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2 xmlns:gsf=""
3 xmlns:xsl="">
4 <metadataList>
5 <metadata name="creator">[email protected]</metadata>
6 </metadataList>
7 <displayItemList>
8 <displayItem name='name' lang='en'>Greenstone2 MG demo collection</displayItem>
9 <displayItem name='description' lang='en'>This is a demonstration collection for the Greenstone3 digital library software. It contains a small subset (11 books) of the Humanitarian and Development Libraries. It is a Greenstone2 collection, built with MG. The Greenstone2 configuration files have been converted to Greenstone3 equivalents, enabling it to be served using Greenstone3. </displayItem>
10 <displayItem name="smallicon" lang="en">gs2mgdemo_sm.gif</displayItem>
11 <displayItem name="icon" lang="en">gs2mgdemo.gif</displayItem>
12 </displayItemList>
13 <search>
14 <index name="dtx">
15 <displayItem name="name" lang="ru">ППлМые ЎПкуЌеМты</displayItem>
16 <displayItem name="name" lang="en">entire documents</displayItem>
17 <displayItem name="name" lang="hy">ÕžÕ²Õ» փա՜տաթ՞ւղթ՚</displayItem>
18 <displayItem name="name" lang="fr">documents entiers</displayItem>
19 <displayItem name="name" lang="es">documentos enteros</displayItem>
20 <displayItem name="name" lang="fi">koko dokumentteja</displayItem>
21 </index>
22 <index name="stt">
23 <displayItem name="name" lang="ru">НазваМОя разЎелПв</displayItem>
24 <displayItem name="name" lang="en">section titles</displayItem>
25 <displayItem name="name" lang="hy">Բաժինների ÕŸÕ¥Ö€Õ¶Õ¡Õ£Ö€Õ¥Ö€</displayItem>
26 <displayItem name="name" lang="fr">titres des sections</displayItem>
27 <displayItem name="name" lang="es">títulos de las secciones</displayItem>
28 <displayItem name="name" lang="fi">osien otsakkeita</displayItem>
29 </index>
30 <index name="stx">
31 <displayItem name="name" lang="ru">Главы</displayItem>
32 <displayItem name="name" lang="en">chapters</displayItem>
33 <displayItem name="name" lang="hy">Բաժիններ</displayItem>
34 <displayItem name="name" lang="fr">chapitres</displayItem>
35 <displayItem name="name" lang="es">capítulos</displayItem>
36 <displayItem name="name" lang="fi">kappaleita</displayItem>
37 </index>
38 <format>
39 <gsf:template match="documentNode">
40 <td valign='top'><gsf:link><gsf:icon/></gsf:link></td>
41 <td><gsf:switch><gsf:metadata name='Title' select='ancestors' separator=': '/><gsf:when test='exists'><gsf:metadata name='Title' select='ancestors' separator=': '/>: </gsf:when></gsf:switch><gsf:link><gsf:metadata name='Title' /></gsf:link></td>
42 </gsf:template>
43 </format>
44 </search>
45 <browse>
46 <classifier name="CL1"/>
47 <classifier name="CL2"/>
48 <classifier name="CL3"/>
49 <classifier name="CL4"/>
50 </browse>
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