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Demo collection now uses build time files as produced by the Organizer
(i.e. metadata.xml, sub.txt etc.)

  • Property svn:executable set to *
  • Property svn:keywords set to Author Date Id Revision
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1"ACCU" 1 "ACCU"
2"Agenda 21" 2 "Agenda 21"
3"Alkire" 3 "Alkire"
5"Chandra" 5 "Chandra"
6"CPS" 6 "CPS"
7"EC Courier" 7 "EC Courier"
8"FAO" 8 "FAO"
9"FAO Better Farming series" 9 "FAO Better Farming series"
10"Habitat" 10 "Habitat"
11"Inforse" 11 "Inforse"
12"International Institute for Rural Reconstruction" 12 "International Institute for Rural Reconstruction"
13"NGLS" 13 "NGLS"
14"Peace Corps" 14 "Peace Corps"
16"World Bank" 16 "World Bank"
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