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  • release-kits/shared/greenstone2/installer-classes/resources/

    r17397 r17522  
    6161#language page
    62 page.language-selector.displayText = Please choose you language
    63 language.displayText = Language
    64 language.1.displayText = English
    65 language.2.displayText = French
    66 language.3.displayText = Spanish
    67 language.4.displayText = Russian
    68 language.5.displayText = German
    69 choose-language.displayText = Please select your preferred core language
     62page.language-selector.displayText = Language
     63language-selector-explanation.displayText = Please choose your preferred language (Note: The install has not been fully translated into all these languages yet)
    7165#admin password page
  • release-kits/shared/greenstone2/installer-classes/resources/

    r17487 r17522  
    1 ### Ant Installer - language pack auto generated on Wed Mar 12 13:57:47 NZDT 2008
     1finishButtonText = (Chinese)  绿宝石蜯件
     2page.intro.displayText = (Chinese) 绿宝石蜯件
    3 finishButtonText =  绿宝石蜯件
     4# intro page
     5page.intro.displayText = (Chinese) Greenstone @version@ installer
     6welcome-message.displayText = (Chinese) This will install the Greenstone2 (version @version@) Digital Library Software onto you computer. Greenstone2 is a software package for building digital libraries and hosting them online.
     8# license page
     9page.license.displayText = (Chinese) License conditions
    6 ## Text from Page:intro
    7 page.intro.displayText = 绿宝石蜯件
     12# destination page
     13page.destination.displayText = (Chinese) Install Destination
     14installDir.displayText = (Chinese) Select an installation directory
    9 ## Text from Page:license
    10 page.license.displayText = License conditions
    12 ## Text from Page:destination
    13 page.destination.displayText = Install Destination
    14 installDir.displayText = Select an installation directory
     17# selector page
     18page.selector.displayText = (Chinese) Components to install
     19choose-components.displayText = (Chinese) Choose the components you want to install
    16 ## Text from Page:tomcatports
    17 page.tomcatports.displayText = Tomcat Ports
    18 comment.2.displayText = Please select the ports which the web server (Apache Tomcat) will use  will use. It is usually safe to accept the defaults by just clicking Next. The exception is when you are running other services on these ports - if this is the case, select some free ports and click Next.
    19 tomcat.port.displayText = Tomcat Port
    20 tomcat.shutdown.port.displayText = Tomcat Shutdown Port
     21install-core-components.displayText = (Chinese) Core components
     22install-core-components.explanatoryText = (Chinese) \
     23<html> \
     24This is the core Greenstone2 system. It is a required component. \
    22 ## Text from Page:selector
    23 page.selector.displayText = Components to install
    24 comment.5.displayText = Choose the components you want to install
    25 default.displayText = Core components
    26 tgsrc.displayText = Source code
     27install-windows-jre.displayText = (Chinese) Java Runtime Environment (
     28install-linux-jre.displayText = (Chinese) Java Runtime Environment (@bundled.version.linux-java@)
     29install-jre.explanatoryText = (Chinese) \
     30<html> \
     31Some of Greenstone2 is written in the Java programming language, and so requires <br> \
     32a Java Runtime Environment to run (@java.min.version@ or greater). <br><br> \
     33This installer comes bundled with a recent Java Runtime Environment (version,<br> \
     34which you can choose to install if you don't have a sutible Java Runtime Environment installed already.<br><br> \
     35If in doubt, install this component. \
    28 ## Text from Page:progress
    29 page.progress.displayText = Installation progress
     38install-source-code.displayText = (Chinese) Source code
     39install-source-code.explanatoryText = (Chinese) \
     40<html> \
     41The source code is a purely optional component. <br><br> \
     42Install the source code if you wish to make modifications to your copy of Greenstone3, or just <br> \
     43want to see how it works. \
     46install-imagemagick.displayText = (Chinese) ImageMagick (@bundled.version.imagemagick@)
     47install-imagemagick.explanatoryText = (Chinese) \
     48<html> \
     49Greenstone uses ImageMagick to process images. If you have ImageMagick on your computer already,<br> \
     50or if you don't wish to include images in Greenstone collections, then you may choose not to<br> \
     51install ImageMagick. \
     54install-ghostscript.displayText = (Chinese) GhostScript (@bundled.version.ghostscript@)
     55install-ghostscript.explanatoryText = (Chinese) \
     56<html> \
     57Greenstone uses GhostScript to process PDF and PostScript files.<br> \
     58then you may choose not to install ImageMagick. \
     61install-start-menu-shortcuts.displayText = (Chinese) Start Menu Shortcuts
     62install-start-menu-shortcuts.explanatoryText = (Chinese) Create shortcuts to Greenstone on your Start Menu
     64#language page
     65page.language-selector.displayText = (Chinese) Please choose you language
     66language.displayText = (Chinese) Language
     68choose-language.displayText = (Chinese) Please select your preferred core language
     70#admin password page
     71page.admin-password.displayText = (Chinese) Please set the Admin Password
     72admin.password.displayText = (Chinese) Admin Password
     73admin-password-expl.displayText = (Chinese) In order to access certain parts of the Greenstone interface you need a password. A user with the username 'admin' will be created for you with the password you provide. The password must be between three and eight characters long.
     76# progress page
     77page.progress.displayText = (Chinese) Installation progress
     79finishButtonText = (Chinese) Install
     82# AntInstaller builtin stuff
     84dirNotExistCreate=The Directory does not exist, create it?
     85dirNotExist=The Directory does not exist
     86fileNotExist=The File does not exist
     87dirNotCreated=The Directory could not be created
     88canNotCreateFile=Can not create file
     89appRootInvalid=This directory does not appear to be the root of the application
     90selectFile=Select File
     91selectFolder=Select Folder
     92notValidSelection=Not a valid selection
     93showDetails=Show Details
     95#Default loading
     96promptLoadDefaults=Installation configujration found. Load the existing configuration?
     97promptMissingDefaultPassword=A password was not found it may have been omitted for security reasons, it will be set to the default.
     100toContinue=to continue
     106installFinished=Install Finished
     116notCorrectFormat=The field is not of the correct format
     117notCorrectPasswordFormat=The password is not of the correct format
     118passwordsDoNotMatch=The passwords do not match
     119installationFailed=Install failed
     120propertiesVersionMismatch=Some options are missing from the previous version and must be manually entered, continue?
     122install-cancelled=Install Cancelled
     124Failed=Failed, view the error messages
     125ant.failure=Ant run failed - examine the error logs for details
     127#Text for license page buttons
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