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some strings for bad plugin and classifier arguments

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3#***** AboutDialog *****
4AboutDialog.Acknowledgement:Acknowledgements for proprietary programs, packages or classes...
5AboutDialog.Date:(August 2005)
6AboutDialog.Item0:'Xerces Java 1' from The Apache Software Foundation (
7AboutDialog.Item2:'WGet' from Free Software Foundation, Inc. (
8AboutDialog.Item3:'qflib' from Quality First Software GmbH. (
9AboutDialog.Item4:'ExtensionFileFilter.class' by Bruno Dumon and contributors (
10AboutDialog.Item5:'How to disable file renaming in file chooser' - vladi21 (
11AboutDialog.Item6:'Autoscrolling' - Java Swing by Robert Eckstein, Marc Loy & Dave Wood (
12AboutDialog.Item7:'Add ghosted drag images to your JTrees' - By Andrew J. Armstrong (
13AboutDialog.Item8:'Stop annoying java.prefs error when you don't have superuser access' - Thanks to Walter Schatz
14AboutDialog.Java_Req:Java is a trademark of Sun Microsystems Inc. The JRE is redistributed as per the Supplemental License Terms, found at
15AboutDialog.Java_Req_One:This product includes code licensed from RSA Security, Inc.
16AboutDialog.Java_Req_Two:Some portions licensed from IBM are available at http\://
17AboutDialog.Thanks:Also thanks to those who posted helpful java information on the web...
19AboutDialog.Title_One:Greenstone Librarian Interface
20AboutDialog.Title_Two:Greenstone Digital Library, University of Waikato
21AboutDialog.Copyright:Copyright (C) 2003 New Zealand Digital Library Project
22AboutDialog.Copyright_Two:Published under the GPL. See LICENSE.txt for details.
25#***** Audit Table *****
29#***** Auto Filter *****
32Autofilter.Case_Sensitive:Match Case
36Autofilter.Name:Column Name
41Autofilter.Order_Tooltip:Sort the matching items in this order
42Autofilter.Remove:Remove Filter
43Autofilter.Remove_Tooltip:Remove this filter from the table column
44Autofilter.Set:Set Filter
45Autofilter.Set_Tooltip:Add this filter to the table column
46Autofilter.Table_Header_Tooltip:Filter by {0}
47Autofilter.Title:Autofilter Metadata
48Autofilter.eqeq:equal to
49Autofilter.!eq:does not equal
50Autofilter.<:is less than
51Autofilter.<eq:is less than or equal to
52Autofilter.>:is greater than
53Autofilter.>eq:is greater than or equal to
54Autofilter.^:starts with
55Autofilter.!^:does not start with
56Autofilter.$:ends with
57Autofilter.!$:does not end with
59Autofilter.!?:does not contain
61# ********************************************************
62# *************** Collection Design Module ***************
63# ********************************************************
64# * The dictionary phrases used in the creation of the *
65# * Colection Design Module. Note that we still have *
66# * access to the format arguments (argument 32+) for *
67# * html formatting. *
68# ********************************************************
70CDM.ArgumentConfiguration.Bad_Integer:<html>The argument '{0}' requires an integer value,<br>but no integer can be parsed from {1}.</html>
72CDM.ArgumentConfiguration.Custom:Custom Arguments:
73CDM.ArgumentConfiguration.Error_Title:Error In Arguments
74CDM.ArgumentConfiguration.Header:<HTML><STRONG><FONT FACE={FONT} COLOR=Black SIZE=5><CENTER>Please configure the arguments for {0}.</CENTER></FONT></STRONG></HTML>
75CDM.ArgumentConfiguration.No_Value:The argument '{0}' requires a value, but no value is specified.
77CDM.ArgumentConfiguration.Required_Argument:The argument '{0}' must be given a value.
78CDM.ArgumentConfiguration.Title:Configuring Arguments
79CDM.ClassifierManager.Add:Add Classifier
80CDM.ClassifierManager.Add_Tooltip:Use the specified classifier with this collection
81CDM.ClassifierManager.Assigned:Currently Assigned Classifiers
82CDM.ClassifierManager.Classifier:Select classifier to add:
83CDM.ClassifierManager.Classifier_Tooltip:The classifiers available for use in the collection
84CDM.ClassifierManager.Classifier_Exists:That classifier has already been assigned for this collection.
86CDM.ClassifierManager.Classifier_XML_Parse_Failed:Unable to determine the arguments for the {0}\nclassifier. Please ensure that the classifier in question\nprovides the -xml flag by running the script\nsimilar to the description of the script in\nsection 2.1 of the Greenstone Developers Guide.
87CDM.ClassifierManager.Configure:Configure Classifier
88CDM.ClassifierManager.Configure_Tooltip:Change the options of the selected classifier
89CDM.ClassifierManager.Controls:Editing Controls
90CDM.ClassifierManager.Instructions:Use this view to add, configure or remove classifiers in your collection. To add a classifier, choose it from the combobox and click 'Add Classifier'.\nTo remove a classifier, choose it from the list of assigned classifiers and click 'Remove Classifier'.\nTo configure a classifier, choose it from the list of assigned classifiers, and click 'Configure Classifier'.\n\nWhen you configure a classifier a scrollable list of its arguments will appear. Enable arguments and enter or select values as necessary.
91CDM.ClassifierManager.Remove:Remove Classifier
92CDM.ClassifierManager.Remove_Tooltip:Remove the selected classifier from the list
93CDM.ClassifierManager.Title:<HTML><STRONG><FONT FACE={FONT} COLOR=Black SIZE=5><CENTER>Classifier Selection & Configuration</CENTER></FONT></STRONG></HTML>
94CDM.ClassifierManager.Parsing.Message:Design tool is loading classifier information.
95CDM.ClassifierManager.Parsing.Title:Loading Classifiers
96CDM.FormatManager.Add:Add Format
97CDM.FormatManager.Add_Tooltip:Use the specified format command with the collection
98CDM.FormatManager.Assigned_Formats:Currently Assigned Format Commands
99CDM.FormatManager.Editor:HTML Format String
100CDM.FormatManager.Editor_Tooltip:Enter the format command here
101CDM.FormatManager.Editing_Controls:Editing Controls
103CDM.FormatManager.Feature:Choose Feature
104CDM.FormatManager.Feature_Tooltip:The feature to format
106CDM.FormatManager.Insert_Tooltip:Insert the selected variable into the format command
107CDM.FormatManager.Instructions:The web pages you see when using Greenstone are not pre-stored but are generated 'on the fly' as they are needed. Format commands are used to change the appearance of these generated pages. Some are switches that control the display of documents or parts of documents; others are more complex and require html code as an argument.\nTo add a format command, choose it from the 'feature' list. If a True/False option panel appears, select the state by clicking on the appropriate button. If a panel containing the 'Affected Feature' and 'Edit Format Strings' controls appears, you need to enter html text. You can include preset variables by selecting them from the list.\nOnce you are statisfied with your changes, press 'Add Format' to add it to the configuration file.\nRemove a format command by selecting it from the 'Assigned Format Commands' and clicking 'Remove Format'.
108CDM.FormatManager.Part:Affected Component
109CDM.FormatManager.Part_Tooltip:The aspect of the selected feature to format
110CDM.FormatManager.Remove:Remove Format
111CDM.FormatManager.Remove_Tooltip:Remove the selected format command from the list
112CDM.FormatManager.Replace:Replace Format
113CDM.FormatManager.Replace_Tooltip:Update the selected format command
114CDM.FormatManager.Title:<HTML><STRONG><FONT FACE={FONT} COLOR=Black SIZE=5><CENTER>Format Commands</CENTER></FONT></STRONG></HTML>
116CDM.FormatManager.Variable_Tooltip:Variables available for use with the format command
117CDM.General.Access:This collection should be publicly accessible
118CDM.General.Beta:This collection is still under construction
119CDM.General.Browser_Title:Select An Image
120CDM.General.Collection_Extra:Collection description:
121CDM.General.Collection_Extra_Tooltip:A description of the purpose and content of the collection
122CDM.General.Collection_Name:Collection title:
123CDM.General.Collection_Name_Tooltip:Name of the collection
124CDM.General.Copy_Image:In order to use this image for your collection\nfiles must be copied into the images folder. Proceed?
