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Updated Marathi Core User Interface, still waiting for more. Many thanks to Shubhada Nagarkar.

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    215 _textpagetitle_ [l=mr] {à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€š à€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€š à€¿à€¡à€œà¥€à€Ÿà€² à€²à€Ÿà€¯à€¬à¥à€°à€°à¥€} 
     215_textpagetitle_ [l=mr] {à€—à¥à€°à¥€à€š à€žà¥à€Ÿà¥‹à€š à€¡à€¿à€œà¥€à€Ÿà€² à€²à€Ÿà€¯à€¬à¥à€°à€°à¥€} 
    217217_textnocollections_ [l=mr] {à€¯à¥‹à€—à¥à€¯ à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€ (à€®à¥à€¹à€£à€œà¥‡ à€€à€¯à€Ÿà€° à€µ à€žà€Ÿà€°à¥à€µà€œà€šà€¿à€•) à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€‰à€ªà€²à€¬à¥à€§ à€†à€¹à¥‡} 
    308308_textltwarning_ [l=mr] {<div class="buttons">_imagecont_</div>
    309 _iconwarning_Expanding the text here will generate a large
    310 amount of data for your browser to display
     309_iconwarning_à€¯à€Ÿ à€®à¥à€³à¥‡ à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à€Ÿà€²à€Ÿ à€œà€Ÿà€žà¥à€€à¥€à€€ à€œà€Ÿà€žà¥à€€ à€®à€Ÿà€¹à¥€à€€à¥€ à€ªà€Ÿà€¹à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‡.
    382381_textapprox_ [l=mr] {à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿà€µà€¿à€·à€¯à¥€} 
    383382_textnodocs_ [l=mr] {à€•à¥‹à€£à€€à¥‡à€¹à¥€ à€žà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥à€¯ à€ªà¥à€°à€¶à¥à€šà€Ÿà€¶à¥€ à€œà¥à€³à€²à¥‡ à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€à€€} 
    384 _text1doc_ [l=mr] {१ à€žà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥à€¯ à€ªà¥à€°à€¶à¥à€°à€Ÿà€¶à¥€ à€œà¥à€³à€²à€Ÿ
     383_text1doc_ [l=mr] {१ à€ªà¥à€°à€¶à¥à€°à€Ÿà€¶à¥€ à€œà¥à€³à€²à¥‡à€²à¥‡ à€žà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥à€¯
    385384_textlotsdocs_ [l=mr] {à€ªà¥à€°à€¶à¥à€°à€Ÿà€¶à¥€ à€œà¥à€³à€²à¥‡à€²à¥‡ à€žà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥à€¯} 
    386385_textmatches_ [l=mr] {à€œà¥à€³à€£à€Ÿà€°à€Ÿ} 
    410409# the space after "level" (before the right bracket) is required, otherwise no space between "Search" and "in"
    412 _textsimplesearch_ [l=mr] {Search in _indexselection__If_(_jselection_, associated with _jselection_)_If_(_gselection_, at _gselection_ level)_If_(_nselection_, in _nselection_ language)_If_(_sfselection_,\,_allowformbreak_ sorting results by _sfselection_) for _querytypeselection_ of the words} 
    414 _textadvancedsearch_ [l=mr] {à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿ _indexselect_ _If_(_jselection_,of _jselection_ )_If_(_gselection_,at _gselection_ level )_If_(_nselection_,in _nselection_ language ) using _querytypeselection_ query} 
    416 _textadvancedmgppsearch_ [l=mr] {à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿ _indexselection_ _If_(_jselection_,of _jselection_ )_If_(_gselection_,at _gselection_ level )_If_(_nselection_,in _nselection_ language ) à€†à€£à€¿ à€šà€¿à€•à€Ÿà€² à€Šà€°à¥à€¶à€µà€Ÿ _formquerytypeadvancedselection_ à€•à¥à€°à€®à€Ÿà€£à¥‡} 
     411_textsimplesearch_ [l=mr] {à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿ in _indexselection__If_(_jselection_, associated with _jselection_)_If_(_gselection_, at _gselection_ level )_If_(_nselection_, in _nselection_ language)_If_(_sfselection_,\,_allowformbreak_ sorting results by _sfselection_) à€šà¥‡ _querytypeselection_ of the words} 
     413_textadvancedsearch_ [l=mr] {à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿ in _indexselection__If_(_jselection_, associated with _jselection_)_If_(_gselection_, at _gselection_ level )_If_(_nselection_, in _nselection_ language) using _querytypeselection_ query} 
     415_textadvancedmgppsearch_ [l=mr] {à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿ in _indexselection__If_(_jselection_, associated with _jselection_)_If_(_gselection_, at _gselection_ level )_If_(_nselection_, in _nselection_ language), à€†à€£à€¿ à€šà€¿à€•à€Ÿà€² à€Šà€°à¥à€¶à€µà€Ÿ  _formquerytypeadvancedselection_ order, à€•à¥à€°à€®à€Ÿà€£à¥‡} 
    418417_textadvancedlucenesearch_ [l=mr] {à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿ _à€šà€¿à€°à¥à€Šà¥‡à€¶à€šà€¿à€µà€¡ _ _à€œà€°__(_jselection_, of _jselection_)_If_(_gselection_, at _gselection_ level)_If_(_nselection_, in _nselection_ language)_If_(_sfselection_,\,_allowformbreak_ sorting results by _sfselection_\,) for } 
    420419# the space after "Search" is required, otherwise no space between "Search" and "in"
