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1Antelope Change Log
2Version: @buildnum@
5o updated for Ant 1.7.
6o finally, <import> is fully supported
7o targets are now sorted in edit mode.
10o fixed Trace so it works more or less correctly.
11o removed use of the Constant Interface Anti-pattern.
12o rearranged packaging of tasks to better organize typdefs.
15Oct 2005
16o added Hostname, Split, Repeat, FileUtil, and StringUtil tasks.
17o some general cleanup.
2011 Jun 2005
21o added Grep, Suite, and TestCase Ant tasks.
22o updated antlib.xml and antelope.taskdefs with missing typedefs
2510 Apr 2005
26o various minor updates.
27o fixed build files, in particular the build-src.xml file so that all the source, images, docs, etc, is actually included.
30Looks like I missed a few updates to this file...
3123 Dec 2004
32o added ability to call the "implicit" target explicitly. The implicit target is the anonymous target that Ant uses to hold top-level tasks like <property> and <import>. Previously, the only way to run the implicit target was to run an explicit target, so Antelope was unable to rerun the implicit target for build files that did not have an explicit target. The button labeled "_implicit_" will run the implicit target. Note that in multi-target mode, the "_implicit_" button does not show, the implicit target will (as usual) be ran before other targets are executed.
33o Updated the launcher so the run.xml file to start Antelope is no longer required. Just "java -jar Antelope.jar" will start Antelope.
34o Fixed several other minor bugs, but exactly what they were escapes me at the moment.
3729 Aug 2004
38o Fixed error in StopWatchTask that incorrectly showed total time for
39elapsed time. (Thanks to Wolf Schlegel for pointing this out.)
40o I've used 'enum' as a variable name for an Enumeration for years, but now
41Sun has decided that is a key word, so I've replaced all 'enum' with 'en'.
42(Thanks to Dennis Hofs for pointing this out.)
43o Fixed issue #21, silently ignore property files not found when the build
44file is loaded.
45o Fixed issue #22, caret position is restored properly when build file is
47o Fixed issue #24, clicking on "Trace" button automatically selects the
48"Output" tab.
5229 July 2004
53o fix for issue #20, imported targets now have buttons.
5623 May 2004
57o Completed issue #12, added 'tail' to output window in app.
58o Completed issue #9, fixed NPE on trace target with non-existant target in antcall.
6119 May 2004
62o Completed issue #13, added line number display to app.
63o Completed issue #14, added option to not sort the target buttons alphabetically.
64o Completed issue #15, added support for native look and feel to app.
65o Completed issue #16, added support for wheel mouse in edit window.
66o Completed issue #9, backward compatibility with Ant 1.5.x.
695 May 2004
70o Fixed a bug in the run.xml file, it was looking for a non-existant 'lib' directory in the classpath.
71o Fixed a bug that caused the Antelope plugin to delete Ant when the plugin was deleted from jEdit.
75o Fixed a number of bugs that broke backwards compatibility with Ant 1.5.x. Antelope should now work well with Ant 1.5.0 and later. Note that Ant 1.4.x and earlier are no longer supported.
78o Added ability to assign a jEdit shortcut to rerun the last ran target.
79o Fixed bug in auto-refresh in multiple target mode.
8212 Apr 2004
83o Fixed the threading for running the default target from a jEdit shortcut.
869 Apr 2004
87o Fixed a bug introduced in 3.1.0 that caused a NPE on an fresh install of Antelope as a jEdit plugin. I had added some icons to the button panel, but forgot that the default settings wouldn't be read unless there was a previously opened build file, which isn't the case on a new install.
88o The default target is now shown with a green color text.
89o Running the default target can be added as a short cut in jEdit. There's something a bit weird about how this works, no output is displayed until the target is complete, so it looks like nothing is happening, then all of a sudden the entire output is shown. Coincidentally, this specific feature was requested in e-mail yesterday.
90o Added some new icons to the Edit tree. Private targets have gray target icons, the default target is green, public targets are black target icons. Imported (via the <import> task) are the same colors, except bulls eye on the targets is red.
9330 Mar 2004
94o added reload button to control panel.