125CDM.General.Email.Creator:Creator's email
126CDM.General.Email.Creator_Tooltip:E-mail address of the collection's creator
127CDM.General.Email.Maintainer:Maintainer's email
128CDM.General.Email.Maintainer_Tooltip:E-mail address of the collection's maintainer
129CDM.General.Icon_Collection:URL to 'about page' icon:
130CDM.General.Icon_Collection_Tooltip:The URL of the image to display on the collection's about page
131CDM.General.Icon_Collection_Small:URL to 'home page' icon:
132CDM.General.Icon_Collection_Small_Tooltip:The URL of the image to display on the library's home page
133CDM.General.Image_Copy_Failed:An error has occurred which prevents the image you selected being copied.\nPlease try copying the image to the images folder of your collection manually.
134CDM.General.Image_Filter:Images (gifs, jpgs and pngs)
135CDM.General.Instructions:The design section of the Librarian Interface allows you to control many aspects of your collection's appearance. The design is split up into several sections. This section contains general options and settings. To choose a different section, click on its name in the list to the left.
137CDM.GUI.Classifiers:Browsing Classifiers
138CDM.GUI.Design_Topics:Design Sections
139CDM.GUI.Formats:Format Features
141CDM.GUI.Indexes:Search Indexes
142CDM.GUI.MetadataSets:Metadata Sets
143CDM.GUI.Plugins:Document Plugins
145CDM.GUI.SearchTypes:Search Types
146CDM.GUI.Subcollections:Partition Indexes
147CDM.GUI.SuperCollection:Cross-Collection Search
148CDM.GUI.Translation:Translate Text
149CDM.IndexManager.Add_Index:Add Index
150CDM.IndexManager.Add_Index_Tooltip:Build the specified index for this collection
151CDM.IndexManager.Default_Index_Indicator:[Default Index]
153CDM.IndexManager.Index_Exists:That index has already been assigned for this collection.
154CDM.IndexManager.Index_Name:Index Name:
155CDM.IndexManager.Index_Name_Tooltip:A unique name for the new index
156CDM.IndexManager.Indexes:Assigned Indexes
157CDM.IndexManager.Instructions:Here you choose what searchable indexes the collection will have.\nTo add a new index, select what material is to be indexed, choose the level of the index, and click 'Add Index'.\nTo remove an index, select it from the assigned indexes list and click 'Remove Index'.\nTo set the default index, select it from the assigned indexes list and click 'Set Default'.
158CDM.IndexManager.Level:At the level:
159CDM.IndexManager.Level_Exists:That level has already been assigned for this collection.
160CDM.IndexManager.Level_Tooltip:The document level to build the index on
161CDM.IndexManager.MGPP.Add_All_Metadata:Add All
162CDM.IndexManager.MGPP.Add_All_Metadata_Tooltip:Build a separate index for each available source, using the source as the index name
163CDM.IndexManager.MGPP.Add_Level:Add Level
164CDM.IndexManager.MGPP.Add_Level_Tooltip:Build an index on the specified level
165CDM.IndexManager.MGPP.Current_Indexes:Currently Assigned Indexes
166CDM.IndexManager.MGPP.Current_Levels:Currently Assigned Levels
167CDM.IndexManager.MGPP.Index:Index Source:
168CDM.IndexManager.MGPP.Index_Tooltip:Metadata element to build index on
169CDM.IndexManager.MGPP.Indexes:Manage Indexes
170CDM.IndexManager.MGPP.Instructions:Here you choose what searchable indexes the collection will have.\nTo add a new index, enter a unique name for the index, select material/metadata is to be indexed, and click 'Add Index'.\nIf you wish to add all of the available sources so as to have indexes built on them, then click 'Add All' (the name for each index will default to be the name of the source). Note that this is subtly different from adding the 'AllFields' source, as the ordering of the indexes is important.\nIf you wish to edit a particular index, select it from the currently assigned indexes list, edit as necessary, and then click 'Replace Index', to replace the old version.\nTo remove an index, select it from the currently assigned indexes list and click 'Remove Index'.
171CDM.IndexManager.MGPP.Level:Level Source:
172CDM.IndexManager.MGPP.Level_Name:Level Name:
173CDM.IndexManager.MGPP.Level_Name_Tooltip:A unique name for the new level index
174CDM.IndexManager.MGPP.Levels:Manage Levels
175CDM.IndexManager.MGPP.Remove_Level:Remove Level
176CDM.IndexManager.MGPP.Remove_Level_Tooltip:Remove the selected level index
177CDM.IndexManager.MGPP.Replace_Index:Replace Index
178CDM.IndexManager.MGPP.Replace_Index_Tooltip:Update the selected index
179CDM.IndexManager.MGPP.Title:<HTML><STRONG><FONT FACE={FONT} COLOR=Black SIZE=5><CENTER>Index And Level Selection</CENTER></FONT></STRONG></HTML>
181CDM.IndexManager.Remove_Index:Remove Index
182CDM.IndexManager.Remove_Index_Tooltip:Remove the selected index from the list
184CDM.IndexManager.Set_Default:Set Default Index
185CDM.IndexManager.Set_Default_Tooltip:Make the selected index the default index
186CDM.IndexManager.Source:Build index on:
187CDM.IndexManager.Source_Tooltip:The metadata elements to build the index on
188CDM.IndexManager.Title:<HTML><STRONG><FONT FACE={FONT} COLOR=Black SIZE=5><CENTER>Index Selection</CENTER></FONT></STRONG></HTML>
189CDM.LanguageManager.Add:Add Language
190CDM.LanguageManager.Add_Tooltip:Add the specified language to the list
191CDM.LanguageManager.Assigned_Languages:Assigned Languages
192CDM.LanguageManager.Default_Language:Default Language
193CDM.LanguageManager.Remove:Remove Language
194CDM.LanguageManager.Remove_Tooltip:Remove the selected language from the list
195CDM.LanguageManager.Selector:Language to add:
196CDM.LanguageManager.Selector_Tooltip:The language to build a partition index on
197CDM.LanguageManager.Set_Default:Set Default
198CDM.LanguageManager.Set_Default_Tooltip:Make the selected language the default
199CDM.MetadataSetManager.Add:Add Metadata Set
200CDM.MetadataSetManager.Add_Tooltip:Add a new metadata set to the collection.
201CDM.MetadataSetManager.Edit:Edit Metadata Set
202CDM.MetadataSetManager.Edit_Message:Metadata sets can be edited using GEMS (Greenstone Editor for Metadata Sets).\nStart GEMS by running gems.bat (Windows) or (Linux) from the gli folder of your Greenstone installation.
203CDM.MetadataSetManager.Edit_Message_Title:Editing Metadata Sets
204CDM.MetadataSetManager.Edit_Tooltip:Edit the selected metadata set.
205CDM.MetadataSetManager.Elements:Elements in selected Metadata Set
206CDM.MetadataSetManager.Instructions:In this design view you can add, configure and remove the Metadata Sets in your collection and what Elements they contain.
207CDM.MetadataSetManager.Remove:Remove Metadata Set
208CDM.MetadataSetManager.Remove_Tooltip:Remove the selected metadata set from the collection.
209CDM.MetadataSetManager.Sets:Available Metadata Sets
210CDM.MetadataSetManager.Title:<HTML><STRONG><FONT FACE={FONT} COLOR=Black SIZE=5><CENTER>Metadata Sets</CENTER></FONT></STRONG></HTML>
211CDM.Move.At_Bottom:Cannot move the {0} {1} lower as it is already at the bottom of the list.
212CDM.Move.At_Top:Cannot move the {0} {1} higher as it is already at the top of the list.
213CDM.Move.Cannot:Cannot move the plugin {0} any lower as RecPlug and ArcPlug must be at the bottom of the list.
214CDM.Move.Fixed:<html>RecPlug and ArcPlug are generally required to be last and so are fixed in place.<br>If you really must move them please hand edit the collect.cfg file.</html>
215CDM.Move.Move_Down:Move Down
216CDM.Move.Move_Down_Tooltip:Move the selected item down the list
217CDM.Move.Move_Up:Move Up
218CDM.Move.Move_Up_Tooltip:Move the selected item up the list
219CDM.Move.Title:Error - Cannot Move
220CDM.PlugInManager.Add:Add Plugin
221CDM.PlugInManager.Add_Tooltip:Use the specified plugin with this collection
222CDM.PlugInManager.Assigned:Currently Assigned Plugins
223CDM.PlugInManager.Configure:Configure Plugin
224CDM.PlugInManager.Configure_Tooltip:Change the options of the selected plugin
225CDM.PlugInManager.Controls:Editing Controls
226CDM.PlugInManager.Ignore:Don't Add Plugin
227CDM.PlugInManager.Ignore_Tooltip:Don't add any plugins to this collection.
