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1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
2<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0"
3 xmlns:xsl=""
4 xmlns:java=""
5 extension-element-prefixes="java">
7 <xsl:template name="aboutgs">about the greenstone software</xsl:template>
8 <xsl:template name="textgreenstone1">
9Greenstone is a suite of software which has the ability to serve digital
10library collections and build new collections. It provides a new way of
11organizing information and publishing it on the Internet or on CD-ROM.
12Greenstone is produced by the New Zealand Digital Library Project at the
13University of Waikato, and distributed in cooperation with UNESCO and the
14Human Info NGO. It is open-source software, available from
15<i></i> under the terms of the GNU General Public
17 </xsl:template>
19 <xsl:template name="textgreenstone2">
20The New Zealand Digital Library website (<a href=""></a>) contains numerous example
21collections, all created with the Greenstone software, which are publicly
22available for you to peruse. They exemplify various searching and browsing
23options, and include collections in Arabic, Chinese, French, Maori, and
24Spanish, as well as English. There are also some music collections.
25 </xsl:template>
27 <xsl:template name="textplatformtitle">platform</xsl:template>
28 <xsl:template name="textgreenstone3">
29Greenstone runs on Windows and Unix. The distribution includes ready-to-use
30binaries for all versions of Windows, and for Linux. It also includes
31complete source code for the system, which can be compiled using Microsoft
32C++ or gcc. Greenstone works with associated software that is also freely
33available: the Apache Webserver and PERL. The user interface uses a Web
34 browser: typically Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer.
35 </xsl:template>
37 <xsl:template name="textgreenstone4">
38Many document collections are distributed on CD-ROM using the Greenstone
39software. For example, the <i>Humanity Development Library</i> contains
401,230 publications ranging from accounting to water sanitation. It runs on
41minimal computing facilities such as those typically found in developing
42countries. The information can be accessed by searching, browsing by
43subject, browsing by titles, browsing by organisation, browsing a list of
44how-tos, and by randomly viewing the book covers.
45 </xsl:template>
47 <xsl:template name="textcustomisationtitle">customisation</xsl:template>
48 <xsl:template name="textgreenstone5">
49Greenstone is specifically designed to be highly extensible and
50customisable. New document and metadata formats are accommodated by writing
51"plugins" (in Perl). Analogously, new metadata browsing structures can be
52implemented by writing "classifiers." The user interface look-and-feel can
53be altered using "macros" written in a simple macro language. A Corba
54protocol allows agents (e.g. in Java) to use all the facilities associated
55with document collections. Finally, the source code, in C++ and Perl, is
56available and accessible for modification.
57 </xsl:template>
59<xsl:template name="textdocumentationtitle">documentation</xsl:template>
60<xsl:template name="textdocuments">Extensive documentation for the Greenstone software is available.</xsl:template>
62 <xsl:template name="textmailinglisttitle">mailing list</xsl:template>
63 <xsl:template name="textmailinglist">
64There is a mailing list intended primarily for discussions about the
65Greenstone digital library software. Active users of Greenstone should
66consider joining the mailing list and contributing to the discussions.
67To subscribe, go to <a href=""></a>.
69To send a message to the list, address it to <a
70href="mailto:[email protected]"
71>[email protected]</a>.
74 <xsl:template name="textbugstitle">bugs</xsl:template>
75 <xsl:template name="textreport">
76We want to ensure that this software works well for you. Please report any
77bugs to <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>
78 </xsl:template>
80<xsl:template name="textgs3title">in the works</xsl:template>
82<xsl:template name="textgs3">Greenstone 3 is a complete redesign and
83reimplementation which
84retains all the advantages of Greenstone 2 (the current version)--for example,
85it is multilingual, multiplatform, and highly configurable. It
86incorporates all the features of the existing system, and is backwards
87compatible: that is, it can build and run existing collections without
88modification. Written in Java, it is structured as a network of
89independent modules that communicate using XML: thus it runs in a
90distributed fashion and can be spread across different servers as
91necessary. This modular design increases the flexibility and
92extensibility of Greenstone. The new version is expected to be
93available for experimental use by 23 December 2003. An initial design for
94the system is outlined in "The design of Greenstone 3: An agent based
95dynamic digital library" (download <a href="">PDF</a>).
99 <xsl:template name="textcreditstitle">credits</xsl:template>
101 <xsl:template name="textwhoswho">
102The Greenstone software is a collaborative effort between many
103people. Rodger McNab and Stefan Boddie are the principal architects and
104implementors. Contributions have been made by David Bainbridge, George
105Buchanan, Michael Dewsnip, Katherine Don, Hong Chen, Elke Duncker,
106Carl Gutwin, Geoff Holmes, John McPherson, Craig Nevill-Manning,
107Dynal Patel, Gordon Paynter, Bernhard Pfahringer, Todd
108Reed, Bill Rogers, John Thompson, and Stuart Yeates.
109Other members of the New Zealand Digital Library project provided advice
110and inspiration in the design of
111the system: Mark Apperley, Sally Jo Cunningham, Matt Jones, Steve Jones,
112Te Taka Keegan, Michel Loots, Malika Mahoui, Gary Marsden, Dave Nichols
113and Lloyd Smith. We would also like to
114acknowledge all those who have contributed to the GNU-licensed packages
115included in this distribution: MG, GDBM, PDFTOHTML, WGET, WVWARE and XLHTML.
116 </xsl:template>
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