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1### Ant Installer - language pack auto generated on Wed Mar 12 13:57:47 NZDT 2008
3finishButtonText = 绿宝石蜯件
6## Text from Page:intro
7page.intro.displayText = 绿宝石蜯件
9## Text from Page:license
10page.license.displayText = License conditions
12## Text from Page:destination
13page.destination.displayText = Install Destination
14installDir.displayText = Select an installation directory
16## Text from Page:tomcatports
17page.tomcatports.displayText = Tomcat Ports
18comment.2.displayText = Please select the ports which the web server (Apache Tomcat) will use will use. It is usually safe to accept the defaults by just clicking Next. The exception is when you are running other services on these ports - if this is the case, select some free ports and click Next.
19tomcat.port.displayText = Tomcat Port
20tomcat.shutdown.port.displayText = Tomcat Shutdown Port
22## Text from Page:selector
23page.selector.displayText = Components to install
24comment.5.displayText = Choose the components you want to install
25default.displayText = Core components
26tgsrc.displayText = Source code
28## Text from Page:progress
29page.progress.displayText = Installation progress
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