95o added "About" tab to propery dialog.
96o changed text to icons on all buttons in conrol panel.
97o updated build file to make building the docs while disconnected easier.
100o Changed the preferences again. The custom preferences are now used on all platforms and all jvm versions, but the custom preferences no longer are the system default preferences. This means if you ran version 3.0.6 (and 3.0.6 only), you will loose any stored settings, but all settings from any previous version of Antelope are available and will be use. I never felt comfortable about doing that anyway. The point of implementing the custom preferences was to get around an annoying bug in the Unix/Linux implementation of java.util.prefs. If you are still running with a jvm that has that bug (see bugs 4868444 and 4751177 at and want to get rid of all the annoying messages, add this to your command line when starting Antelope:
104This will install Antelope's custom preferences handler as the default system preferences handler.
106o Added popup in "Edit" mode to property and loadproperties tasks to allow opening of a file designated by the "file" or "srcfile" attributes, respectively, in the editor.
108o Added auto-reload if property files changed. Property files are those files loaded either by the <property> task with a "file" attribute or by the <loadproperties> task. If the property files have changed since the build file was loaded, the build file will be reloaded, which in turn causes the property files to be reloaded. Note that this reload does not depend on the auto-reload option being checked, it happens regardless.
11124 Mar 2004:
112o More updates to the dependency tree code and the entity includes.
113o Changed the preferences handling (see the entry dated 22 Jan 2004 below) so that the custom preferences factory is only activated on non-Windows platforms with jvm's earlier than version 1.5. This means that your settings may disappear -- they are not gone, just not readable. If you need to continue to use the custom preferences, start Antelope with this setting on the command line:
115Hopefully this won't change again.
11822 Mar 2004:
119o Updates to the dependency tree code.
120o Fixed a bug with included xml (using xml entity includes). The targets of included xml would show up as buttons in "Run" mode, but not in the tree in "Edit" mode. The targets are now in the Edit tree, and the dependency tree works with these targets also.
121o Added some nice icons to the edit tree to make it easier to pick out imported targets and projects.
12421 Mar 2004:
125o Fixed a bunch of compiler warnings about deprecated methods. Several deprecated methods were not fixed as they would break Ant 1.5 compatibility.
126o Adjusted the "Please wait loading Ant" code as it would occasionally hang in jEdit. It still hangs occassionally, it appears to be due to a classloader issue with other plugins loading an xml parser ahead of Ant's parser. Jane might be the culprit.
127o Right click on a target in "Edit" mode will show a popup of the dependency tree for that target. Clicking a target in the dependency tree moves the cursor to that target.
13015 Mar 2004:
131o showing 'private' targets in italics in all modes modes. Targets are considered 'private' if:
132 1. the target name starts with -
133 2. the target does not have a description
134 3. there is a . anywhere in the target name
13723 Feb 2004
138o changed default for showing targets to "Show all targets".
139o fixed bug in setting for auto-reload of build file. Now auto-reload is the default, which it should have been all along but wasn't.
14121 Feb 2004
142o added popup to properties dialog so that right clicking (option clicking) on any of the tables shows the cell value in a scrollable text area. This makes it easier to read and copy long values.
14615 Feb 2004
147o Inadvertently dropped the Main-Class attribute from the manifest, so the -jar option didn't work.
15026 Jan 2004:
151o Put Antelope back on jEdit's "Plugins" menu. It had inadvertently been removed in the last release.
153o Now it is much easier to set up Ant with Antelope and jEdit. This isn't an issue with Antelope as an application as Ant is used to start the application. As a plugin, Antelope looks for Ant like this:
1541. check if jEdit loaded ant.jar. This would happen if ant.jar is in the $user.home/.jedit/jars directory.
1552. look for ant.jar in the classpath. If found, assume any other jars needed for Ant are already in the classpath.
1563. check Antelope's preferences for ANT_HOME
1574. check for a System property named ANT_HOME
1585. check for an environment variable named ANT_HOME
1596. ask the user, then store their choice in Antelope's preferences
160The preferred method is to set an environment variable for ANT_HOME, this is also recommended by the Ant manual when installing Ant.