    422 _textformsimplesearch_ [l=mr] {à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿ _If_(_jselection_, _jselection_)_If_(_gformselection_, at _gformselection_ level)_If_(_nselection_, in _nselection_ language)_If_(_sfselection_,\, sorting results by _sfselection_\,) à€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€ _formquerytypesimpleselection_ à€šà¥‡
    424 _textformadvancedsearchmgpp_ [l=mr] {à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿ _If_(_jselection_,_jselection_ )_If_(_gformselection_,at _gformselection_ level )_If_(_nselection_,in _nselection_ language ) à€†à€£à€¿ à€šà€¿à€•à€Ÿà€² à€Šà€°à¥à€¶à€µà€Ÿ _formquerytypeadvancedselection_ à€•à¥à€°à€®à€Ÿà€£à¥‡
    426 _textformadvancedsearchlucene_ [l=mr] {à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿ _If_(_jselection_, _jselection_)_If_(_gformselection_,  at _gformselection_ level)_If_(_nselection_, in _nselection_ language)_If_(_sfselection_,\, sorting results by _sfselection_\,) à€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€} 
     421_textformsimplesearch_ [l=mr] {à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿ _If_(_jselection_, in _jselection_)_If_(_gformselection_, at _gformselection_ level )_If_(_nselection_, in _nselection_ language)_If_(_sfselection_,\, sorting results by _sfselection_\,) à€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€ _formquerytypesimpleselection_ à€šà¥‡
     423_textformadvancedsearchmgpp_ [l=mr] {à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿ _If_(_jselection_, in _jselection_)_If_(_gformselection_, at _gformselection_ level )_If_(_nselection_, in _nselection_ language), and display results in _formquerytypeadvancedselection_ order, for
     425_textformadvancedsearchlucene_ [l=mr] {à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿ _If_(_jselection_, in _jselection_)_If_(_gformselection_, at _gformselection_ level )_If_(_nselection_, in _nselection_ language)_If_(_sfselection_,\, sorting results by _sfselection_\,) à€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€} 
    428427_textnojsformwarning_ [l=mr] {à€žà¥à€šà€šà€Ÿà€ƒà€œà€Ÿà€µà€Ÿà€žà¥à€•à¥à€°à€¿à€ªà¥à€Ÿ à€€à¥à€®à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€¬à¥à€°à€Ÿà€‰à€à€° à€µà€° à€¬à€‚à€Š à€†à€¹à¥‡. à€¶à¥‹à€§à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€ à€«à¥‰à€°à¥à€® à€¹à€µà€Ÿ à€
    468467_textsetprefs_ [l=mr] {à€ªà¥à€°à€Ÿà€§à€Ÿà€šà¥à€¯ à€šà€¿à€¶à¥à€šà€¿à€€ à€•à€°à€Ÿ} 
    469468_textsearchprefs_ [l=mr] {à€ªà¥à€°à€Ÿà€§à€Ÿà€šà¥à€¯ à€šà€¿à€¶à¥à€šà€¿à€€à¥€} 
    470 _textcollectionprefs_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€ªà¥à€Ÿà€§à€Ÿà€šà¥à€¯
     469_textcollectionprefs_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€ªà¥à€°à€Ÿà€§à€Ÿà€šà¥à€¯
    471470_textpresentationprefs_ [l=mr] {à€žà€Ÿà€Šà€°à¥€à€•à€°à€£à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€ªà¥à€°à€Ÿà€§à€Ÿà€šà¥à€¯à€•à¥à€°à€®} 
    472471_textpreferences_ [l=mr] {à€ªà¥à€°à€Ÿà€§à€Ÿà€šà¥à€¯} 
    475474_textmatchcase_ [l=mr] {à€®à€°à€Ÿà€ à¥€à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€¯à¥‡à€€ à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€.} 
    476475_textwordends_ [l=mr] {à€
    477 à€‚à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€•à¥à€·à€°
     476à€‚à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€•à¥à€·à€° / à€¶à¥‡à€µà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€¶à€¬à¥à€Š
    478477_textstem_ [l=mr] {à€¶à€¬à¥à€Šà€Ÿà€‚à€šà€Ÿ à€¶à¥‡à€µà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€­à€Ÿà€— à€Šà¥à€°à¥à€²à€•à¥à€·à€¿à€€ à€•à€°à€Ÿ} 
    479 _textnostem_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€ªà¥à€°à¥à€£ à€¶à€¬à¥à€Š à€œà¥à€³à€²à€Ÿ à€ªà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€œà¥‡} 
     478_textnostem_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€ªà¥‚à€°à¥à€£ à€¶à€¬à¥à€Š à€œà¥à€³à€²à€Ÿ à€ªà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€œà¥‡} 
    480479_textaccentdiffs_ [l=mr] {à€‰à€šà¥à€šà€Ÿà€° à€µà¥‡à€—à€³à¥‡} 
    481480_textignoreaccents_ [l=mr] {à€‰à€šà¥à€šà€Ÿà€° à€Šà¥à€°à¥à€²à€•à¥à€·à€¿à€€ à€•à€°à€Ÿ.} 
    482481_textmatchaccents_ [l=mr] {à€‰à€šà¥à€šà€Ÿà€° à€œà¥à€³à€²à¥‡à€š à€ªà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€œà¥‡à€€.} 
    484 _textprefop_ [l=mr] {Return up to _maxdocoption_ hits with _hitsperpageoption_ hits per page.
