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1wv - Microsoft Word converter
3This directory contains a version of the wv program. It was originally
4written by Caolan McNamara and distributed under the GNU General Public
5License. wv is now maintained by Dom Lachowicz and Martin Vermeer. wv
6incorporates code from a variety of GPL programs from other sources.
7Thank you all.
9The wv homepage is
11We have included the source code here. It is a slimmed-down version
12of wv version 0.7.1. It should handle documents created with Word 2 up
13to Word 2000. We have tested it on Linux (slackware 7), darwin (OS X
1410.1.3), cygwin, and solaris 2.8 (via sourceforge's compile farm).
16John McPherson -- Apr 2002
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