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setup.bat is not in the right format for me, so I have removed it from the gs2build module and added it here

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1@echo off
2set GSDLLANG=en
4if "%OS%" == "Windows_NT" goto WinNT
5if "%OS%" == "" goto Win95
6if "%GSDLLANG%" == "en" echo Setup failed - your PATH has not been set
7if "%GSDLLANG%" == "es" echo No se pudo realizar la configuraci¢n - no se ha establecido la RUTA.
8if "%GSDLLANG%" == "fr" echo Ech‚c de l'installation - votre variable PATH n'a pas ‚t‚ ajust‚e
9if "%GSDLLANG%" == "ru" echo “áâ ­®¢ª  ­¥ 〠« áì - “’œ ­¥ ¡ë« ãáâ ­®¢«¥­
10goto End
13set GSDLHOME=@gsdlhome@
14set GSDLOS=windows
15set PATH=%GSDLHOME%\bin\windows\perl\bin;%GSDLHOME%\bin\windows;%GSDLHOME%\bin\script;%PATH%
16goto Success
19if "%1" == "SetEnv" goto Win95Env
20REM We'll invoke a second copy of the command processor to make
21REM sure there's enough environment space
22COMMAND /E:2048 /K %0 SetEnv
23goto End
26set GSDLHOME=@gsdlhome@
27set GSDLOS=windows
28set PATH="%GSDLHOME%\bin\windows\perl\bin";"%GSDLHOME%\bin\windows";"%GSDLHOME%\bin\script";"%PATH%"
31if "%GSDLLANG%" == "en" echo Your environment has successfully been set up to run Greenstone.
32if "%GSDLLANG%" == "en" echo Note that these settings will only have effect within this MS-DOS
33if "%GSDLLANG%" == "en" echo session. You will therefore need to rerun setup.bat if you want
34if "%GSDLLANG%" == "en" echo to run Greenstone programs from a different MS-DOS session.
36if "%GSDLLANG%" == "es" echo Su ambiente ha sido configurado para correr los programas Greenstone.
37if "%GSDLLANG%" == "es" echo Recuerde que estos ajustes £nicamente tendr n efecto dentro de esta sesi¢n
38if "%GSDLLANG%" == "es" echo MS-DOS. Por lo tanto deber  ejecutar nuevamente setup.bat si desea
39if "%GSDLLANG%" == "es" echo correr los programas de Greenstone desde una sesi¢n MS-DOS diferente.
41if "%GSDLLANG%" == "fr" echo Votre environnement a ‚t‚ configu‚re avec succŠs pour ex‚cuter Greenstone
42if "%GSDLLANG%" == "fr" echo Notez que ces paramŠtrages n'auront d'effet que dans cette session MS-DOS.
43if "%GSDLLANG%" == "fr" echo Vous devrez par cons‚quent r‚ex‚cuter setup.bat si vous voulez faire
44if "%GSDLLANG%" == "fr" echo lancer des programmes Greenstone dans une autre session MS-DOS.
46if "%GSDLLANG%" == "ru" echo ‚ è¥ ®ªà㊥­š¥ ¡ë«® ãᯥ譮 ­ áâ஥­®, ç⮡ë ãáâ ­®¢šâì Greenstone Ž¡à âšâ¥
47if "%GSDLLANG%" == "ru" echo ¢­š¬ ­š¥, çâ® íâš ­ §­ ç¥­šï ¡ã€ãâ ⮫쪮 š¬¥âì íä䥪⠢ ¯à¥€¥« å í⮣® MS DOS
48if "%GSDLLANG%" == "ru" echo á¥áášï. ‚ë ¡ã€¥â¥ ¯®í⮬㠀®«Š­ë ¯®¢â®à­® ã¯à ¢«ïâì setup.bat, ¥á«š ‚ë å®âšâ¥
49if "%GSDLLANG%" == "ru" echo ã¯à ¢«ïâì ¯à®£à ¬¬ ¬š ‡¥«ñ­ëå š§¢¥àŠ¥­­ëå ¯®à®€ ®â à §«šç­®© á¥áášš MS DOS.
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