16222 Jan 2004:
163o Replaced the default Java Preferences with a custom preferences eliminates the annoying error messages produced on several versions of Linux due to several bugs ( at least bugs 4868444 and 4751177, there may be others) in Sun's implementation of preferences on that platform. You might want to take notice of a couptle of things: First, the new custom preferences are used on all platforms, not just Linux. Second, previously stored preferences are not converted to the new system. If you absolutely must use the old preferences, start Antelope with this setting on the command line:
167o Set default for auto reload of build file to 'on', that is, do automatically reload the build file. Of course, this is a saved setting, so you can set Antelope to not load your build file. Note that for the new Ant 1.6 <import> task, this setting applies to all imported build files as well.
169o Fixed several thread issues with the auto reload with regards to how it interacts with the performance listener and the button panel.
171o Adjusted the performance listener to work correctly when running in multiple target mode. Previously, only statistics for the last target were displayed, now it accumulates statistics for all targets.
173o Added Antelope version number to the Properties/Description tab. This will make it easier for users of the jEdit plugin to verify which version of Antelope they are using.
175o Updates for Ant 1.6. Antelope now works well with all Ant versions 1.5 and later. No regression testing has been done with Ant versions older than 1.5. For Ant 1.6, the new <include> task is support as are top level tasks (that is, tasks that are not in a target).
177o Fixed the progress bar, bug 877996. This was broke in version 2.75, which was the first release to support Ant 1.6. Changes in the Ant API made the progress not work quite right. Now it works correctly with Ant 1.5.x and Ant 1.6. Also, the progress bar now shows the name of the targe that is running instead of the percentage. This seems more useful, especially as the progress bar itself gives a good visual indication of the progress.
179o Made a number of small fixes and code refactorings that result in cleaner code and somewhat faster execution. (Note: the sometimes slow start up of Antelope is actually due to Ant, initially loading a project can take as long as 10 seconds on an older machine.)
18123 Oct 2003:
182o Fixed all open bugs:
183740496 correct taskdef
184786439 Trouble with the xml logger of Ant and the break task
185818781 dtd relative folder
186820814 antelope shows tasks with empty descriptions.
187827162 NullPointer Exception
188827914 ant.version property not set on Windows
189o Added option to automatically reload build file prior to running a target.
19127 Sep 2003:
192o Updated tasks to work with Ant 1.6.
193o Update plugin code to work with jEdit 4.2.
194o Removed dependency on CommonControls.jar for plugin.
195o Refactored build files.
19715 May 2003:
198o Added run.bat and scripts to make starting stand-alone app easier.
199o Fixed bug #734867, "Limit Ant Task doesn't fail correctly".
200o Added <bool> support to Assert task.
201o Added code to Stopwatch task so that the elapsed or total time is stored in a property of the same name as the stopwatch.
202o Added IsGreaterThan and IsLessThan conditions to If task. Assert task now can use these same conditions. See testcases/limittest.xml for an example.
203o Went to the new Matrix movie!
204o Antelope can now parse files that use external entities. Nice!
20612 Mar 2003, release version 2.42:
207o Added ability to run multiple targets. This is so handy, I don't know why I didn't implement it sooner.
208o Updated build.xml, installPlugin.xml, and run.xml to work much better. Now all distribution files will "run right out of the box", and use the Antelope tasks, too!
21010 Mar 2003
211o Added find and replace to stand-alone.
212o Modified Try task to be able to store exception message and/or stack trace in a property.
2149 Mar 2003
215o A few files were inadvertently left out of the 2.38 build and the start up run.xml file has been cleaned up a bit. The main build file has also been cleaned up, so external dependencies are not required to do a basic build.
216o Removed the "right click for options" tooltip as right clicking does nothing.
2186 Mar 2003, released version 2.38:
219I'm behind on this, so the details aren't as good as they should be.
220o Fixed a bug in the editor where switching between build files would cause the old build file to be appended to the new one.
221o Fixed warning messages about invalid build/xml files.
222o You can now browse any xml file (well, many xml files) via the "Edit" tree. There is no support for xml files with dtds, which typically build files do not have.
