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replaced yaz 1 with a new version, yaz 2.1.4.

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1The YAZ toolkit is used by the GSDL receptionist
2when acting as a z39.50 client.
4June 2005, kjdon:
5Changed to use yaz version 2.1.4. This is also used by the new z3950server.
6The original yaz download has been added to cvs - this is unzipped and untared by the configure script, then only the src and client directories are compiled.
7Greenstone uses the libyaz.a library. yaz_zclient.o is modified from the sample client.o, and now lives in the colservr directory.
9Two files are linked against:
10 client/yaz_client.o, which was modified from Index Data's sample
11 client code, and
13 lib/libyaz.a, which contains all the z39.50 and MARC formatting code.
14 There is probably a lot of stuff in this library that does
15 not need to be there for our purposes, but for now it is,
16 merely wasting some disk space and some compile-time CPU.
18John McPherson
193 August 2000
21yaz version 1.6
23September 2000:
24removed "ill" "server" "ztest" and "retrieval" subdirs.
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