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1# Three different line formats are valid:
2# key -a aliases...
3# key [options] directory
4# key [options] directory files...
6# Where "options" are composed of:
7# -i prog Run "prog" on "cvs commit" from top-level of module.
8# -o prog Run "prog" on "cvs checkout" of module.
9# -e prog Run "prog" on "cvs export" of module.
10# -t prog Run "prog" on "cvs rtag" of module.
11# -u prog Run "prog" on "cvs update" of module.
12# -d dir Place module in directory "dir" instead of module name.
13# -l Top-level directory only -- do not recurse.
15# NOTE: If you change any of the "Run" options above, you'll have to
16# release and re-checkout any working directories of these modules.
18# And "directory" is a path to a directory relative to $CVSROOT.
20# The "-a" option specifies an alias. An alias is interpreted as if
21# everything on the right of the "-a" had been typed on the command line.
23# You can encode a module within a module by using the special '&'
24# character to interpose another module into the current module. This
25# can be useful for creating a module that consists of many directories
26# spread out over the entire source repository.
28# The gsdl-non-core-images module, which contains all the non-core language interface images
29# All the files are actually in the gsdl-non-core-images-repository package, but we're
30# creating an alias module to avoid getting the top-level directory -- this is so it
31# can be checked out directly into gsdl/images.
32# Note: if a new language interface is added it must be specified here.
34ar gsdl-non-core-images-repository/ar
35bn gsdl-non-core-images-repository/bn
36ca gsdl-non-core-images-repository/ca
37cs gsdl-non-core-images-repository/cs
38de gsdl-non-core-images-repository/de
39el gsdl-non-core-images-repository/el
40fa gsdl-non-core-images-repository/fa
41fi gsdl-non-core-images-repository/fi
42gl gsdl-non-core-images-repository/gl
43he gsdl-non-core-images-repository/he
44hi gsdl-non-core-images-repository/hi
45hr gsdl-non-core-images-repository/hr
46hy gsdl-non-core-images-repository/hy
47id gsdl-non-core-images-repository/id
48it gsdl-non-core-images-repository/it
49ja gsdl-non-core-images-repository/ja
50ka gsdl-non-core-images-repository/ka
51kk gsdl-non-core-images-repository/kk
52kn gsdl-non-core-images-repository/kn
53ky gsdl-non-core-images-repository/ky
54lv gsdl-non-core-images-repository/lv
55mi gsdl-non-core-images-repository/mi
56mn gsdl-non-core-images-repository/mn
57nl gsdl-non-core-images-repository/nl
58pl gsdl-non-core-images-repository/pl
59pt-br gsdl-non-core-images-repository/pt-br
60pt-pt gsdl-non-core-images-repository/pt-pt
61sr gsdl-non-core-images-repository/sr
62th gsdl-non-core-images-repository/th
63tr gsdl-non-core-images-repository/tr
64uk gsdl-non-core-images-repository/uk
65vi gsdl-non-core-images-repository/vi
66zh gsdl-non-core-images-repository/zh
67zh-tr gsdl-non-core-images-repository/zh-tr
69gsdl-non-core-images -a ar bn ca cs de el fa fi gl he hi hr hy id it ja ka kk kn ky lv mi mn nl pl pt-br pt-pt sr th tr uk vi zh zh-tr
72# Creating a gs2build module, which contains all the gsdl source needed for collection building. This will be used by gsdl3.
74# all the perllib dir
75perllib gsdl/perllib
76# most of the packages
77packages gsdl/packages cpan expat isis-gdl kea mg pdftohtml rtftohtml w3mir wget windows wv xlhtml
78# some of the src
79src gsdl/src db2txt hashfile phind txt2db mgpp
80bin gsdl/bin/ script
81mappings gsdl/mappings
82lib gsdl/lib text_t.h text_t.cpp gsdlconf.h
83etc gsdl/etc marctodc.txt
84collect gsdl/collect modelcol
85gs2build gsdl setup.bash config.sub config.guess install-sh acconfig.h aclocal.m4 WIN32cfg.h &packages &perllib &src &bin &mappings &lib &etc &collect &gs2build-extra
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