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2Copyright (C) 1995-2000, Index Data ApS.
3See the file LICENSE for details.
5Compilation and installation instructions for YAZ
7The primary output of the source here is the lib/libyaz.a library,
8which contains support functions for implementing the server or client
9role of Z39.50/SR.
11Windows programmers: refer to the file windows.txt which describes how
12to build the software using Microsoft Visual C++.
14On Unix, GNU configure is used to configure YAZ and generate Makefiles.
15Type "./configure", then "make" to build YAZ.
17Two test-programs of interest are generated when you type 'make' at the
18top level: ztest/yaz-ztest and client/yaz-client. Ztest is a dummy
19database server which returns canned responses to all queries. It's good
20for verifying that the protocol works ok, and ztest.c shows an
21implementation of a 'backend' interface.
23yaz-client is a linemode Z39.50 client. It supports a fair amount of the
24functionality of Z39.50v2/SR, but some things you need to enable or
25disable by recompilation. Its primary purpose is to excersise the
26package, and verify that the protocol works OK. It can be started by
29 yaz-client tcp:<hostname>:<port>[/<database>]
31at the UNIX prompt, to connect to a Z39.50 server.
33Use '?' to get a list of the available commands.
35The current query language for the find command is a bit awkward, but
38 query ::= ['@attrset' <attribute-set>] rpn
39 rpn ::= complex | simple | attr rpn
40 complex ::= operator rpn rpn
41 operator ::= '@and' | '@or' | '@not' | '@prox' proximity
42 simple ::= term | set.
43 term ::= <word> | '"' <term> ... '"'.
44 set ::= '@set' <setname>.
45 attr ::= '@attr' [<attribute-set>] <number> '=' <number>.
46 proximity ::= exclusion distance ordered relation which unit
47 exclusion ::= '1' | '0' | 'void'
48 distance ::= <number>
49 ordered ::= '1' | '0'
50 relation ::= <number>
51 which ::= 'known' | 'private'
52 unit ::= <number>
56 Andersen
58 "Hans Andersen"
60 @and @attr 1=1 andersen @attr 1=4 @attr 4=2 duckling
62 @attrset Bib-1 @and @attr GILS 2=2008 Washington @attr 1=21 weather
64The sort command takes a sequence of sort specifications. A sort
65specification holds a field (sort criteria) and is followed by flags.
66If the sort critieria includes = it is assumed that the sort SortKey
67is of type sortAttributes using Bib-1. The integer before the = is
68the attribute type and the integer following the = is the attribute
69value. If no = is in the SortKey it is treated as a sortfield-type
70of type InternationalString. Flags observed are s (sort case
71sensitive), i (sort case insensitive), < (ascending), > (descending).
73 1=4 i< (use is title, insensitive, ascending).
74 Title s> (String Title, sensitive, descending).
76The directories:
78doc - Documentation.
80util - Various little utility functions. Logging, memory debugging,
81 primitive ISO 2709 presentation for the yaz-client, etc. You'll
82 find the ASN.1 Compiler for YAZ here as well (yc.tcl).
84odr - Open Data Representation. This module implements the BER
85 encoding rules. Documentation is found in the files
86 and odr.txt.
88asn - This module implements the Z39.50/SR protocol. The best way
89 to find out how it works is to look in the sample
90 client/server code in server/seshigh.c. The interface is still
91 wholly described by the file proto.h which defines structure
92 and type definitions for each of the types introduced in the
93 protocol specification.
95z39.50 - This module implements the Z39.50 protocol. This module
96 does the same job as the 'asn' module except that the source
97 files are auto-generated using an YAZ' ASN.1 Compiler (YC).
99zutil - This module implements a collection of Z39.50 utilities, such
100 as query parsing, EXTERNAL handling, etc.
102ill - This module implements the ISO ILL protocol.
104comstack - This module implements the transport transparency
105 stack (COMSTACK). The comstack implements a generic interface
106 for exchanging BER-encoded records over a network. It supports
107 the 'American' mode of exchanging the records straight over
108 TCP/IP, and uses Peter Furniss' XTIMOSI package over RFC1006.
109 Look for documentation in the file
111rfc1006 - Xtimosi requires an implementation of the OSI transport
112 layer with an XTI-based API. Some systems (HP and DEC,
113 notably) provide this. For others, we provide an
114 implementation of the RFC1006 protocol (which is what
115 ISODE-based implementations often use). This module is not
116 needed if you don't use xtimosi, and it's not included in the
117 libyaz.a library.
119server - This is the implementation of the server frontend. It
120 provides event-handling and server managament functions,
121 and calls the backend primitives (best documentation of these
122 is in the file include/backend.h).
124client - A demonstration client. If we come upon a good design for a
125 higher level client API, that will live here.
127ztest - A demonstration server that implements a backend.
129include - The various header files.
131lib - The libraries. Primarily libyaz.a. The makefile gathers the
132 libraries from previous modules into libyaz.a.
134To get more information or assistance, send mail to [email protected].
136We maintain a mailing-list for the purpose of announcing new versions of
137the software, bug-reports, discussion etc. You can sign up by sending
138mail to [email protected] and include the following command
139command in your email:
140 subscribe yaz-l
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