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2The Greenstone software
4 Here we explain the software packages and information collections
5 in the Greenstone Digital Library software that you can download
6 and run on your own computer. Installation instructions for each
7 version of the software are given separately.
8 Greenstone is open-source software, distributed under the terms of
9 the GNU General Public License.
10 For more information about how to use the software, read The
11 Greenstone Digital Library Software manual (PDF format, 570 Kb).
12 This document also describes how to obtain associated software,
13 that is also freely available--ActiveState Perl and the Apache
14 Webserver.
16Greenstone Distributions
18 Versions of Greenstone are available for
20 * Unix
21 + Source distribution
22 * Windows
23 + Source distribution
24 + Binary distributions
25 o Local Library
26 o Web Library
27 o Collection Builder
29 and you can also download some
31 * Greenstone Collections
33 All distributions are downloaded using the ftp protocol. The
34 directories contain old versions too, but we recommend that you always
35 download the latest release.
37Unix source distribution
39 Greenstone has been developed and thoroughly tested on Linux systems.
40 It has also been compiled and had some testing on SunOS 5.6.
41 Please tell us if you port it to other flavors of Unix. Currently,
42 only a source distribution is available for Unix (let us know if
43 you need Unix binaries).
45 In order to compile the Greenstone source on Unix, you will need
46 * GCC, the Gnu C++ compiler. Greenstone makes extensive use of the
47 C++ standard template library (we've found it to be broken on some
48 older versions of GCC; please tell us if you have STL problems)
49 * GDBM, the Gnu database manager (
51 In order to run the Greenstone software, you will also need
52 * Perl (version 5 or higher) (
53 * Webserver software, e.g. Apache (
55 Most Unix installations will already have all that is required.
57Windows source distribution
59 The source code is the same for Windows as for Unix, but the
60 installation instructions are different. Greenstone has currently
61 only been compiled on Windows using Microsoft Visual C++ 4.2 (we
62 use this version to retain compatibility with Windows 3.x). Minor
63 problems may occur with compilers other than VC++ 4.2--these will
64 be sorted out very soon for VC++ 6.0 and various Windows ports of
67 In order to compile the Greenstone source on Windows, you will need
68 * Microsoft Visual C++ 4.2
69 * STL, the C++ standard template library (newer versions of VC++ and
70 GCC come with STL included) (
72 The GDBM source is included in the Greenstone source distribution.
74 In order to run the Greenstone software, you will also need
75 * Perl (we recommend ActivePerl, see below)
76 * Webserver software (we recommend Apache, see below)
78Windows binary distributions
80 There are three separate binary distributions for Windows: the
81 Local Library, the Web Library, and the Collection Builder.
82 Local Library. This enables any Windows computer to serve
83 pre-built Greenstone collections. The package includes the Demo
84 Collection; other collections can be downloaded in pre-built form.
85 The software is the same as that used on Greenstone CD-ROMs.
86 The Local Library is intended for use on standalone computers or
87 computers that do not already have webserver software. It contains
88 a built-in webserver, with limited web-serving configurability, so
89 that other computers on the same network can also access the
90 library.
92 In order to construct new Greenstone collections, you will also need
93 * Collection Builder
95 Web Library. This enables any computer with an existing webserver
96 (e.g. Apache) to serve pre-built Greenstone collections. The package
97 includes the Demo Collection; other collections can be downloaded in
98 pre-built form.
100 The Web Library differs from the Local Library because the Local
101 Library is intended for computers that do not already have webserver
102 software.
104 In order to run the Web Library, you will also need
105 * Webserver software (we recommend Apache, see below)
107 In order to construct new Greenstone collections, you will also need
108 * Collection Builder
110 Collection Builder. This allows you to build collections containing
111 material of your choice. Once built, collections can be served by
112 either the Local Library or the Web Library package. Several NZDL
113 collections can be downloaded in unbuilt form (see below) and built
114 using the Collection Builder.
116 This package does not include any collections. You need to download a
117 collection (e.g. the Demo Collection) in order to try it out.
119 In order to run the Collection Builder, you will also need
120 * Perl (we recommend ActivePerl, see below)
122 In order to serve any collections you build, you will also need
123 * Local Library or Web Library package
125Associated Software
127 Perl. We recommend ActivePerl from
128 It seems that newer versions (Perl 5.6) do not work with the
129 Greenstone building programs: accordingly, you should download a
130 pre-5.6 version. (Whether this is a bug in our code, in
131 ActiveState's port of Perl 5.6, or in Perl 5.6 itself, is
132 difficult to say.) Please tell us any information on which Perl
133 ports work and which don't.
135 Apache Webserver. Apache is free, and easy to install.
137Greenstone Collections
139 Several of the collections on the NZDL website are available for
140 download, either in pre-built or unbuilt form.
142 Note: on Windows, you need the Collection Builder package to make use
143 of unbuilt collections.
145 The following collections are currently available
147 Arabic Demonstration Collection arabic 4.2 Mb
148 Bibliotheque pour le developpement ... tulane 340 Mb
149 Chinese Demonstration Collection chinese 0.47 Mb
150 Collection on Critical Global Issues unu 71 Mb
151 Collection on Critical Global Issues 2 ccgi 102 Mb
152 Computer Science Bibliographies csbib 112 Mb
153 Computer Science Technical Reports cstr 1800 Mb
154 Demo Collection demo 2.5 Mb
155 Food and Nutrition Library fnl 98 Mb
156 HCI Bibliography hcibib 4.8 Mb
157 Humanity Development Library hdl 387 Mb
158 Indigenous Peoples Collection ipc 3.6 Mb
159 Mäori Newspapers niupepa 659 Mb
160 Medical and Health Library mhl 73 Mb
161 Project Gutenberg Collection gberg 428 Mb
162 Sahel Point Doc unesco 78 Mb
163 The Computists' Weekly tcc 5.0 Mb
164 Tidbits tidbits 5.4 Mb
165 Virtual Disaster Library paho 73 Mb
166 Women's History Collection whist 12 Mb
167 World Environment Library envl 220 Mb
168 Youth Oral History collection ohist 421 Mb
172 Please report bugs or installation problems to
173 [email protected]
175 -----------------------------------------------
177 New Zealand Digital Library Project
178 Department of Computer Science, University of Waikato, New Zealand
179 April 2000
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