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4<title>The Greenstone Librarian Interface - Help Pages</title>
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13This section describes how to import previously assigned metadata: metadata assigned to documents before they were added to the collection.
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15If metadata in a form recognized by the Librarian Interface has been previously
16assigned to a file -- for example, when you choose documents from an existing
17Greenstone collection -- it is imported automatically when you add the file.
18To do this, the metadata must be mapped to the metadata sets available in the
21The Librarian Interface prompts for the necessary information. The prompt
22gives brief instructions and then shows the name of the metadata element that
23is being imported, just as it appears in the source file. This field cannot be
24edited or changed. Next you choose what metadata set the new element should map
25to, and then the appropriate metadata element in that set. The system
26automatically selects the closest match, in terms of set and element, for the
27new metadata.
29Having checked the mapping, you can choose "Add" to add the new metadata
30element to the chosen metadata set. (This is only enabled if there is no
31element of the same name within the chosen set.) "Merge" maps the new element
32to the one chosen by the user. Finally, "Ignore" does not import any metadata
33with this element name. Once you have specified how to import a certain piece of metadata, the mapping
34information is retained for the collection's lifetime.
36For details on the metadata.xml files which Greenstone uses to store the metadata, see Chapter 2 of the Greenstone
37Developer's Guide -- Getting the most out of your documents.
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