     483_textprefop_ [l=mr] {_maxdocoption_ hits with _hitsperpageoption_  à€¯à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€° à€•à€°à¥à€š à€œà€¿à€€à€•à¥‡ à€žà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥à€¯ à€†à€ªà€£à€Ÿà€‚à€ž à€ªà€¹à€Ÿà€µà€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥‡ à€†à€¹à¥‡ à€€à€¿à€€à€•à¥‡ à€žà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥à€¯ à€†à€ªà€£ à€ªà€Ÿà€¹à¥ à€¶à€•à€€à¥‹.
    485484_textextlink_ [l=mr] {à€¬à€Ÿà€¹à¥‡à€°à¥€à€² à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€ à€œà€Ÿà€³à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€•à€¡à¥€à€² à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€‚à€µà€° à€œà€Ÿà€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€®à€Ÿà€°à¥à€—} 
    486485_textintlink_ [l=mr] {à€¶à¥‹à€§à€²à¥‡à€²à¥‡ à€žà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥à€¯} 
    493492_textadvancedmode_ [l=mr] {à€žà¥à€§à€Ÿà€°à¥€à€€ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€ªà€§à¥à€Šà€€à¥€à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€¬à¥à€²à€¿à€¯à€šà€šà€Ÿ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€° à€•à€°à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‹.} 
    494493_textlinkinterm_ [l=mr] {à€®à€§à€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€µà€°à¥‚à€š } 
    495 _textlinkdirect_ [l=mr] {à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€µà€° à€œà€Ÿ.} 
    496 _textdigitlib_ [l=mr] {à€¡à€¿à€œà¥€à€Ÿà€² à€²à€Ÿà€¯à€¬à¥à€°à€°à¥€ } 
     494_textlinkdirect_ [l=mr] {à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€µà€° à€œà€Ÿ} 
     495_textdigitlib_ [l=mr] {à€¡à€¿à€œà¥€à€Ÿà€² à€²à€Ÿà€¯à€¬à¥à€°à€°à¥€ / à€
     496à€‚à€•à¥€à€•à¥„à€€ à€—à¥à€°à€‚à€¥à€Ÿà€²à€¯  } 
    497497_textweb_ [l=mr] {à€œà€Ÿà€³à¥‡} 
    498498_textgraphical_ [l=mr] {à€†à€²à¥‡à€–à¥€à€¯} 
    500500_textcollectionoption_ [l=mr] {<p>à€‰à€ªà€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€Ÿà€žà€¹:<br>} 
    502 _textsearchtype_ [l=mr] {à€šà¥Œà€•à€¶à¥€
     502_textsearchtype_ [l=mr] {à€ªà¥à€°à€¶à¥à€šà€Ÿà€šà¥€ à€ªà€Šà¥à€Šà€€
    503503_textformsearchtype_ [l=mr] {à€•à¥à€·à¥‡à€€à¥à€°} 
    504504_textplainsearchtype_ [l=mr] {à€žà€Ÿà€§à€Ÿà€°à€£à€ªà€£à¥‡ à€ªà¥à€°à€¶à¥à€° à€µà€¿à€šà€Ÿà€°à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€ªà¥‡à€Ÿà¥€à€šà€Ÿ à€†à€•à€Ÿà€°} 
    567567_textreadingdocs_ [l=mr] {à€žà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥à€¯ à€•à€žà¥‡ à€µà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€¯à€šà¥‡} 
    569 _texthelpreadingdocs_ [l=mr] {<p>You can tell when you have arrived at an individual book or document
    570 because its title, or a photograph of the front cover, appears at the top
    571 left of the page. In some collections this is accompanied by a table of
    572 contents, while others contain just the number of the current page along
    573 with a box that allows you to select a new page and go forward and
    574 backward. In the table of contents, the current section heading is in bold
    575 face, and the table is expandable -- click on the folders to open or close
    576 them; click on the open book at the top to close it.</p>
    578 <p>Underneath is the text of the current section. When you have read
    579 through it, there are arrows at the bottom to take you on to the next
    580 section or back to the previous one.</p>
    582 <p>Below the title or front-cover photograph are some buttons. Click on
    583 <i>_document:textEXPANDTEXT_</i> to expand out the whole text of the current section, or
    584 book. If the document is large, this could take a long time and use a lot
    585 of memory! Click on <i>_document:textEXPANDCONTENTS_</i> to expand out the whole table of
    586 contents so that you can see the titles of all chapters and
    587 subsections. Click on <i>_document:textDETACH_</i> to make a new browser window for this
    588 document. (This is useful if you want to compare documents, or read two at
