does not exist
152uninstaller.error.nonexistent = ERROR: {file} does not exist
153uninstaller.error.couldnt.find.install.props = ERROR: Could not find the '' or 'etc/' file.\nEither this is not a valid Greenstone installation, or the installation has been corrupted.\nUninstallation cannot proceed
154uninstaller.warning.couldnt.create.flagfile = WARNING: Couldn't create the flag file. You will have to delete the jre and loose uninstaller files manually
157### Ant-Installer Core strings
159dirNotExistCreate = The folder does not exist, create it?
160dirNotExist = The folder does not exist
161fileNotExist = The file does not exist
162dirNotCreated = The folder could not be created
163canNotCreateFile = Can not create file
164appRootInvalid = This folder does not appear to be the root of the application
165selectFile = Select File
166selectFolder = Select Folder
167browseDotDotDot = Browse...
168notValidSelection = Not a valid selection
169showDetails = Show Details
171#Default loading
172promptLoadDefaults = Installation configuration found. Load the existing configuration?
173promptMissingDefaultPassword = A password was not found it may have been omitted for security reasons, it will be set to the default.
175click = Click
176toContinue = to continue
177failed = Failed
178exit = Exit
179complete = Complete
180finished = Finished
181extracting = Extracting...
182installFinished = Install Finished
183install-cancelled = Install Cancelled
184running =
186backButton = Back
187cancelButton = Cancel
188nextButton = Next
189finishButtonText = Install
191output = Output
192errors = Errors
193notCorrectFormat = The field is not of the correct format
194notCorrectPasswordFormat = The password is not of the correct format
195passwordsDoNotMatch = The passwords do not match
196installationFailed = Install failed
197propertiesVersionMismatch = Some options are missing from the previous version and must be manually entered, continue?
199Finished = Finished
200Failed = Failed, view the error messages
201ant.failure = Ant run failed - examine the error logs for details
202 = Accept
204license.cancel.text = Reject
206#text install strings
211licenseAccept=Do you accept the license? Y or N [default\:Y]
212clickViewLicense=Press enter to view the license agreement
213clickViewText=Press enter to continue
214enterNumber=Enter a number
215fileDoesNotExist=The File does not exist
216license_next=enter 'N' for the next page, enter anything else to scroll to the the end
217large_select_next=enter 'N' for the next page, enter anything else to scroll to the the end
219availableOptions=view available options
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