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    27 <h4>The Greenstone software</h4>
     27<h2>The Greenstone software</h2>
    29 <p> The Greenstone Digital Library software provides a new way of
    30 organizing information and making it available over the Internet.  A
    31 <i>collection</i> of information comprises several (typically several
    32 thousand, or even several million) <i>documents</i>, which share a uniform
    33 searching and browsing interface.  The collections in a library are
    34 organized in a different way--though they share a strong family
    35 resemblance.  Although primarily designed for access over the Web,
    36 Greenstone collections can be made available, in precisely the same form,
    37 on CD-ROM for standalone PCs.  Greenstone is open-source software,
    38 available under the terms of the Gnu public license.  Documentation is
    39 available in the form of <i><a
    40 href="">The Greenstone
    41 Digital Library Software</a></i> manual.
     30This page explains how to download and install the
     31<a href="_httppagex_(gsdl)">Greenstone Digital Library software</a>.
     33Greenstone is open-source software.
     34It is distributed under the terms of the
     35<a href="">GNU General Public License</a>.
     36Documentation is available in the form of
     37<i><a href="_gsdl:httpgsdlmanual_">The Greenstone Digital Library Software manual</a></i>.
     39<h4>Downloading Greenstone</h4>
     43<i>(4.6 Mb)</i> contains the latest distribution of Greenstone.
     45<a href="">gsdl_manual.pdf</a></i> (570 Kb) contains the manual in PDF format.
    4347<h4>Installing Greenstone</h4>
    4549<p> To install on unix systems:
    47 <ul> <li>Download the <a
    48 href=""><i>gsdl-2.13</i></a>
    49 distribution <i>(4.6 Mb)</i>.  <li>Extract the gzipped tar archive <i>(tar
    50 xvzf gsdl-2.13.tar.gz)</i>.  <li>In the resulting gsdl directory type
    51 <i>./configure</i>. When the configure script has finished running type
    52 <i>make</i>, then <i>make install</i>.  <li><i>make install</i> copies the
     52<li>Download the
     53<a href=""><i>gsdl-2.13</i></a>
     54distribution <i>(4.6 Mb)</i>. 
     55<li>Extract the gzipped tar archive <i>(tar xvzf gsdl-2.13.tar.gz)</i>. 
     56<li>In the resulting gsdl directory type <i>./configure</i>.
     57When the configure script has finished running type <i>make</i>,
     58then <i>make install</i>.
     59<li><i>make install</i> copies the
    5360compiled executable file into the gsdl/cgi-bin directory by default. To run
    5461the library as a cgi script move the executable and the gsdlsite.cfg
    55 configuration file to your systems cgi-bin directory.  <li>The gsdlsite.cfg
     62configuration file to your systems cgi-bin directory.
     63<li>The gsdlsite.cfg
    5664configuration file must be edited to suit your site. The gsdlhome entry
    5765will need to be set to point to your gsdl directory. Other fields that may
    5866need changing are httpprefix (the web path to the gsdl directory) and
    59 httpimg (the path to gsdl/images).  <li>To build the demonstration
     67httpimg (the path to gsdl/images).
     68<li>To build the demonstration
    6069collection that comes with the distribution run the script
    61 from within the gsdl directory.  <li>For more information on using the
     70from within the gsdl directory.
     71<li>For more information on using the
    6272Greenstone software, download <i><a
    6373href="">The Greenstone
    105115Please report bugs or installation problems to <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>
     118<br>April 2000
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