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2007-07-03T11:42:02+12:00 (17 years ago)

add the OAI element containing ListMetadataFormats of a list of metadata formats this collection supports. Each metadataFormat contains a mappingList if the collection does not contain the standard Dublin Core metadata. See the comments in the collectionConfig.xml in modelcol/etc/ for how to write this OAI element.

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  • greenstone3/trunk/web/sites/localsite/collect/gs2mgdemo/etc/collectionConfig.xml

    r14196 r14213  
    11<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    22<CollectionConfig xmlns:gsf="" xmlns:xsl="">
     4    <ListMetadataFormats>
     5     <!--What metadata sets to support is collection specific. To support other metadata schema, simply add a metadataFormat element here.
     6         The support of unqualified Dublin Core metadata set is mendatory in the oai specification.
     7     -->
     8      <metadataFormat metadataPrefix="oai_dc">
     9        <metadataPrefix>oai_dc</metadataPrefix>
     10        <schema></schema>
     11        <metadataNamespace></metadataNamespace>
     12        <mappingList>
     13        <!--
     14        The mapping is in the form: <publicly supported metadata name>,<mapped metadata name>, short as <A>,<B>
     15        The first metadata name is medatory; if there is no mapped name followed, then the first name must be used by the records and
     16        searchable in the database, otherwise it is the mapped name stored in the database. The number of mapping elements matches the
     17        number of external metadata of the records. If only one name is present, the returned metadata will use this name plus the retrieved value;
     18        if both <A>,<B> are present, the returned metadata will use <A>'s name plus <B>'s value retrieved from database.
     20        **Bear in mind: if this mapping list is not present, the standard dc. metadata names (15 in total) will be used to retrieve metadata in the database.
     21        -->
     22            <mapping>dc.Title,dls.Title</mapping>
     23            <mapping>dc.Subject,dls.Subject</mapping> 
     24            <mapping>dc.Language,dls.Language</mapping> 
     25            <mapping>dc.Organization,dls.Organization</mapping> 
     26        </mappingList>
     27     </metadataFormat>
     28    </ListMetadataFormats>
    330    <metadataList>
    431        <metadata lang="en" name="creator">[email protected]</metadata>
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