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    694694_ex25d_ {This library includes the following six collections:
    695697<ul><li><a href="">Sudanese Libraries Directory Part 1: Khartoum Libraries Directory</a>
    696698<li><a href="">SALI first Conference proceedings</a>
    741743_ex32t_ {Pacific Archive of Digital Data for Learning and Education - PADDLE}
    743744_ex32d_ {PADDLE provides full text access to a comprehensive collection of Pacific education material. This includes publications from the participating Ministries of Education including strategic plans, education legislation, curriculum frameworks and school policies. It also contains national development plans, statistics and budget information for the fifteen Pacific countries.  PADDLE also includes material from international and regional organisations including UNESCO, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Commonwealth of Learning, Pacific Resources for Education and Learning (PREL), and the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat. In recognition of the low bandwidth in the Pacific PADDLE is also available on CD.}
    751752_ex35t_ {The Council of Independent Colleges Historic Campus Architecture Project}
    752753_ex35d_ {This project presents information about significant buildings, landscapes, campus plans, and heritage sites of American higher education and identifies sources for further research. Supported by grants from the Getty Foundation, the CIC HCAP website documents nearly 2,000 places of historical significance on private college and university campuses and includes more than 4,300 images relating to these sites. To date, nearly 370 institutions have participated. On this site, web users can find institutions or places in a particular state or region; seek information about a specific type of architecture, designer, or time period; or gather data for future research.}
     755_ex36t_ {Marshall Foundation Digital Library}
     756_ex36d_ {The Marshall Papers project has published five volumes since 1977 from the voluminous manuscript collection of George C. Marshall's papers held at the Marshall Foundation's Archive in Lexington, Virginia. The published volumes span the years 1900 to 1946 and comprise some 3,000 pages; these letters, telegrams, memos, reports, and speeches include exchanges with a virtual Who's Who in war and diplomacy for the period covered: Roosevelt, Churchill, Eisenhower, Omar Bradley, Chiang Kai-shek, Joseph Stilwell, Cordell Hull, William Leahy, Mark Clark, Henry L. Stimson, and many others. Two additional volumes will be published covering the period 1947 to 1959, that is, his term as secretary of state and then, during the Korean War, as secretary of defense.}
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