    589 once.) Finally, when you do a search the words you search for are
    590 highlighted. Click on <i>_document:textNOHIGHLIGHT_</i> to remove highlighting.</p>
     569_texthelpreadingdocs_ [l=mr] {<p> à€¯à€Ÿ à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ  à€žà€°à¥à€µà€Ÿà€€ à€µà€° à€•à€Ÿà€¹à¥€ à€šà€¿à€€à¥à€°à¥‡ à€†à€¹à¥‡à€€. à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€µà€°à¥à€š à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à€Ÿà€²à€Ÿ à€¹à€Ÿ à€²à¥‡à€– / à€ªà¥à€°à¥à€£ à€ªà¥à€žà¥à€€à€• / à€ªà€°à€¿à€šà¥à€›à¥‡à€Š à€
     570à€¥à€µà€Ÿ à€ªà¥à€°à€¥à€® à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€šà¥‡ à€›à€Ÿà€¯à€Ÿà€šà€¿à€€à¥à€° à€†à€¹à¥‡ à€¹à¥‡ à€žà€®à€œà¥‡à€².   à€•à€Ÿà€¹à¥€ à€ à€¿à€•à€Ÿà€£à¥€ à€
     571à€šà¥à€•à¥à€°à€®à€£à€¿à€•à€Ÿ à€žà¥à€§à¥à€Šà€Ÿ à€†à€¹à¥‡.  à€œà€¿à€¥à¥‡ à€
     572à€šà¥à€•à¥à€°à€®à€£à€¿à€•à€Ÿ à€šà€žà¥‡à€² à€€à¥‡à€¥à¥‡ à€à€• à€°à€¿à€•à€Ÿà€®à€Ÿ à€šà¥‹à€•à¥‹à€š à€
     573à€žà¥‡à€².  à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€Šà¥à€µà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€šà€µà¥€à€š à€
     574à€¥à€µà€Ÿ à€†à€§à¥€à€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€µà€° à€œà€Ÿà€Š à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ.  à€
     575à€šà¥à€•à¥à€°à€®à€£à€¿à€•à¥‡à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€ à€³à€• à€
     576à€•à¥à€·à€°à€Ÿà€‚à€µà€°à¥à€š à€žà€‚à€ªà¥‚à€°à¥à€£ à€²à¥‡à€– à€µà€Ÿà€šà€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‹ </p>
     578<p>à€¯à€Ÿ à€­à€Ÿà€—à€Ÿà€€à¥€à€² à€²à¥‡à€– à€–à€Ÿà€²à¥€ à€†à€¹à¥‡. à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€¶à¥‡à€µà€Ÿà¥€ à€Šà€¿à€²à¥‡à€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€¬à€£à€Ÿà€‚à€µà€°à¥à€š à€ªà¥à€¢à¥€à€² à€
     579à€¥à€µà€Ÿ à€®à€Ÿà€—à¥€à€² à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€µà€° à€œà€Ÿà€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‡. </p>
     581<p>à€–à€Ÿà€²à¥€ à€•à€Ÿà€¹à¥€ à€¬à€Ÿà€£à¥‡ à€†à€¹à¥‡à€€. à€œà€žà¥‡  <i>_document:textEXPANDTEXT_</i> à€¯à€Ÿ à€Šà¥à€µà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€žà€‚à€ªà¥‚à€°à¥à€£ à€²à¥‡à€– à€
     582à€¥à€µà€Ÿ à€ªà¥à€žà¥à€€à€• à€ªà€Ÿà€¹à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€‡à€².  à€œà€° à€ªà¥à€žà¥à€€à€• à€
     583à€¥à€µà€Ÿ à€²à¥‡à€– à€®à¥‹à€  à€
     584à€žà¥‡à€² à€€à€° à€žà€‚à€—à€£à€•à€Ÿà€²à€Ÿ à€€à¥‹ à€‰à€˜à€¡à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€ž à€¬à€°à€Ÿà€š à€µà¥‡à€³ à€²à€Ÿà€—à¥‡à€².  à€
     585à€¶à€Ÿ à€µà¥‡à€³à¥€ à€¯à€Ÿ <i>_document:textEXPANDCONTENTS_</i> à€¬à€Ÿà€£à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€° à€•à€°à€Ÿ.  à€žà€‚à€ªà¥‚à€°à¥à€£ à€
     586à€šà¥‚à€•à¥à€°à€®à€£à€¿à€•à€Ÿ à€ªà€¹à€Ÿà€µà€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥€ à€
     587à€žà¥‡à€² à€€à€° <i>_document:textDETACH_</i> à€¯à€Ÿ à€¬à€Ÿà€£à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€° à€•à€°à€Ÿ.  à€¯à€Ÿ à€®à¥à€³à¥‡ à€¬à¥à€°à€Ÿà€‰à€à€° à€šà¥€ à€šà€µà¥€à€š à€µà€¿à€‚à€¡à¥‹ à€‰à€˜à€¡à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‡. (à€¯à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ  à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€— à€Šà¥‹à€š à€²à¥‡à€–à€Ÿà€‚à€®à€§à¥€à€² à¥žà€°à€• à€²à€•à¥à€·à€Ÿà€€ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‹.) à€¶à¥‡à€µà€Ÿà¥€ à€œà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€¶à€¬à¥à€Šà€Ÿà€‚à€µà€° à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€²à¥‡à€–à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€˜à¥‡à€€à€²à€Ÿ à€†à€¹à¥‡ à€€à¥‡ à€¶à€¬à¥à€Š à€ à€³à€• à€
     588à€žà€€à¥€à€².  à€€à¥‡ à€ à€³à€• à€žà¥à€µà€°à¥à€ªà€Ÿà€€ à€šà€•à¥‹ à€
     589à€žà€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€ž  <i>_document:textNOHIGHLIGHT_</i> à€¯à€Ÿ à€¬à€Ÿà€£à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€° à€•à€°à€Ÿ. </p
    608607_texthelpsearching_ [l=mr] {<p>
    609   From the search page, you make a query in these simple steps:<p>
    611   <ol><li>Specify what items you want to search
    612       <li>Say whether you want to search for all or just some of the words
