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Replaced some bool, true and false with BOOL, TRUE and FALSE because
VC++ is stupid.

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1#ifndef _REGISTRY_H_
2#define _REGISTRY_H_
3#include <windows.h>
5BOOL registry_openkey(HKEY key, const char *name, PHKEY keyout);
6BOOL registry_storeblock(char *name, char *data, int size);
7BOOL registry_fetchblock(char *name, char *data, int size);
8BOOL registry_getstring(HKEY key, char *name, char **string);
9BOOL registry_setstring(HKEY key, const char *name, const char *string);
10BOOL registry_deleteitem(HKEY key, const char *name);
11BOOL registry_createkey(HKEY key, const char *name, PHKEY keyout);
12BOOL registry_deletekey(HKEY key, const char *name);
13BOOL registry_closekey(HKEY key);
14BOOL registry_keyExists(HKEY key, const char *name);
15BOOL registry_ensureKeyExists(HKEY key, const char *name);
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