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Last change on this file since 1157 was 1157, checked in by sjboddie, 24 years ago and gsdlsite.cfg now have dummy GSDLHOME's in cvs repository.
they'll be replaced with something more sensible when creating distributions

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[952]1# this file should be placed in the same directory as your library
2# executable file. it should be edited to suit your site.
4# points to the GSDLHOME directory
[1157]5gsdlhome **GSDLHOME**
7# this is the http address of GSDLHOME
[1157]8# if your webservers DocumentRoot is set to $GSDLHOME
9# then httpprefix can remain commented out
10#httpprefix /gsdl
12# this is the http address of the directory which
13# contains the images for the interface.
[1157]14# if your webservers DocumentRoot is set to $GSDLHOME
[1135]15# then httpimg will be /images
[1145]16httpimg /images
18# should contain the http address of this cgi script. This
19# is not needed if the http server sets the environment variable
[1038]21#gwcgi /cgi-bin/library
23# maxrequests is the most requests a fastcgi process
24# will serve before it exits. This can be set to a
25# low figure (like 1) while debugging and then set
26# to a high figure (like 10000) when everything is
27# working well.
28maxrequests 10000
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