228CDM.PlugInManager.Instructions:Use this view to add, configure or remove plugins from your collection. To add one choose it from the combobox and click 'Add Plugin'.\nTo configure or remove one, select it from the list of assigned plugins then:\ni) Change its position in the plugin order by clicking on the arrow buttons. (Note: The position of RecPlug and ArcPlug are fixed).\nii) Configure it by clicking 'Configure Plugin',\niii) Remove it by clicking 'Remove Plugin'.\n\nPlugins are configured using a pop-up design area with a scrollable list of arguments. Enable arguments and enter or select values as necessary.
229CDM.PlugInManager.PlugIn:Select plugin to add:
230CDM.PlugInManager.PlugIn_Tooltip:The plugins available for use in the collection
231CDM.PlugInManager.PlugIn_Exists:That plugin has already been assigned for this collection.
233CDM.PlugInManager.PlugIn_XML_Parse_Failed:Unable to determine the arguments for the {0}\nplugin. Please ensure that the plugin in question provides\nthe -xml flag by running the script described\nin section 2.1 of the Greenstone Developers Guide.
234CDM.PluginManager.Plugin_Suggestion_Prompt:None of the plugins in this collection are expected to process the file "{0}". The following plugins can be used to process this file. You can add one to your collection now by selecting it and pressing the Add button. (Note that you can change the list of plugins at any time by going to "Document Plugins" on the Design Pane.)
235CDM.PlugInManager.Remove:Remove Plugin
236CDM.PlugInManager.Remove_Tooltip:Remove the selected plugin from the list
237CDM.PluginManager.SuggestedPluginListTitle:Suggested plugins for file
238CDM.PlugInManager.Title:<HTML><STRONG><FONT FACE={FONT} COLOR=Black SIZE=5><CENTER>Plugin Selection & Configuration</CENTER></FONT></STRONG></HTML>
239CDM.PlugInManager.Parsing.Message:Design tool is loading plugin information.
240CDM.PlugInManager.Parsing.Title:Loading Plugins
241CDM.SearchTypeManager.Add:Add Search Type
242CDM.SearchTypeManager.Add_Tooltip:Allow the specified type of searching with this collection
243CDM.SearchTypeManager.Assigned:Currently Assigned Search Types
245CDM.SearchTypeManager.BuildType_Selection_Tooltip:Select the indexer to be used for this collection.
246CDM.SearchTypeManager.Enable:Enable Advanced Searches
247CDM.SearchTypeManager.Instructions:Defining the search type is an advanced feature only available when enabled (by checking the 'Enable Advanced Searches' box). Once enabled further controls for selecting and changing the order of search types become available. Select a search type from the combobox and 'Add Search Type', if enabled, to add the search type. Select an existing search type from the list, and use 'Move Up' and 'Move Down' to change the order, or 'Remove Search Type' to remove it.\n\nThe search types specify what kind of search interface should be provided: form, for fields searching, and/or plain for regular searching. The ordering is important as the first one will be used for the initial search page by default.\n\nIt is also important to note that enabling search types causes the appearance of the Indexes view to change as well. Fielded searching is a newer feature of Greenstone, and thus requires different index information. When search types is enabled all current indexes are modified to be valid indexes under the new schema, while disabling search types will cause GLI to do its best to convert new indexes back into the old style but it may not always be successful, in which case the indexes will be removed. In either case a copy of the original index command line will be available as a comment in the configuration file.
248CDM.SearchTypeManager.Remove:Remove Search Type
249CDM.SearchTypeManager.Remove_Tooltip:Do not allow the selected type of searching with this collection
250CDM.SearchTypeManager.SearchType:Search Type
251CDM.SearchTypeManager.SearchType_Selection:Search Types:
252CDM.SearchTypeManager.SearchType_Selection_Tooltip:The search types available for use with this collection
253CDM.SearchTypeManager.Title:<HTML><STRONG><FONT FACE={FONT} COLOR=Black SIZE=5><CENTER>Search Type Selection & Ordering</CENTER></FONT></STRONG></HTML>
254CDM.SubcollectionManager.Add:Add Filter
255CDM.SubcollectionManager.Add_Tooltip:Add the specified filter to the collection
256CDM.SubcollectionManager.Assigned:Defined Subcollection Filters
258CDM.SubcollectionManager.Flags:Flags to set when matching
259CDM.SubcollectionManager.Flags_Tooltip:Regular expression flags to use when matching (eg. "i" for case-insensitive matching)
261CDM.SubcollectionManager.Inclusive:What do we do with files that match?
262CDM.SubcollectionManager.Instructions:Use this panel to refine index creation.\ni) Define subcollection filters, which screen the collection documents based on the specified metadata values. Once defined, you can then generate partitions on any previously specified index, based on one or more of these filters.\nii) Generate index partitions based on language. This filters the collection documents so that only those in the chosen language are included.\nNote that the total number of partitions generated is a combination of all indexes, subcollection filters and languages chosen. Two indexes with two subcollection filters in two languages would yield eight index partitions.
263CDM.SubcollectionManager.Language_Controls:Assign Languages
264CDM.SubcollectionManager.Match:Regular expression to match with:
265CDM.SubcollectionManager.Match_Tooltip:A regular expression defining the documents in the subcollection
266CDM.SubcollectionManager.Name:Subcollection filter name:
267CDM.SubcollectionManager.Name_Tooltip:The name of the new subcollection filter
268CDM.SubcollectionManager.Partitions_Disabled:This facility is currently disabled because you are operating in {0-Current Mode} mode. It can only be accessed in {1-Systems} and {2-Expert} modes. Use File->Preferences to alter the mode of operation.
269CDM.SubcollectionManager.Remove:Remove Filter
270CDM.SubcollectionManager.Remove_Tooltip:Remove the selected filter from the list
271CDM.SubcollectionManager.Replace:Replace Filter
272CDM.SubcollectionManager.Replace_Tooltip:Update the details of the selected filter
273CDM.SubcollectionManager.Source:Document attribute to match against:
274CDM.SubcollectionManager.Source_Tooltip:The document attribute to filter on
275CDM.SubcollectionManager.Subcollection_Controls:Define Filters
276CDM.SubcollectionManager.Subindex_Controls:Assign Partitions
277CDM.SubcollectionManager.Title:<HTML><STRONG><FONT FACE={FONT} COLOR=Black SIZE=5><CENTER>Partition Indexes</CENTER></FONT></STRONG></HTML>
278CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Add_Subindex:Add Partition
279CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Add_Subindex_Tooltip:Add the specified partition to this collection
280CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Default_Partition_Indicator:[Default Partition]
281CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.PartitionName:Partition Name:
282CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.PartitionName_Tooltip:The name of the new partition
283CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Remove_Subindex:Remove Partition
284CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Remove_Subindex_Tooltip:Remove the selected partition from this collection
285CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Replace_Subindex:Replace Partition
286CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Replace_Subindex_Tooltip:Update the selected partition
287CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Set_Default_Subindex:Set Default
288CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Set_Default_Subindex_Tooltip:Make the selected partition the default
289CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Source:Build partition on:
290CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Source_Tooltip:The subcollection filters to build the partition on
291CDM.SubcollectionIndexManager.Subindexes:Assigned Subcollection Partitions
292CDM.SuperCollectionManager.Instructions:Cross-collection searching is where a single search is performed over several collections, as if all the collections were one. Specify the collections to include in a search by clicking on the appropriate collection's name in the list below. The current collection will automatically be included. \nWARNING: If the individual collections do not have the same indexes (including subcollection partitions and language partitions) as each other, cross-collection searching will not work properly. The user will only be able to search using indexes common to all collections.