    613       <li>Type in the words you want to search for
    614       <li>Click the <i>Begin Search</i> button
     608  à€¶à¥‹à€§à€ªà€§à¥à€Šà€€à¥€ à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€µà€°à¥‚à€š à€ªà¥à€¢à¥€à€² à€ªà¥à€°à€•à€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€žà€Ÿà€§à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€ªà€§à¥à€Šà€€à¥€à€šà¥‡ à€•à¥à€µà¥‡à€°à¥€ à€€à€¯à€Ÿà€° à€•à€°à€Ÿ:<p>
     610  <ol><li>à€•à€Ÿà€¯ à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿà€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥‡ à€€à¥‡ à€šà€¿à€¶à¥à€šà€¿à€€ à€•à€°à€Ÿ
     611      <li>à€«à€•à¥à€€ à€¶à€¬à¥à€Š à€•à€¿à€‚à€µà€Ÿ à€žà€‚à€ªà¥à€°à¥à€£ à€•à¥à€µà¥‡à€°à¥€
     612      <li>à€œà¥‡à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿà€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥‡ à€€à¥‡ à€Ÿà€Ÿà€ˆà€ª à€•à€°à€Ÿ
     613      <li>à€•à¥à€²à€¿à€• <i>à€¶à¥‹à€§</i> à€¬à€Ÿà€£
    615614  </ol>
    617 <p>When you make a query, the titles of twenty matching documents will be shown.
    618 There is a button at the end to take you on to the next twenty documents.  From
    619 there you will find buttons to take you on to the third twenty or back to the
    620 first twenty, and so on.  Click the title of any document, or the little button
    621 beside it, to see it.
    623 <p>A maximum of 50 is imposed on the number of
    624   documents returned.  You can change this number by clicking the
    625   <i>_Global:linktextPREFERENCES_</i> button at the top of the page.<p>
     616<p>à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€•à¥à€µà¥‡à€°à¥€ à€€à€¯à€Ÿà€° à€•à¥‡à€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà€‚à€€à€° ग़ॊ à€šà€Ÿà€µà¥‡ à€œà¥à€³à€£à€Ÿà€°à¥€ à€žà€Ÿà€ªà€¡à€€à¥€à€².
     617à€–à€Ÿà€²à¥€à€² à€¬à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€µà¥à€Šà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€ªà¥à€¢à¥€à€² ग़ॊ à€šà€Ÿà€µà¥‡ à€®à€¿à€³à€€à¥€à€²  à€¯à€Ÿ à€ªà¥à€¢à¥‡ à€ªà¥à€¢à¥€à€² à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€µà€° à€•à€¿à€‚à€µà€Ÿ à€ªà¥à€°à€¥à€® à€ªà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿà€µà€° à€œà€Ÿà€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€ˆà€².à€•à¥‹à€£à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€¹à¥€ à€žà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€šà€Ÿà€µà€Ÿà€µà€° à€•à¥à€²à€¿à€² à€•à€°à€Ÿ à€€à¥‡ à€Šà€¿à€žà¥‡à€² 
     619<p>à€œà€Ÿà€žà¥à€€à¥€à€€ à€œà€Ÿà€žà¥à€€ ५ॊ à€²à¥‡à€– à€ªà€Ÿà€¹à¥  à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ.  à€¹à€Ÿ à€šà€‚à€¬à€° à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ <i>_Global:linktextPREFERENCES_</i> à€¯à€Ÿ  à€¬à€Ÿà€£à€Ÿà€Šà¥à€µà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€¬à€Šà€²à¥ à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ.
    628622_texthelpquerytermstitle_ [l=mr] {à€¶à€¬à¥à€Š à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿ} 
    629623_texthelpqueryterms_ [l=mr] {à€žà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥à€¯ à€¶à¥‹à€§à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€ à€œà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€žà€‚à€œà¥à€žà€Ÿà€‚à€šà€Ÿ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€° à€•à¥‡à€²à€Ÿ à€œà€Ÿà€€à¥‹ à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€‚à€šà€Ÿ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€žà€‚à€œà¥à€žà€Ÿ à€®à¥à€¹à€£à€€à€Ÿà€€.à€¯à€Ÿ à€žà€‚à€œà¥à€žà€Ÿ à€®à¥à€¹à€£à€œà¥‡ à€µà€°à¥à€£à€Ÿà€šà¥à€•à¥à€°à€® à€®à¥à€³à€Ÿà€•à¥à€·à€°à¥‡ à€
    630 à€žà€€à€Ÿà€€.à€µà€¿à€°à€Ÿà€®à€šà€¿à€šà¥à€¹à€Ÿà€‚à€šà€Ÿ à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€— à€•à¥‡à€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€ž à€žà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€˜à¥‡à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€ à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€.} 
    632 _texthelpmgppsearching_ [l=mr] {For collections built with MGPP a few other options are available.
