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1creator [email protected]
2maintainer [email protected]
3public true
4beta true
5key 84138963
6indexes document:text
7defaultindex document:text
8#plugins GMLPlug PrePlug ArcPlug RecPlug
9plugin GMLPlug
10plugin PrePlug
11plugin ArcPlug
12plugin RecPlug
13macrofiles \
14 \
15 \
17classify CSTRList
20format QueryResults "<td valign=top>[link][icon][/link]</td><td valign=top>{If}{[parent(Top):Summary],[parent(Top):Summary],[Summary]}<br><b>Abstract:</b>{Or}{[parent(Top):Description],[Description], None}</td>"
22format result "<td valign=top>[icon]</td><td valign=top>{If}{[parent(Top):Summary],[parent(Top):Summary],[Summary]}<br><b>Abstract:</b>{Or}{[parent(Top):Description],[Description], None}</td>"
23format ListBrowse "<td valign=top>[link][icon][/link]</td><td>{If}{[classifytype],[Title],<a href=_httpcurrentdocument_&gg=postscript&gga=[cgisafe:Source]>[Source]</a>&#044; <i>[Date]</i><br>[Summary]}</td>"
24format DocumentTopPages false
25format DocumentButtons "Detach|Highlight|Expand Text"
28collectionmeta collectionname "Computer Science Technical Reports"
29collectionmeta collectionextra "Your source for up-to-date academic computer science publications! This collection provides an index to\ncomputer science technical reports that we have downloaded from selected sites on the Internet. The reports are mostly in English, but\nthere are some in a variety of different languages. The collection contains many large documents such as PhD theses. Every single word on\nevery page of every report is indexed -- not just the first few words, as in many other search engines -- so you can search for things that\noccur near the end of the document (like references) too.\n<p>This collection contains <b>_about:numdocs_</b> technical reports located in <b>296</b> sites around the world. The <b>_about:nummegbytes_ Mb</b> of text is extracted from <b>34 Gb</b> of PostScript by a <a\nhref=>system developed here</a>. All <b>_about:numwords_</b> words from <b>1.3 Million</b>\npages are indexed. The collection also contains <b>28846</b> figures extracted from the reports."
31collectionmeta iconcollection ""
32collectionmeta iconcollectionsmall ""
34collectionmeta .section:text "document pages"
35collectionmeta .document:text "entire documents"
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