293CDM.SuperCollectionManager.Title:<HTML><STRONG><FONT FACE={FONT} COLOR=Black SIZE=5><CENTER>Cross-Collection Search Configuration</CENTER></FONT></STRONG></HTML>
294CDM.TranslationManager.Add:Add Translation
295CDM.TranslationManager.Add_Tooltip:Add the specified translation to the collection
297CDM.TranslationManager.Assigned_Fragments:Assigned Translations
298CDM.TranslationManager.Default_Text:Initial Text Fragment
299CDM.TranslationManager.Fragment_Column:Text Fragment
300CDM.TranslationManager.Instructions:Use this view to review and assign translations of text fragments in your collection. First, select an entry from the list of features (e.g. collection level metadata and classifier names). Next, select and edit a text fragment, or select a language from the combobox in order to add a new fragment. Type the text into the white text area, referring to the initial text fragment as necessary. Any changes will appear immediately in the collection.
301CDM.TranslationManager.Language:Language of translation:
303CDM.TranslationManager.Language_Tooltip:The language being translated into
304CDM.TranslationManager.Remove:Remove Translation
305CDM.TranslationManager.Remove_Tooltip:Remove the selected translation from the collection
306CDM.TranslationManager.Replace:Replace Translation
307CDM.TranslationManager.Replace_Tooltip:Update the selected translation
308CDM.TranslationManager.Title:<HTML><STRONG><FONT FACE={FONT} COLOR=Black SIZE=5><CENTER>Text Translation</CENTER></FONT></STRONG></HTML>
309CDM.TranslationManager.Translation:Translated Text
310CDM.TranslationManager.Translation_Tooltip:Enter the translation of the string here
313#***** Collection *****
314Collection.Collection:<HTML><STRONG><FONT FACE={FONT} COLOR=Black>Collection</FONT></STRONG></HTML>
315Collection.Delete_Tooltip:Delete selected files and folders
316Collection.Filter_Tooltip:Restrict the files shown in the file tree
317Collection.New_Folder_Tooltip:Create a new folder
318Collection.No_Collection:No Collection
320Collection.Stop_Tooltip:Stop copying files
321Collection.Workspace:<HTML><STRONG><FONT FACE={FONT} COLOR=Black>Workspace</FONT></STRONG></HTML>
324#***** CollectionBuilt *****
325CollectionBuilt.Message:The collection has been built and is ready for previewing.
326CollectionBuilt.Title:Collection Creation Result
329#***** CollectionManager *****
330CollectionManager.Build_Cancelled:Building the collection has been cancelled.
331CollectionManager.Cannot_Create_Collection:An error has occurred and the collection could not be created.
332CollectionManager.Cannot_Create_Collection_With_Reason:The collection could not be created because:\n{0-Error message}
333CollectionManager.Cannot_Delete_Index:This collection cannot be rebuilt because the old index files cannot be deleted.\nPlease make sure that Greenstone or some other program is not using these files,\n and try again.
334CollectionManager.Cannot_Delete_Index_Log:Old index files unable to be deleted so importing stopped.
335CollectionManager.Cannot_Open:The collection at:\n{0-Collection file path}\ncannot be opened.
336CollectionManager.Cannot_Open_With_Reason:The collection at:\n{0-Collection file path}\ncannot be opened because:\n{1-Error message}
337CollectionManager.Creating_New:Creating a new collection.
338CollectionManager.Log_Created:The log folder created.
339CollectionManager.Loading_Collection:Loading collection
340CollectionManager.Loading_Collection_Please_Wait:Loading collection, please wait...
341CollectionManager.Loading_Successful:Loaded collection {0}.
342CollectionManager.Missing_Config:This collection does not have a valid collect.cfg file
343CollectionManager.Not_Col_File:'{0}' is not a Librarian Interface Collection File (.col)
344CollectionManager.No_Config_File:The collect.cfg file has not been created by
345CollectionManager.Preview_Ready_Failed:An error has occurred which will prevent the collection being previewed.
346CollectionManager.Preview_Ready_Title:Collection Preview State.
347CollectionManager.Session_Ready:Collection {0} ready for use.
350#***** CollectionPopupMenu *****
352CollectionPopupMenu.New_Dummy_Doc:New dummy document
353CollectionPopupMenu.New_Folder:New folder
356#***** CreatePane *****
357CreatePane.Build:Build Options
358CreatePane.Build_Tooltip:Options for the indexing and classification stage of collection formation
359CreatePane.Build_Collection:Build Collection
360CreatePane.Build_Collection_Tooltip:Start the collection formation process
361CreatePane.Build_Progress:Build Progress
362CreatePane.Cancel_Build:Cancel Build
363CreatePane.Cancel_Build_Tooltip:Stop the collection formation process
364CreatePane.Full_Build:Complete Rebuild
365CreatePane.Full_Build_Tooltip:Completely rebuild the collection from scratch
366CreatePane.Import:Import Options
367CreatePane.Import_Tooltip:Options for the file conversion and metadata assignment stage of collection formation
368CreatePane.Import_Progress:Import Progress
369CreatePane.Incremental_Build:Incremental Rebuild
370CreatePane.Incremental_Build_Tooltip:Faster, as only the parts of the collection building process that are necessary are performed
371CreatePane.Log:Message Log
372CreatePane.Log_Tooltip:View output from previous collection formation attempts
374CreatePane.Options:Option Groups
375CreatePane.Options_Title:Collection Import & Build Options
376CreatePane.Preview_Collection:Preview Collection
377CreatePane.Preview_Collection_Tooltip:Preview the built collection
380#***** Dates *****
402#***** Delete Collection Prompt *****
403DeleteCollectionPrompt.Collection_Details:Selected collection's details
404DeleteCollectionPrompt.Collection_List:Available collections
405DeleteCollectionPrompt.Confirm_Delete:Please tick the box to confirm collection deletion.
407DeleteCollectionPrompt.Delete_Tooltip:Delete the selected collection
408DeleteCollectionPrompt.Details:Creator - {0}\nMaintainer - {1}\nDescription\n{2}
409DeleteCollectionPrompt.Failed_Delete:Collection could not be completely deleted.
410DeleteCollectionPrompt.Failed_Title:Deletion Failed!
411DeleteCollectionPrompt.No_Collection:No collection selected.
412DeleteCollectionPrompt.Successful_Delete:Collection has been deleted.
413DeleteCollectionPrompt.Successful_Title:Deletion Complete!
414DeleteCollectionPrompt.Title:Collection Deletion
417#***** DirectoryLevelMetadata *****
418DirectoryLevelMetadata.Message:You are about to assign 'folder level' metadata to the selected folder (or folders). Such metadata will be automatically inherited by all files and folders in this folder. Furthermore this metadata cannot be removed from specific children, only replaced. To continue with this action click 'OK'.
419DirectoryLevelMetadata.Title:About to add folder level metadata
422#***** EnrichPane *****
424EnrichPane.Accumulate_Tooltip:Append this value to the selected metadata element
425EnrichPane.AutoMessage:This element, {0}, belongs to the Greenstone metadata set. This set represents metadata that can usually be extracted automatically. To check what {0} metadata can be extracted create the collection using the 'Create' tab.
426EnrichPane.ExistingValues:Existing values for {0}
428EnrichPane.Expand_Tooltip:Edit the value in a larger text box
429EnrichPane.InheritedMetadataSelected:This piece of metadata is inherited from a folder above it, and cannot be edited. You can visit the actual folder containing the metadata by clicking on the folder icon at the start of the row.
430EnrichPane.No_File:No File Selected
431EnrichPane.No_Metadata:No Metadata Available
432EnrichPane.No_Metadata_Element:<HTML><STRONG><FONT FACE={FONT} COLOR=Black>No Metadata Element Selected</FONT></STRONG></HTML>
434EnrichPane.Overwrite_Tooltip:Assign this value to the selected metadata element, replacing the current value
436EnrichPane.Remove_Tooltip:Remove this value from the selected metadata element
438EnrichPane.Value_Field_Tooltip:Value to assign to the selected metadata element
439EnrichPane.Value_Field_Tooltip_Uneditable:Value assigned to the selected metadata element
442#****** ExplodeMetadataPrompt *******
444ExplodeMetadataPrompt.Explode_Tooltip:Explode the metadata file
445ExplodeMetadataPrompt.Instructions:Exploding this metadata file will produce individual records with editable metadata. This is an irreversible process and the original metadata file will be removed from the collection.
446ExplodeMetadataPrompt.Failed_Title:Exploding Failed.
447ExplodeMetadataPrompt.Failed_Explode:The database {0} could not be exploded.
448ExplodeMetadataPrompt.NotExplodable:This file is not explodable.
449ExplodeMetadataPrompt.Successful_Explode:Database {0} successfully exploded.