     624à€žà€€à€Ÿà€€.à€µà€¿à€°à€Ÿà€®à€šà€¿à€šà¥à€¹à€Ÿà€‚à€šà€Ÿ à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€— à€•à¥‡à€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€ž à€žà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€˜à¥‡à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€ à€šà€Ÿà€¹à¥€.  <p>à€‰à€Šà€Ÿà€¹à€°à€£à€Ÿà€°à¥à€¥, <p>
     625    <ul><kbd>Agro-forestry in the Pacific Islands: Systems for Sustainability (1993)</kbd></ul>
     626      <p>will be treated the same as<p>
     627      <ul><kbd>Agro forestry in the Pacific Islands  Systems for Sustainability  1993 </kbd></ul><p>} 
     629_texthelpmgppsearching_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€à€® à€œà¥€à€ªà¥€à€ªà¥€ à€šà¥‡ à€€à€¯à€Ÿà€° à€•à€°à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€ à€ªà¥à€¢à¥€à€² à€ªà€°à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€¯ à€ªà€¹à€Ÿ
    635 <li>A <b>*</b> at the end of a query term  matches all words <b>starting with</b> that word, e.g. <b>comput*</b> matches all words starting with <b>comput</b>.
     632<li>A <b>*</b> à€žà€°à¥à€µ à€¶à€¬à¥à€Šà€Ÿà€‚à€šà€Ÿ à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€— à€•à€°à€Ÿ <b>à€žà¥à€°à¥‚à€µà€Ÿà€€</b> à€€à¥‹ à€¶à€¬à¥à€Š, à€‰à€Šà€Ÿ <b>à€•à¥‰à€®à¥à€ªà¥à€¯à¥à€Ÿ*</b> à€šà¥‡ à€žà¥à€°à¥‚ à€¹à¥‹à€£à€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€žà€°à¥à€µ à€¶à€¬à¥à€Š <b>à€•à¥‰à€®à¥à€ªà¥à€¯à¥à€Ÿ</b>.
    636633<li><b>/x</b> can be used to give higher weight to one or more of the query terms, eg <b>computer/10 science</b> gives computer 10 times more weight than science when ranking documents.
    679676à€‚à€• à€µ à€¬à¥à€²à€¿à€¯à€š ....} 
    681 _texthelpbooleansearch_ [l=mr] {A <b>boolean</b> search allows you to combine terms
    682 using & (for "and"), | (for "or"), and ! (for "not"), using parentheses for grouping if desired. The default operator is | (for "or").
     678_texthelpbooleansearch_ [l=mr] {A <b>à€¬à¥à€²à€¿à€¯à€
     679à€š</b>à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€ªà¥à€°à€•à€Ÿà€°à€Ÿà€®à¥à€³à¥‡ à€†à€ªà€
     680à€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€²à€Ÿ "&" à€¯à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€†à€ªà€£ "à€†à€£à€¿" "and" à€
     681à€žà€Ÿ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€° à€•à€°à¥ à€¶à€•à€€à¥‹ à€€à€žà¥‡à€š "ी" à€¯à€Ÿ à€šà€¿à€‚à€šà¥à€¹à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€— "à€•à€¿à€‚à€µà€Ÿ" "OR" à€®à¥à€¹à€£à¥‚à€š à€•à€°à€€à€Ÿà€€. "!" à€¯à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€° "not" à€®à¥à€¹à€£à€œà¥‡à€š "à€šà€•à¥‹" à€
     682à€žà€Ÿ à€¹à¥‹à€€à¥‹.
     683 <p>
     684à€‰à€Šà€Ÿ., <b>snail & farming</b>à€
     685à€žà¥‡ à€¶à¥‹à€§à€²à¥‡ à€
     686à€žà€€à€Ÿ à€œà¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€²à¥‡à€–à€Ÿà€‚à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡<b> snail </> AND <b>farming</b>, à€¹à¥‡à€š à€¶à€¬à¥à€Š à€
     687à€žà€€à¥€à€² à€€à¥‡à€š à€²à¥‡à€– à€¶à¥‹à€§à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥€à€². à€€à€žà¥‡à€š <b>snail | farming</b>  à€šà€Ÿ à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€— à€•à¥‡à€²à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€ž <b>snail</b> OR <b>farming</b> à€¯à€Ÿ à€Šà¥‹à€šà¥à€¹à¥€à€®à€§à¥€à€² à€•à¥‹à€£à€€à€Ÿà€¹à¥€ à€à€• à€¶à€¬à¥à€Š à€
     688à€žà€²à¥‡à€²à¥‡ à€²à¥‡à€– à€®à€¿à€³à€€à¥€à€²,  <b>snail !farming</b> à€šà€Ÿ à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€— <b>snail</b> AND DO NOT contain <b>farming</b> à¥žà€•à¥à€€ snail à€¯à€Ÿ à€¶à€¬à¥à€Šà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€¶à¥‹à€§
     689à€˜à¥‡à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‹. <p> "AND" "OR" "NOT" à€¯à€Ÿ à€€à¥€à€š à€¬à¥à€²à€¿à€¯à€š à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€ªà¥à€°à€•à€Ÿà€°à€Ÿà€‚à€šà€Ÿ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€° à€•à€°à¥à€š à€¶à€¬à¥à€Šà€Ÿà€‚à€šà¥€ à€œà¥à€³à€£à¥€ à€•à€°à¥à€š à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€Ÿà€€à¥€à€² à€²à¥‡à€–à€Ÿà€‚à€šà€Ÿ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€˜à¥‡à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‹.
