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2008-05-30T19:39:00+12:00 (16 years ago)

Corrected bug that failed on PDFs with funny characters. Instead of moving (copy & delete original) the html file created, it now reads the orig file's contents and ensures it is UTF8. Now replacing srcdocs with html in such cases succeeds, just as pdfs processed by would.

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    r15169 r15839  
    187187    }
    189     # Now we know we have no file name collisions
    190     # use util to move it all to the import directory where the original file is located
    191        #&util::mv($output_filename, &util::filename_cat($import_dir, $tmp_name.$ext)); # doesn't work
    192        #&util::mv($output_filename, $import_dir); # doesn't work
    193     &util::cp($output_filename, $import_dir);
     189    # Now we know we have no file name collisions. We 'move' the html file by copying its
     190    # contents over and ensuring that these contents are utf8. If we don't do this, PDFs
     191    # replaced by html may fail, whereas those converted with PDFPlug with have succeeded.
     192    open(FIN,"<$output_filename") or die " Unable to open $output_filename to ensure utf8...ERROR: $!\n";
     193    my $html_contents;
     194    {
     195    local $/ = undef;        # Read entire file at once
     196    $html_contents = <FIN>;  # Now file is read in as one single 'line'
     197    unicode::ensure_utf8(\$html_contents); # turn any high bytes that aren't valid utf-8 into utf-8.
     198    }
     199    close(FIN);
     201    # write the utf8 contents to the new file and delete the original.
     202    open(FOUT, ">$new_file") or die " Unable to open $new_file for writing out utf8 html...ERROR: $!\n";
     203    print FOUT $html_contents;
     204    close(FOUT);
    194205    &util::rm($output_filename);
    195     if(-e $assoc_folder) { # move any associated folders too
     207    # move any associated folders containing associated files too
     208    if(-e $assoc_folder) {
    196209    #print STDERR "****Folder for associated files is $assoc_folder\n";
    197210        #&util::mv($assoc_folder, $import_dir); # doesn't work for me
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