450ExplodeMetadataPrompt.Successful_Title:Exploding Complete.
451ExplodeMetadataPrompt.Title:Explode Metadata Database
454#****** WriteCDImagePrompt *******
455WriteCDImagePrompt.CD_Name:CD/DVD name
456WriteCDImagePrompt.Export:Write CD/DVD image
457WriteCDImagePrompt.Export_Tooltip:Write the selected collections as a Windows CD/DVD Image
458WriteCDImagePrompt.Failed_Export:The collections ({0}) could not be exported.
459WriteCDImagePrompt.Failed_Title:Export Failed
460WriteCDImagePrompt.Instructions:Export one or more collections to a self-installing Windows CD/DVD (although this works on any platform, the CD/DVD that is created only runs under Windows).
461WriteCDImagePrompt.Progress_Label:Copying Files. This could take some time...
462WriteCDImagePrompt.Successful_Export:The collections ({0}) have been exported.
463WriteCDImagePrompt.Successful_Title:Export Complete
464WriteCDImagePrompt.Title:Export Collection to CD/DVD
467#****** ExportAsPrompt *******
468ExportAsPrompt.Export_Name:Export directory name
469ExportAsPrompt.Export:Export collection(s)
470ExportAsPrompt.Export_Tooltip:Export the selected collections in the chosen file format into the designated directory
471ExportAsPrompt.Failed_ExportOne:The collection, {0}, could not be exported.
472ExportAsPrompt.Failed_ExportMany:The collections -- {0} -- could not be exported.
473ExportAsPrompt.Failed_Details:See {1} for details
474ExportAsPrompt.Failed_Title:Export Failed
475ExportAsPrompt.Instructions:Export one or more collections in the chosen format to into the stipulated directory
476ExportAsPrompt.Progress_Label:Exporting Files. This could take some time...
477ExportAsPrompt.Successful_ExportOne:The collection, {0}, has been exported.
478ExportAsPrompt.Successful_ExportMany:The collections -- {0} -- have been exported.
479ExportAsPrompt.Successful_Details:Files exported to: {1}
480ExportAsPrompt.Successful_Title:Export Complete
481ExportAsPrompt.Title:Export Collections
482ExportAsPrompt.SaveAs:Export to
483ExportAsPrompt.SaveAs_Tooltip:Select the format you want to export to
487ExternalCollectionPrompt.NewMDS:Create a new, empty metadata set.
488ExternalCollectionPrompt.ExistingMDS:Choose one or more existing metadata sets
489ExternalCollectionPrompt.Title:Load external collection
490ExternalCollectionPrompt.Instructions_1:You are about to load a collection that has not been created by the GLI. You will be asked to select one or more metadata sets to use for this collection. Existing metadata will be imported into the selected set(s). Original metadata files will be saved in a folder called import.bak.
491ExternalCollectionPrompt.Instructions_2:You are about to load a collection that has not been created by the GLI. You need to add a metadata set to this collection. You can create a new empty metadata set to which all the metadata elements found in the collection will be automatically added. Alternatively, you can select existing metadata sets, and elements from the collection will be merged with or added to the elements already in those sets. Original metadata files will be saved in a folder called import.bak.
494#***** Inherited Metadata *****
495ExtractedMetadata.Message:The selected file or folder contains extracted metadata, but it is currently hidden. To view extracted metadata go to the "[F]ile" menu and select "[P]references". In the "General" properties sheet select "View Extracted Metadata", then click "[O]k".
496ExtractedMetadata.Title:This File/Folder Has Hidden Extracted Metadata
498#***** FileActions *****
499FileActions.Calculating_Size:Calculating total size of selected files
500FileActions.Copying:Copying {0}
501FileActions.Deleting:Deleting {0}
502FileActions.Directories_Selected:{0} folders selected
503FileActions.Directory_Exists:<html>The folder<br>{0}<br>already exists within the collection. Files will be copied into it.</html>
504FileActions.Directory_Selected:1 folder selected
505FileActions.File_Already_Exists_No_Create:The file '{0}' already exists.
506FileActions.File_Already_Exists_Message:{0}\nA file with the name shown above already exists at the\ndestination, and despite your previous choice the Librarian Interface\nis unable to overwrite it. Please check file permissions.
507FileActions.File_Already_Exists_Title:Error - File Already Exists.
508FileActions.File_And_Directories_Selected:1 file and {0} folders selected
509FileActions.File_And_Directory_Selected:1 file and 1 folder selected
510FileActions.File_Create_Error:The file {0} could not be created.
511FileActions.Folder_Create_Error:The folder {0} could not be created.
512FileActions.File_Exists:<html>{0} already exists in the destination folder. Overwrite it?</html>
513FileActions.File_Not_Found_Message:{0}\nThe file named above can not be found. Once file view\nhas refreshed, please check the file still exists.
514FileActions.File_Not_Found_Title:Error - File Not Found.
515FileActions.File_Selected:1 file selected
516FileActions.Files_And_Directory_Selected:{0} files and 1 folder selected
517FileActions.Files_Selected:{0} files selected
518FileActions.Folder_Already_Exists:The folder name '{0}' is already in use. Cannot create folder.
519FileActions.Increase_Depth:Increase Depth by 1
520FileActions.Insufficient_Space_Message:The file action has failed because of insufficient disk\nspace. For the file to copy successfully you require a\nfurther: {0}
521FileActions.Insufficient_Space_Title:Error - Insufficient Space
522FileActions.Moving:Moving {0}
523FileActions.No_Activity:No action requested
524FileActions.Possible_Cyclic_Path:{1} is {0} directories deep and may be a recursive path? Should file actioning continue?
525FileActions.Read_Only:Files from the workspace are read only and cannot be deleted.
526FileActions.Selected:{0} files and {1} folders selected
527FileActions.Unknown_File_Error_Message:Although no error message was reported during the file\naction, a final check has shown that the destination\ncopy is not the same as the source file. The reason\nfor this is unknown. Please check your media and update\nyour installed JVM.
528FileActions.Unknown_File_Error_Title:Error - Unknown File Error
529FileActions.Write_Not_Permitted_Message:The Librarian Interface does not have permission to write to\n{0}\nPlease check file permissions.
530FileActions.Write_Not_Permitted_Title:Error - Incorrect File Permissions
531FileActions.Yes_To_All:Yes to All
534#******* File Associations dialog **********
536FileAssociationDialog.Add_Tooltip:Use this application to view files of this type
537FileAssociationDialog.Batch_File:Batch files
539FileAssociationDialog.Browse_Tooltip:Choose the application to use from your filespace
540FileAssociationDialog.Browse_Tooltip_Mac:Browsing for your application is currently disabled for MacOS
541FileAssociationDialog.Browse_Title:Choose Application
543FileAssociationDialog.Close_Tooltip:Close this dialog and return to the main window
544FileAssociationDialog.Command:Launch command:
545FileAssociationDialog.Command_File:Command files
546FileAssociationDialog.Command_Tooltip:Enter the command to launch the application to use
547FileAssociationDialog.Details:New File Association Details
548FileAssociationDialog.Executable_File:Executable files
549FileAssociationDialog.Existing_Associations:Current File Associations
550FileAssociationDialog.Extension:For files ending:
551FileAssociationDialog.Extension_Tooltip:The file extension of the files to view
552FileAssociationDialog.Instructions:Use this dialog to set what external programs are used to view a certain file-type, and what command is sent to launch this program.\nTo add a new file-type, type its extension in 'For files ending'. To add or modify a launch command, type the new command in 'Launch command' or click 'Browse' to search the file system for an appropriate program. Use the special string '%1' to indicate where the name of the file to be opened should be inserted, e.g. "C:\\Windows\\System\\MSPaint.exe %1". '%1' will be appended to the end of a command if not otherwise specified.\nMacOS users should always try the mac specific command "open [-a <application_name>] %1" first.
555FileAssociationDialog.Title:Edit File Associations
557FileAssociationDialog.Remove_Tooltip:Remove the current selected association from the existing associations
559FileAssociationDialog.Replace_Tooltip:Replace the currently selected association with the new association details
563Filter.0:HTM & HTML
565Filter.2:Text Files
567Filter.All_Files:All Files
568Filter.Filter_Tree:Show Files
569Filter.Invalid_Pattern:<HTML><FONT FACE={FONT} COLOR=Black>The pattern you have entered for filtering files is invalid.<BR>Please try again using regular expression syntax and with<BR>* for the wildcard character.</FONT></HTML>
572#***** GAuthenticator *****
574GAuthenticator.Password_Tooltip:Enter your password here
575GAuthenticator.Title:Password Required.