     690à€‰à€Šà€Ÿ. <b>(sheep | cattle) & (farm | station)</b>, or <b>sheep | cattle | goat !pig</b>.
     693_texthelpadvsearchmgpp_ [l=mr] {MGPP à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€Ÿ à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€ªà¥à€°à€—à€€ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€•à€°à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€ à€¬à¥à€²à€¿à€¯à€š à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€ªà¥à€°à€•à€Ÿà€°à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€° à€•à€°à€€à€Ÿà€€.  _texthelpbooleansearch_
     694<p>à€šà€¿à€•à€Ÿà€² <b>ranked</b> à€
     695à€¶à€Ÿ à€ªà€§à¥à€Šà€€à¥€à€šà¥‡ à€¯à¥‡à€€à€Ÿà€€,  <b>some</b> search in <a href="\#query-type">_texthelpquerytypetitle_</a>, or in "natural" (or "build") order. à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€¯à€Ÿ à€ªà¥à€°à€•à€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€€à€¯à€Ÿà€° à€¹à¥‹à€€à€Ÿà€€.
    684 For example, <b>snail & farming</b> will match documents which contain both <b>snail</b> AND <b>farming</b>, whereas <b>snail | farming</b> will match documents that contain either <b>snail</b> OR <b>farming</b>.
    685 <b>snail !farming</b> will match documents that contain <b>snail</b> AND DO NOT contain <b>farming</b>.
    686 <p>
    687 More precise queries can be specified using combinations of operators and parentheses. For example, <b>(sheep | cattle) & (farm | station)</b>, or <b>sheep | cattle | goat !pig</b>.
    690 _texthelpadvsearchmgpp_ [l=mr] {Advanced searches in MGPP collections use boolean operators. _texthelpbooleansearch_
    691 <p>The results can be displayed in <b>ranked</b> order, as described for the <b>some</b> search in <a href="\#query-type">_texthelpquerytypetitle_</a>, or in "natural" (or "build") order. This is the order that documents were processed during the creation of the collection.
    692 <p>
    693 Further operators include <b>NEARx</b> and <b>WITHINx</b>.
    694 NEARx is used to specify the maximum distance apart (x words) two query
    695 terms must be for a document to match.
    696 WITHINx specifies that the second term must occur within x words <i>after</i> the first term. This is similar to NEAR but the order is important. The default distance is 20.
     698à€œà¥à€š <b>NEARx</b> and <b>WITHINx</b>.
     699NEARx, WITHINx à€¯à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€° à€Šà¥‹à€š à€¶à€¬à¥à€Šà€Ÿà€‚à€®à€§à¥€à€² à€
     700à€‚à€€à€°à€Ÿà€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€ à€•à€°à€€à€Ÿà€€.  (x words)
     701ग़ॊ à€¶à€¬à¥à€Šà€Ÿà€‚à€‡à€€à€•à¥‡ à€
     702à€‚à€€à€° à€
    719726_texthelpdatehowtotitle_ [l=mr] {à€¯à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€— à€•à€žà€Ÿ à€•à€°à€Ÿà€µà€Ÿ} 
    720727_texthelpdatehowto_ [l=mr] {<ul>
    721    <li>To search for documents about a single year:<p>
     728   <li>à€à€• à€µà€°à¥à€·à€Ÿà€€à¥€à€² à€žà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥à€¯ à€¶à¥‹à€§à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€•à€°à¥€à€€à€Ÿ:<p>
    722729   <ul>
    723        <li>Type in any ordinary search terms as you normally would.
    724        <li>Type the year you want into the "Start (or only) date" box.
    725        <li>If your date is from before the common era (also known as before
    726            Christ), choose the "B.C.E" option from the pulldown menu next to that
    727            box.
    728        <li>Begin your search as you ordinarily would.
     730       <li>à€à€• à€žà€‚à€œà¥à€žà€Ÿ  à€Ÿà€Ÿà€ˆà€ª à€•à€°à€Ÿ.
     731       <li>à€†à€µà€¶à¥à€¯à€• à€€à¥‡ à€µà€°à¥à€·  "à€žà¥à€°à¥‚ (à€•à€¿à€‚à€µà€Ÿ) à€Šà€¿à€šà€Ÿà€‚à€•" à€¬à¥‰à€•à¥à€ž.
     732       <li>à€Šà€¿à€šà€Ÿà€‚à€• à€œà€° à€–à¥à€°à€¿à€žà¥à€€ à€ªà¥‚à€°à¥à€µ à€
     733à€žà¥‡à€² à€€à€° à€¬à¥€à€žà¥€ à€ˆ à€‘à€ªà¥à€¶à€š à€šà¥€ à€šà€¿à€µà€¡ à€•à€°à€Ÿ,
    729735   </ul>
    730 <p><li>To search for documents about a time period or range of years:<p>
     736<p><li>à€®à€°à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€Šà€¿à€€ à€•à€Ÿà€²à€Ÿà€µà€§à¥€à€€à¥€à€² à€žà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥à€¯ à€¶à¥‹à€§<p>
    731737   <ul>
    732        <li>Type in any ordinary search terms as you normally would.
