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1<collectionConfig xmlns:gsf="" xmlns:xsl="" >
2 <metadataList/>
3 <displayItemList>
4 <displayItem name='name' lang=''>Infomine proxy demo</displayItem>
5 <displayItem name='description' lang='en'>&lt;p&gt;This is a demonstration collection that acts as a proxy to the iVia database at &lt;a href=""&gt;INFOMINE&lt;/a&gt;, Riverside, California. No data is stored locally; instead, the search and retrieval services invoke cgi scripts at infomine to query the database, and retrieve records and metadata.&lt;/p&gt;
6&lt;p&gt;A &lt;a
7 href="sites/localsite/collect/infomine/README"&gt;README&lt;/a&gt; file
8 describes the cgi scripts and how to invoke them. The configuration
9 files for the collection are very basic, and merely specify display
10 information for the collection, and specify the IViaProxy service
11 rack. The collection configuration can be seen &lt;a
12 href="sites/localsite/collect/infomine/etc/collectionConfig.xml"&gt;here&lt;/a&gt;,
13 and the building configuration file can be seen &lt;a
14 href="sites/localsite/collect/infomine/index/buildConfig.xml"&gt;here&lt;/a&gt;.
15 You may need to "view page source" to see the raw XML. &lt;/p&gt;
17 <displayItem name='icon' lang='en'>infomine.gif</displayItem>
18 <displayItem name='smallicon' lang='en'>infomine.gif</displayItem>
19 </displayItemList>
20 <search>
21 <format>
22 <gsf:template match="documentNode">
23 <td valign='top'><gsf:link><gsf:icon/></gsf:link></td><td>
24 <table><tr><td><a><xsl:attribute name='href'><gsf:metadata name="url"/></xsl:attribute><b><gsf:metadata name="title"/></b></a></td></tr>
25 <tr><td><gsf:metadata name="ivia_description"/></td></tr>
26 <tr><td><b><gsf:metadata name="url"/></b></td></tr>
27 <tr><td>[<gsf:link>View Full Record</gsf:link>]</td></tr></table>
28 </td>
29 </gsf:template>
30 </format>
31 </search>
32 <display>
33 <format>
34 <gsf:template name="documentHeading">
35 <gsf:metadata name="title"/>
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