576GAuthenticator.Username:User Name:
577GAuthenticator.Username_Tooltip:Enter your username here
580#***** General Messages *****
581# 0 - A String representing the name and method of the class in question.
583General.Apply_Tooltip:Apply the current settings but do not exit the dialog
586General.Cancel_Tooltip:Cancel the changes (will not undo any that have been applied already)
588General.Close_Tooltip:Close this dialog box
589General.Edit:Edit Value
592General.NotSunJava:Java vendor: {0}\nNote that the Librarian Interface has been developed and tested with Java from Sun Microsystems.
594General.OK_Tooltip:Accept the current settings and exit the dialog
596General.Outstanding_Processes:<html>The Librarian Interface cannot close completely until all programs<br>started within The Librarian Interface have also exited.</html>
597General.Outstanding_Processes_Title:Waiting To Exit
598General.Pure_Cancel_Tooltip:Abort this action (no changes will be made)
599General.Review_Output:Please review output below:
600General.Usage:Usage: {0} <params>\nAll parameters are optional but the Librarian Interface may fail to work if -gsdl and -library aren't set.\n -gsdl <path> : Force path to gsdl\n -library <path> : Path to cgi-bin\n -mozilla <path> : Enabled mozilla\n -mirror : Enable web-mirroring controls\n -laf [java|windows|motif|mac] : Look and feel\n -debug : Enable debug messages\n -no_load : Don't load previously open collection\n -load <path> : Load the specified collection
601General.View:View Value
606#***** GShell *****
607GShell.BadArgument:Argument {0} is invalid.
608GShell.BadArgumentValue:Argument {0} has an invalid value.
609GShell.BadPluginOptions:The bad argument occurred in plugin {0}.
610GShell.BadClassifierOptions:The bad argument occurred in classifier {0}.
611GShell.Build.Auxilary:Creating auxiliary files and tidying up...
612GShell.Build.BuildBegun1:************** Build Started **************
613GShell.Build.BuildCancelled:************** Cancelled **************
614GShell.Build.BuildComplete1:************** Build Finished **************
615GShell.Build.CompressText:Compressing text...
616GShell.Build.Index:Creating an index based on {0-index source and level}...
617GShell.Build.InfoDatabase:Creating information database...
618GShell.Build.Phind:Generating a Phind classifier. This may take some time...
620GShell.Failure:Command failed.
621GShell.Import.FileNotProcessed:The file {0-target file path} was recognised but could not be processed by any plugin.
622GShell.Import.FileNotRecognised:The file {0-target file path} was not recognised by any plugin.
623GShell.Import.FileProcessing:The file {0-target file path} is being processed by {1-plugin name}.
624GShell.Import.FileProcessingError:The file {0-target file path} encountered an error during processing.
625GShell.Import.ImportBegun1:************** Import Started **************
626GShell.Import.ImportComplete1:************** Import Finished **************
627GShell.Import.ImportComplete2:{0-number documents considered} documents were considered for processing:
628GShell.Import.ImportComplete2.1:1 document was considered for processing:
629GShell.Import.ImportComplete.Processed:{0-number processed} documents were processed and included in the collection.
630GShell.Import.ImportComplete.Processed.1:1 document was processed and included in the collection.
631GShell.Import.ImportComplete.Blocked:{0-number blocked} were prevented from being added by plugins (such as images in web pages).
632GShell.Import.ImportComplete.Blocked.1:1 was prevented from being added by plugins (such as images in web pages).
633GShell.Import.ImportComplete.Ignored:{0-number ignored} were unrecognised.
634GShell.Import.ImportComplete.Ignored.1:1 was unrecognised.
635GShell.Import.ImportComplete.Failed:{0-number failed} were rejected.
636GShell.Import.ImportComplete.Failed.1:1 was rejected.
638GShell.Parsing_Metadata_Complete:Archived metadata extraction complete.
639GShell.Parsing_Metadata_Start:Extracting new metadata from archive files.
640GShell.Success:Command complete.
643#***** GUI *****
644# Currently Enabled and Disabled display the same text but in different
645# colours. If necessary this can be changed.
647GUI.Create_Tooltip:Build your collection using Greenstone
649GUI.Design_Tooltip:Design the functionality and appearance of your collection
651GUI.Download_Tooltip:Download resources from the internet for your collection
653GUI.Enrich_Tooltip:Assign metadata to the files in your collection
655GUI.Gather_Tooltip:Select the files to include in your collection
658#***** HELP *****
660Help.Title:Librarian Interface Help Pages
662#***** LockFileDialog *****
663LockFileDialog.Cancel_Tooltip:Do not steal control of the lock file (collection will not open)
666LockFileDialog.Lockfile_Message_One:The presence of a lock file suggests this collection is already open.
667LockFileDialog.Lockfile_Message_Two:Do you wish to 'steal' control of this lock file?
670LockFileDialog.OK_Tooltip:Steal control of the lock file
671LockFileDialog.Title:Lock File Detected
675#*****MappingPrompt **********
677MappingPrompt.Map:Create Shortcut
679MappingPrompt.Title:Set Folder Shortcut
680MappingPrompt.Unmap:Remove Shortcut
683#***** Menu Options *****
684Menu.Collapse:Close Folder
686Menu.Edit_Copy:Copy (ctrl-c)
687Menu.Edit_Cut:Cut (ctrl-x)
688Menu.Edit_Paste:Paste (ctrl-v)
689Menu.Expand:Open Folder
690Menu.Explode_Metadata_Database:Explode metadata database
692Menu.File_Associations:File Associations...
693Menu.File_CDimage:Write CD/DVD image...
704Menu.Metadata_View:Assigned Metadata for the {0}
705Menu.Open_Externally:Open in external program
708#***** MetaAudit *****
710MetaAudit.Close_Tooltip:Close this dialog box
711MetaAudit.Title:All Metadata
714#***** Metadata *****
717MetadataSet.Files:Metadata Set Files
720#******** MetadataImportMappingPrompt *********
722MIMP.Add_Tooltip:Add the metadata element to the selected set
724MIMP.Ignore_Tooltip:Ignore this metadata element
725MIMP.Instructions:The metadata element {0} cannot be automatically imported into the collection. Select a metadata set and either:\n(1) press 'Add' to add the metadata to that set (only if there is not already {0} metadata in the set), or\n(2) choose an element and press 'Merge' to import {0} metadata to this element, or\n(3) ignore this metadata element.
727MIMP.Merge_Tooltip:Map the metadata element to the specified element in the selected set
728MIMP.Source_Element:Source metadata element:
729MIMP.Target_Element:Target metadata element:
730MIMP.Target_Set:Target metadata set:
731MIMP.Title:Merging Action Required.
734#***** Mirroring *****
735Mirroring.ClearCache:Clear Cache
736Mirroring.ClearCache_Tooltip:Delete all downloaded files
738Mirroring.Download_Tooltip:Start a new download job
739Mirroring.Download_Controls:Download Settings
740Mirroring.Download_Depth:Download Depth:
743Mirroring.Download_Depth_Tooltip:How many hyperlinks deep to go when downloading
744Mirroring.Download_Embedded:Download text only (no images, stylesheets etc)
746Mirroring.DownloadJob.Close_Tooltip:Remove this job from the list, stopping it if it is currently running
747Mirroring.DownloadJob.Downloading:Downloading {0}
748Mirroring.DownloadJob.Download_Complete:Download complete
749Mirroring.DownloadJob.Download_Stopped:Download halted
750Mirroring.DownloadJob.Download_Progress:Downloading in progress
751Mirroring.DownloadJob.Log:View Log
752Mirroring.DownloadJob.Log_Tooltip:View details about this download
754Mirroring.DownloadJob.Pause_Tooltip:Pause this download
756Mirroring.DownloadJob.Resume_Tooltip:Resume this download
757Mirroring.DownloadJob.Status:Downloaded {0} of {1} files ({2} warnings, {3} errors)
758Mirroring.DownloadJob.Waiting:Waiting to start
759Mirroring.DownloadJob.Waiting_User:Waiting for user action
760Mirroring.Higher_Directories:Only mirror files below this URL
761Mirroring.Invalid_URL:The URL entered is not valid. Please correct.
