source: release-kits/shared@ 17523

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
7za 17355   13 years oranfry Putting the 7zip commandline client into the release kits
ant 16757   13 years oranfry the ant batch script, for windows release kits
ant-installer 17517   13 years oranfry fixes to the last change and made the selectinput render more nicely
ant-scripts 17518   13 years oranfry now we need java sizes in bytes so we can add it to the core size
ant-tasks 17393   13 years oranfry compiled with java 1.4
artwork 17487   13 years oranfry a place to put exported artwork without it being seen by svn
greenstone2 17522   13 years oranfry updated language strings, and chinese file renamed
greenstone3 17424   13 years oranfry insert-uninstaller target now also inserts the appropriate bat or …
lib 17102   13 years oranfry keeping crypt.jar in the release kits so it can be copied put in the …
linux 17464   13 years oranfry a more compressed jre for linux releases
mac 17459   13 years oranfry allocate more memory to the virtual machine when running the installer
resources 17107   13 years oranfry changed build scripts and create-installer targets after the …
uninstaller 17456   13 years oranfry created the so uninstall can be done on unix too
windows 17385   13 years oranfry made the wrapper properly clean up the temp directory
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