223o updated "Edit" mode to show a tree of the build file so navigating the file is easier.
224o added "back" and "next" buttons in "Edit" mode. These work like the back and next buttons in a web browser.
225o Added some new tasks. The "call" task is particularly useful.
226o Source distribution now includes the unit tests for the extra Ant tasks.
227o Updated run.xml so that tools.jar is automatically included in the claspath if it can be found.
228o Added some public API for running as a jEdit plugin so that other plugins can easily interact with Antelope for running targets.
23021 Dec 2002
231o the editor is really nice now. The syntax highlighting is configurable, as is the font and many editor options. Documentation is lagging a bit on this, but hopefully the configuration is obvious enough.
232o added undo, redo, cut, copy, and paste to the editor.
233o updated the Math task to use any of the methods in java.lang.Math.
234o removed the ssh and scp tasks to their own distribution package.
235o changed the 'Options' popup to be a regular dialog with an 'Apply' button.
236o refactored the property and settings persistence, this works much better now with all properties being saved and restored correctly.
237o added a StopWatch task for timing of build events.
238o added "startswith" and "endswith" boolean conditions to the "If" task.
2406 Dec 2002
241o replaced Antelope editor with an older, MIT licensed version of the jEdit text editor. This makes syntax highlighting configurable and fast.
242o replaced "Format" menu with "Options" menu to support configuration of syntax highlighting and editor options.
24424 Nov 2002
245o This is the last 1.xx version. There are a few known bugs that are being pushed to version 2.x for resolution. Version 2 will provide a better editor, a GUI to create build files, and other items related to creating and editing build files.
246o Added input handler so the Ant 'input' task can be used from within Antelope.
247o Added progress bar to show percent complete for running target. This is useful for long running targets. The percent is calculated from the total number of tasks that a target will run and makes no assumptions about how long a particular task will take. It could be that there are only two tasks, but the first one takes 2 seconds and the second takes 10 minutes, the progress will show at 50% until the second one is done.
248o Added ability to gather performance statistics for running target. This should be useful for optimization of build files.
249o Build file syntax highlighting is very slow in app mode, added menu item under Format menu to turn the syntax colorization on or off. Default is off, which makes for much faster performance. Colorization is a bit flaky when changed from on to off or vice versa.
2518 Nov 2002
252o Added If, Try, and Variable task.
253o Now works in multiple views in jEdit.
254o rewrote docs in docbook format.
255o improved AntLogger.
256o rearranged packages for tasks to be in a separate package.
257o tasks available in separate jar file
258o added option for display of targets starting with a dash
26112 Oct 2002
262o Added Assert task.
263o Fixed several bugs in AntLogger.
264o Improved tracing ability.
265o Optimized Antelope editor to make colorizing faster, but this is still really slow on all but the smallest build files.
266o Added Ant coding standards.
267o Updated documentation.
27023 Sep 2002
271o Adjusted to be able to work correctly when using Antelope as a plugin. The jEdit classloader was preventing certain property files in ant.jar from being accessible to
273o Moved the config and docs directories inside the src directory. The build file copies them to the proper config and docs directories for distribution. This lets the build file adjust the build number automatically within the config and doc files, which keeps everything at the same displayed build number, and keeps all the source files in the src directory.
27522 Sep 2002
276o added "User" tab to properties. This tab allows the user to add properties. These properties are treated as if they were passed to Ant on the command line. These properties are persistent for the build file, so each time the build file is opened, the user properties will be restored.
278o added "New" menu item to stand-alone app. A very basic build file is created, the user needs to fill in the details.
28014 Sep 2002
281o added 'recent files' menus to both stand-alone and plugin. This will track the last 10 opened build files.
282o updated tracing to trace 'ant' tasks.
283o removed references to the classes to link to the ProjectViewer plugin. The
284source for these classes is still included, but they are not compiled by the default 'compile' target in the supplied build file.
2868 Sep 2002
287o Fixed the storage of the settings so they actually work correctly. Option settings are stored per build file, plus font settings for the stand-alone and the last build file open are stored and used on application startup.