762Mirroring.Invalid_URL_Title:Invalid URL
764Mirroring.Preferences_Tooltip:Enable proxy and/or edit proxy settings
765Mirroring.Same_Host:Only mirror files within the same site
766Mirroring.Source_URL:Source URL:
767Mirroring.Source_URL_Tooltip:URL to download
770#***** Missing EXEC *****
771MissingEXEC.Message:Warning! You will not be able to view your new collections within the Librarian Interface unless you specify the path to the locally running Greenstone Library Webserver. You can enter this now in the text field below, or later by going to Preferences and choosing the Connection tab. Remember that a valid url must start with the protocol "http://", and will probably end with the executable name ("gsdl" for Greenstone local library server, "library" for other web servers).
772MissingEXEC.Title:Missing Greenstone Library Address
773#***** Missing EXEC_GS3 *****
774MissingEXEC_GS3.Message:Warning! You will not be able to view your new collections within the Librarian Interface unless you specify the path to the Greenstone context in the locally running Tomcat Webserver. You can enter this now in the text field below, or later by going to Preferences and choosing the Connection tab. Remember that a valid url must start with the protocol "http://". The default address is http://localhost:8080/gsdl3.
775MissingEXEC_GS3.Title:Missing Greenstone Library Address
776#***** Missing GLIServer *****
777MissingGLIServer.Message:Warning! You will not be able to work with collections within the Librarian Interface unless you specify the address of the remote Greenstone "gliserver" script. You can enter this now in the text field below, or later by going to Preferences and choosing the Connection tab. Remember that a valid URL must start with the protocol "http://" and end with "gliserver".
778MissingGLIServer.Title:Missing GLIServer Address
779#***** Missing GSDL *****
780MissingGSDL.Message:Warning! You will not be able to access all of the Librarian Interface's features without a local copy of Greenstone Digital Library also installed. If you believe you are receiving this message in error please check your installation, and the paths specified in Librarian Interface batch or script file.
781MissingGSDL.Title:Missing Greenstone Path
782#***** Missing PERL *****
783MissingPERL.Message:Warning! You will not be able to create new collections, nor build existing ones, without PERL installed, and the Librarian Interface was unable to find PERL on your system. If you believe you are receiving this message in error please check your installation, and the paths specified in Librarian Interface batch or script file.
784MissingPERL.Title:Missing PERL Path
785#******* MissingWGET ********
786MissingWGET.Message:Warning! Web mirroring is disabled because the Librarian Interface failed to locate an appropriate version of WGet. If you believe you are receiving this message in error please check your installation and the paths specified in the Librarian Interface batch or script file.
787MissingWGET.Title:Missing WGet
788#******* MissingImageMagick ********
789MissingImageMagick.Message:Warning! The Librarian Interface failed to locate an appropriate version of ImageMagick, and consequently ImagePlug will not work. Please install ImageMagick if you wish to build image collections.
790MissingImageMagick.Title:Missing ImageMagick
793#***** New Session *****
794NewCollectionPrompt.Base_Collection:Base this collection on:
795NewCollectionPrompt.Base_Collection_Tooltip:Select an existing collection to base the new collection on
796NewCollectionPrompt.Collection_Description:Description of content:
797#NewCollectionPrompt.Collection_Email:Author's Email:
798NewCollectionPrompt.Collection_Name:Collection folder:
799#NewCollectionPrompt.Collection_Name_Tooltip:Short collection name, used internally (must be 8 characters or less)
800NewCollectionPrompt.Description_Error:The description field must be filled out. Please correct.
801NewCollectionPrompt.Error:Error in new collection.
802NewCollectionPrompt.Instructions:To create a new collection fill out the fields below.
803NewCollectionPrompt.Metadata_Elements:Elements within selected set:
804NewCollectionPrompt.Metadata_Instructions1:Check the boxes beside the metadata sets to include in your collection.
805NewCollectionPrompt.Metadata_Instructions2:(Note: You can add new ones later).
806NewCollectionPrompt.Metadata_Title_Existing:Select metadata sets.
807#NewCollectionPrompt.Name_Error:You have either failed to enter a name for the collection, or the name you have choosen is already in use. Please correct.
808NewCollectionPrompt.NewCollection:-- New Collection --
809NewCollectionPrompt.Select_MDS:Available metadata sets:
810NewCollectionPrompt.Title:Create a new Collection.
811NewCollectionPrompt.Title_Clash:The title you have chosen for your collection is already in use. Continue?
812NewCollectionPrompt.Title_Error:The title field must be filled out. Please correct.
813#***** New Folder OrFilePrompt *****
815NewFolderOrFilePrompt.Default_Folder_Name:new folder
816NewFolderOrFilePrompt.Destination_Name:Destination Folder
817NewFolderOrFilePrompt.File_Name:File Name
818NewFolderOrFilePrompt.File_Name_Tooltip:Enter a name for the new file
819NewFolderOrFilePrompt.Folder_Name:Folder Name
820NewFolderOrFilePrompt.Folder_Name_Tooltip:Enter a name for the new folder
821NewFolderOrFilePrompt.Title_Folder:Create a new folder
822NewFolderOrFilePrompt.Title_File:Create a new dummy document
825NoMetadataSetsSelected.Message:If you create the collection now it will have no initial metadata sets. You will not be able to import nor assign any metadata until a set is imported or added to your collection. Do you wish to continue?
826NoMetadataSetsSelected.Title:No Metadata Sets Selected
829#******* OldWGET *******
830NoPluginExpectedToProcessFile.Message:None of Greenstone's plugins are expected to process the file "{0}". Check that the file has the correct extension. If it is correct then you may have to use UnknownPlug to process this file.
831NoPluginExpectedToProcessFile.Title:No plugin expected to process file
834#******* OldWGET *******
835OldWGET.Message:Warning! The version of WGet you have installed has a known bug when mirroring files which contain encoded characters such as space and tilde in their URL. While this shouldn't be a problem, we recommend installing WGet 1.9 or higher.
836OldWGET.Title:Old WGet
839#***** OpenCollectionDialog *****
840OpenCollectionDialog.Available_Collections:Available Collections
842OpenCollectionDialog.Browse_Tooltip:Choose a collection from your filespace
843OpenCollectionDialog.Collection:Greenstone Collection (".col")
844OpenCollectionDialog.Description:Collection Description
845OpenCollectionDialog.Locked_Collection:Greenstone collection already in use
846OpenCollectionDialog.No_Description:Please select a greenstone collection (".col" file) to see description.
847OpenCollectionDialog.Normal_Collection:Greenstone collection
849OpenCollectionDialog.Open_Tooltip:Load the selected collection into the Librarian Interface
850OpenCollectionDialog.Title:Open Greenstone Collection
853#***** Options Pane inside CreatePane *****
854OptionsPane.Cancelled: - cancelled
855OptionsPane.LogHistory:Log history
856OptionsPane.Successful: - successful
857OptionsPane.Unknown: - unknown
858OptionsPane.Unsuccessful: - unsuccessful
861#***** Preferences *****
864Preferences.Connection_Tooltip:Set the URL to the greenstone library and configure a proxy connection if appropriate
865Preferences.Connection.GLIServer_URL:Greenstone gliserver URL:
866Preferences.Connection.GLIServer_URL_Tooltip:The URL of the Greenstone "gliserver" CGI script
867Preferences.Connection.Library_Path:Library Path:
868Preferences.Connection.Library_Path_GS3:Greenstone Web Path:
869Preferences.Connection.Library_Path_Tooltip:The URL of the Greenstone web-server
870Preferences.Connection.Library_Path_Tooltip_GS3:The URL of the Greenstone web-server
871Preferences.Connection.ProgramCommand:Preview Command:
872Preferences.Connection.ProgramCommand_Tooltip:The launch command for the program used to view the collection preview. Remember to use %1 as the placeholder for the collection address, and to use speechmarks where necessary.
873Preferences.Connection.Proxy_Host:Proxy Host:
874Preferences.Connection.Proxy_Host_Tooltip:The address of your proxy server
875Preferences.Connection.Proxy_Port:Proxy Port:
876Preferences.Connection.Proxy_Port_Tooltip:The port number of your proxy server
878Preferences.Connection.Servlet_Tooltip:The servlet to use to view your site
879Preferences.Connection.Servlet_Tooltip2:There is no servlet specified for this site, you can still build collections, but you wont be able to view them
881Preferences.Connection.Site_Tooltip:The site you want to work in
882Preferences.Connection.Use_Proxy:Use proxy connection?
