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1YAZ Compilation guidelines for winNT/95.
3This distribution of YAZ includes makefiles that works with Visual
4C++ version 5 and 6. The makefile is located in sub directory 'win'.
6If you wish to make modifications to the make process you should
7edit makefile before proceeding. For example, a DEBUG version of YAZ
8can be build by modifying the line 'DEBUG=0' to 'DEBUG=1' in the
11Run nmake in that directory (in a Command prompt for example). Eg:
15Make sure that the environment variables PATH, LIB and INCLUDE are
16set properly. They *should* be set by the Visual C++ installation.
17Programs cl.exe, link.exe and others must be found in the PATH. The
18standard includes files, standard libraries must be found in INCLUDE
19and LIB respectively.
21The following components are build by the nmake process:
23yaz.dll - This DLL is made of the source in all sub directories except
24 for 'server', 'client' and 'ztest'. To export public functions
25 the header files contain the modifier YAZ_EXPORT which is
26 defined in yconfig.h. The value of this modifier,
27 __declspec(dllexport), is probably specific to Visual C++.
29server.lib - The server library, which includes the source from
30 'server'. Unlike the UNIX version, the server library is
31 multi-threaded.
33yaz-client.exe - A Z39.50 client console application. It is linked with
34 the import library yaz.lib. This application searches for yaz.dll
35 during runtime.
37yaz-ztest.exe - The Z39.50 test server as a console application. It is
38 linked with the import library yaz.lib and the regular library
39 server.lib. When running yaz-ztest make sure it is able to find
40 the record test files dummy-records, dummy-grs, and dummy-words
41 in the current directory.
43 As an option ztest may be installed as an NT service
44 (not Windows 95). Use 'ztest -install <otherargs>' to install
45 it and 'ztest -remove <otherargs>' to remove it again. Since
46 NT runs the service program in some weird directory, such as
47 \winnt\system32, it's probably a good idea to use the option
48 '-w' to change to some other directory. For example
50 yaz-ztest -install -w d:\proj\yaz\ztest -l ztest.out tcp:@:210
52 which specifies both working directory (d:\proj\yaz\ztest)
53 and a log file (ztest.out). The server is started on port 210.
55After successful compilation all executables and DLL's are located
56in sub YAZ\BIN. Libraries are located in YAZ\LIB.
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