288o Changed the "Edit" button to be a "mode" like the trace action. Now when the Edit button is clicked, the panel background turns green to indicate 'edit mode', the build file is loaded for editing (either in the "Edit" tab in the stand-alone app or in a jEdit buffer as a plugin), and clicking on a target button will scroll the build file to the target definition.
289o Fixed the Trace button to select the "Output" tab when clicked in stand-alone.
2916 Sep 2002
292O Fixed the abstraction mentioned below so that AntelopePanel and AntelopeOptions really don't depend on compiling AntelopePluginPanel.
2945 Sep 2002
295o Major rearrangement of package layout.
296o Abstracted the interaction between AntelopePluginPanel and AntelopePanel so that AntelopePanel no longer depends on compiling AntelopePluginPanel (which depends on ProjectViewer), so the stand-alone application can be compiled without any dependency on jEdit or jEdit plugins.
297o Added KappaLayout.jar to the distribution zip. This was supposed to be there all along, but has been missing until now.
298o Adjusted the build file to include a few new targets for compiling the stand-alone, the plugin, and building the distribution zip file.
3003 Sep 2002
301o Updated tracing to include the actual values of properties and references.
302o Added font dialog to stand-alone.
303o Made 'Properties' dialog non-modal.
304o Fixed a bug where if the build file contained an error, all the buttons would disappear. Now at least the non-target buttons will stay visible and a dialog with the build file error will explain the problem.
305o Updated the build file to make the zip target better -- the readme, antelope.jar and kappalayout.jar are at the top level, the directory structure for the development files are in directories.
3072 Sep 2002
308Made a number of modifications to the stand-alone application:
309o Added ability to save output to a file.
310o Made output area editable.
311o Added ability to edit the build file.
312o Added ability to save modifications to the build file.
313o Added color coding to the build file editor.
314o Added help and about menu items.
315o Added help viewer.
316o Added icons to the menu items.
3181 Sep 2002
319o Added 'Trace' button to show exactly what targets and tasks will be executed when a particular target runs. This is useful for tracking down the execution flow in convoluted build files.
32129 Aug 2002
322o included a file inadvertently left out of the last distribution. This file lets Antelope run without ProjectViewer when run as a jEdit plugin.
324o Did some optimization in AntelopePanel. It can take as long as 8 - 10 seconds to change build files, it turns out this is in Ant's Project class, so there's not much I can do about it (at least, not without joining the Ant project...)
32618 Aug 2002
327o Added code to integrate Antelope with ProjectViewer plugin in jEdit. This integration requires the bleeding edge ProjectViewer from CVS. Right click on your build file in ProjectViewer and set it as your build file, and Antelope will be notified and adjust itself accordingly. Antelope will run without ProjectViewer, but won't necessarily compile without it.
32917 Aug 2002
330o Fixed a problem with option settings not being restored. They were being saved, but the controls were not being set with the stored values on start up. Settings are stored per build file, so each time a build file is opened, the settings for the particular file are set.
332o Major modifications to AntLogger. This is now very useful outside of Antelope and has several settings that can be adjusted either via Ant command line options or build file properties. See the documentation for details.
334o Added an "Edit" button when running as a jEdit plugin. This will open the current build file in jEdit for editing.
33714 Aug 2002
338o Fixed a problem with capturing output from javac when running as a plugin. jEdit diddles with the System print streams, which meant I had to also to be able to catch the output. This caused significant changes to AntLogger, which now only writes to java.util.logging.Logger, there is no more print stream output. Output to a console window is via a java.util.logging.ConsoleHandler.
340o Added color coding of output when running as a plugin.
342o Fixed a potention null pointer exception when trying to view the properties. (Why does Java hava a null pointer exception, but not pointers?)
344o Removed the option panel from jEdit's global plugin properties. There was a problem with trying to maintain two different panels (one on the global menu, one for the options button), so I opted for using the Options button only. This makes the code easier to maintain for stand-alone use.
346o Cleaned up some dead methods and old comments.
348o Converted all files to contain the same license. Antelope is licensed under an Apache license.
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