884Preferences.General_Tooltip:Set some general preferences
885Preferences.General.Email:User's Email:
886Preferences.General.Email_Tooltip:The email address automatically used for any collection created with the GLI
888Preferences.General.Font_Tooltip:The font used for the GLI interface.
889Preferences.General.Interface_Language:Interface Language:
890Preferences.General.Interface_Language_Tooltip:Select the language you wish the interface and its controls to be displayed in.
891Preferences.General.Restart_Required:GLI should now be restarted in order to complete updating its interface.
892Preferences.General.Show_File_Size:Show file sizes
893Preferences.General.Show_File_Size_Tooltip:Show file sizes next to entries in the Workspace and Collection file trees.
894Preferences.General.View_Extracted_Metadata:View Extracted Metadata
895Preferences.General.View_Extracted_Metadata_Tooltip:Display metadata extracted by the greenstone plugins in the metadata list in the Enrich view.
897Preferences.Mode_Tooltip:Click on an entry to select a suitable level of operation
898Preferences.Mode.Assistant:Library Assistant
899Preferences.Mode.Assistant_Description:Use this setting to gain access to the basic features of the Greenstone Librarian Interface: adding documents and metadata to collections, creating new collections whose structure mirrors existing ones, and building collections.
901Preferences.Mode.Librarian_Description:This setting gives normal use of the Greenstone Librarian Interface: creating and designing new collections, adding documents and metadata to collections, designing new collections, and building collections.
902Preferences.Mode.Systems:Library Systems Specialist
903Preferences.Mode.Systems_Description: This setting enables full use of the Greenstone Librarian Interface. To take advantage of all the features available, you will need to be able to formulate regular expressions.
905Preferences.Mode.Expert_Description:This setting enables expert use of the Greenstone Librarian Interface. It is recommended for users who are experienced with Greenstone, and are able to perform troubleshooting tasks that involve interpreting debugging output from PERL scripts. All features of the Greenstone Librarian Interface are enabled.
907Preferences.Warnings_Tooltip:Enable or disable various warning dialogs
909Preferences.Workflow_Tooltip:Design the interface workflow: set which views should be enabled
910Preferences.Workflow.Create:Create - Build your collection using Greenstone
911Preferences.Workflow.Design:Design - Change collection appearence
912Preferences.Workflow.Download:Download - Download web-based resources
913Preferences.Workflow.Enrich:Enrich - Annotate with metadata
914Preferences.Workflow.Gather:Gather - Select files for collection
915Preferences.Workflow.Predefined.Label:Predefined Workflows
916Preferences.Workflow.Title:Check box to enable view
919#**** PreviewCommandDialog *******
920PreviewCommandDialog.Instructions:Enter the command for opening the program to view collection preview. Remember to use %1 as the placeholder for the collection address, and to use speechmarks where necessary.
921PreviewCommandDialog.Title:Preview Command
924#***** Remote Greenstone Server *****
925RemoteGreenstoneServer.Error:An error has occurred while performing this operation:\n{0-Error message}
926RemoteGreenstoneServer.Error_Title:Remote Greenstone Server Error
927RemoteGreenstoneServer.Progress:Remote Greenstone Server Progress:
930#***** Save Collection Box *****
931SaveCollectionBox.File_Name:File Name:
932SaveCollectionBox.Files_Of_Type:Files of Type:
933SaveCollectionBox.Look_In:Look In:
936#***** Save Progress Box *******
937SaveProgressDialog.Title:Saving Collection
940Server.QuitManual:The Librarian Interface was unable to close the local\nlibrary server automatically. Please exit the server\nmanually by clicking on the cross icon in its top\nright-hand corner, then click OK on this dialog.
941Server.QuitTimeOut:The greenstone local library has not responded to the\nautomatic close command for sixty seconds. Do you\nwish to wait for another minute?
943#***** Sources *****
947#***** TitleClash *****
948TitleClashes.Message:The title you have chosen for your collection is already in use. Continue?
949TitleClashes.Title:Entered Title Clashes
952#***** Trees *****
953Tree.DownloadedFiles:Downloaded Files
955Tree.Home:Home Folder ({0})
956Tree.Root:Local Filespace
957Tree.World:Documents in Greenstone Collections
960#***** Warning Dialog *****
961WarningDialog.Dont_Show_Again:Do not show this warning again
962WarningDialog.Dont_Show_Again_Message:Do not show this message again
963WarningDialog.Invalid_Value:The value you have entered in the value field\nis not valid for the specified property.
964WarningDialog.Value:Enter value:
966#****** WGet *****
967WGet.Prompt:WGet Mirroring Client
969#****** Workflows *****
970Workflow.AllPanels:All panels
971Workflow.LocalSourceCollectionBuilding:Local source collection building
972Workflow.DocumentEnriching:Document enriching
974GEMS.Already_Loaded_Set_Error: The metadata set you selected is currently open.
975GEMS.Element_Already_Exists:An element with this name already exists.
976GEMS.Set_Already_Exists:A set with this namespace already exists.
977GEMS.Cannot_Delete_Core_Sets_Error:You cannot remove a core GLI metadata set.
979GEMS.Preferences.Selected_Languages_Tooltip: Selected languages to display:
981GEMS.Add_Attribute:Add attribute
982GEMS.Add_Attribute_Tooltip:Add a new attribute to the selected item
983GEMS.Add_Element:Add element
984GEMS.Add_Element_Tooltip:Add a new element to the selected set
985GEMS.Add_Subelement:Add subelement
986GEMS.Add_Subelement_Tooltip:Add a new subelement to the selected element
987GEMS.Add_Set:Add Set
989GEMS.Attribute_Already_Exists:This attribute already exists.
990GEMS.Attribute_Name_Tooltip:The name of the new attribute
991GEMS.Attribute_Language_Tooltip:The language of the new attribute
992GEMS.Attribute_Value_Tooltip:The value of the new attribute
994GEMS.Cannot_Undo:(this action cannot be undone)
995GEMS.Cannot_Add_Elements_To_Greenstone_MDS:You cannot manually add elements to the Greenstone Metadata. If\nnecessary create a new set, then add your new element to it instead.
996GEMS.Confirm_Exit_Save: Would you like to save before exiting?
997GEMS.Confirm_Exit_Save_Title: Save Before Exit?
998GEMS.Confirm_Removal:Are you sure you wish to remove this {0}?
999GEMS.Confirm_Removal_Title:Confirm Removal
1000GEMS.Edit_Attribute:Edit Attribute
1001GEMS.Edit_Value:Edit Value
1002GEMS.Edit_Value_Tooltip:Change the selected value
1004GEMS.Element_Name_Tooltip:The name of the new element
1005GEMS.Element_Details:Metadata Element Details
1010GEMS.New_Name:New Name
1011GEMS.No_Description:No description found.
1012GEMS.No_Name:No name found.
1013GEMS.Open_Set:Open Set
1014GEMS.Remove_Attribute:Remove attribute
1015GEMS.Remove_Attribute_Tooltip:Remove the selected attribute
1016GEMS.Remove_Element:Remove element
1017GEMS.Remove_Element_Tooltip:Remove the selected element from the set
1018GEMS.Remove_Set:Remove set
1019GEMS.Remove_Set_Tooltip:Remove the selected set
1020GEMS.Rename_Element:Rename element
1021GEMS.Rename_Element_Tooltip:The element's new name
1022GEMS.Rename_Name_Tooltip:The metadata set's new name
1023GEMS.Rename_Namespace_Tooltip:The metadata set's unique namespace
1024GEMS.Rename_Set:Rename set
1025GEMS.Rename_Set_Tooltip:Rename the metadata set
1027GEMS.Set_Details:Metadata Set Details
1028GEMS.Set_Name_Tooltip:The name of the new metadata set
1029GEMS.Set_Namespace_Tooltip:A unique namespace for the new metadata set
1030GEMS.Subelement_Name_Tooltip:The name of the new subelement
1031GEMS.Subelement_Already_Exists:A subelement with this name already exists.
1033GEMS.Title:Greenstone Editor for Metadata Sets
1036GEMS.inheritMetadataSet:Inherit from Metadataset:
1037GEMS.Add_Set.No_Inherit:Do not inherit
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