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    161161dls._text5_: For example, this book has two dls.Subject classifications.
    163 still working on dls...
     163dls._text6_:The second classifier provides access by title. It is also a <i>Hierarchy</i> classifier, this time based on
     164<i>dls.AZList</i> metadata, whose hierarchy is defined in <a href=\"_httpcollection_/etc/dls.Title.txt\" target=text>dls.AZList.txt</a>. This file is discussed below.
     166#russian only
     167dls._text7_:The third provides access by organization: it is a <i>List</i> classifier based on <i>dls.Organization</i> metadata.
     169dls._text8_:The <i>-bookshelf_type always</i> option creates a new bookshelf for each organization, even if only one document belongs to that category.
     171dls._text9_:The fourth provides access by \"Howto\" text: it is a <i>List</i> classifier based on <i>dls.Keyword</i> metadata. The <i>-bookshelf_type never</i> option prevents bookshelves being created even if two documents share the same keywords.
     173dls._text10_:The lines beginning with <i>format</i>, called \"format statements\", govern how various parts of the collection should be displayed. The <i>VList</i> format statement applies to lists of items displayed vertically, such as the lists of titles, subjects and organisations, and the table of contents for the target documents. It is overridden for the search results list by the <i>SearchVList</i> format statement, and also for the <i>Howto</i> classifier by the <i>CL4VList</i> statement (CL4 specifies the fourth classifier).
     175dls._text11_:The <i>DocumentText</i> statement governs how the document text is formatted,
     176with <i>Title</i> metadata ([<i>Title</i>]) in HTML &lt;<i>h3</i>&gt; format
     177followed by the text of the document [<i>Text</i>]. Setting the <i>DocumentImages</i> format statement to <i>true</i> ensures that cover images are shown with each document. The <i>DocumentButtons</i> statement calls for the <i>Expand
     178Text, Expand Contents, Detach</i> and <i>Highlight</i> buttons to be shown with each document.
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