    733        <li>Type the earlier date into the "Start (or only) date" box.
    734        <li>Type the later date into the "End date" box.
    735        <li>Select "B.C.E" option from the pulldown menu next to any date from before
    736            the common era (also known as before Christ).
    737        <li>Begin your search as you ordinarily would.
     738       <li>à€à€• à€žà€‚à€œà¥à€žà€Ÿ  à€Ÿà€Ÿà€ˆà€ª à€•à€°à€Ÿ
     739       <li>à€†à€µà€¶à¥à€¯à€• à€€à¥‡ à€µà€°à¥à€·  "à€žà¥à€°à¥‚à€µà€Ÿà€€à¥€à€šà¥‡ (à€•à€¿à€‚à€µà€Ÿ) à€Šà€¿à€šà€Ÿà€‚à€•" à€¬à¥‰à€•à¥à€ž.
     740       <li>à€†à€µà€¶à¥à€¯à€• à€€à¥‡ à€µà€°à¥à€·  "à€¶à¥‡à€µà€Ÿà€šà¥‡ (à€•à€¿à€‚à€µà€Ÿ) à€Šà€¿à€šà€Ÿà€‚à€•" à€¬à¥‰à€•à¥à€ž.
     741       <li>à€Šà€¿à€šà€Ÿà€‚à€• à€œà€° à€–à¥à€°à€¿à€žà¥à€€ à€ªà¥‚à€°à¥à€µ à€
     742à€žà¥‡à€² à€€à€° à€¬à¥€à€žà¥€ à€ˆ à€‘à€ªà¥à€¶à€š à€šà¥€ à€šà€¿à€µà€¡ à€•à€°à€Ÿ
    738744   </ul>   
    742748_texthelpdateresultstitle_ [l=mr] {à€¯à€Ÿ à€µà€¿à€­à€Ÿà€—à€Ÿà€€à¥€à€² à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€ à€¶à¥‹à€§à€£à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà¥‡ à€®à€Ÿà€°à¥à€—} 
    743 _texthelpdateresults_ [l=mr] {Generally speaking a search for documents about the year 1903 will not return documents that, say, reference books written in 1903, just documents about 1903.  However, the way that the documents' dates are found, it will return documents that have a date range (for example 1899-1911) that includes 1903, and also those documents which, as part of their text name the century that 1903 is a part of (for example 20th century or twentieth century).  This means that for some documents, the dates in your search will not actually appear in the document text.  For a range search, all of this applies to every date in the range.<p>
     749_texthelpdateresults_ [l=mr] {<p> १९९३ à€®à€§à¥€à€² à€²à¥‡à€– à€
     750à€¥à€µà€Ÿ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿà€¯à€šà¥‡ à€
     751à€žà€€à¥€à€² à€€à€° १९८९ - १९११ à€
     752à€¶à€Ÿ à€ªà¥à€°à€•à€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€€à€Ÿà€°à¥€à€– à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€šà¥‹à€•à¥‹à€šà€Ÿà€€ à€Šà¥à€¯à€Ÿà€µà¥€ à€²à€Ÿà€—à€€à¥‡.
    759768_texthelppresentationprefstitle_ [l=mr] {à€žà€Ÿà€Šà€°à¥€à€•à€°à€£à€Ÿà€šà¥‡ à€ªà¥à€°à€Ÿà€§à€Ÿà€šà¥à€¯} 
    760769_texthelppresentationprefs_ [l=mr] {à€ à€°à€Ÿà€µà€¿à€• à€žà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€€à¥€à€² à€žà€Ÿà€ à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€µà€° à€
    761 à€šà¥‡à€• à€ªà€§à¥à€Šà€€à¥€à€µà¥à€Šà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€žà€Ÿà€Šà€°à¥€à€•à€°à€£à€Ÿà€µà€° à€šà€¿à€¯à€‚à€€à¥à€°à€£ à€®à€¿à€³à€µà€¿à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‡.
     770à€šà¥‡à€• à€ªà€§à¥à€Šà€€à¥€à€µà¥à€Šà€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€žà€Ÿà€Šà€°à¥€à€•à€°à€£à€Ÿà€µà€° à€šà€¿à€¯à€‚à€€à¥à€°à€£ à€®à€¿à€³à€µà€¿à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‡.à€žà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥à€¯ à€¶à¥‹à€§à€š à€•à€°à¥‚à€š à€šà€‚à€€à€° à€šà€µà€¿à€š à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿ à€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€ à€®à€Ÿà€—à¥‡ à€¯à€Ÿ à€¬à€Ÿà€£à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€µà€Ÿà€ªà€° à€•à€°à€Ÿà€µà€Ÿ
    763772_texthelpsearchprefstitle_ [l=mr] {à€ªà€Ÿà¥à€°à€§à€Ÿà€šà¥à€¯ à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿ} 
    781790_textsearchtypeprefsform_ [l=mr] {à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€ à€¹à¥‡ à€•à¥à€°à€®à€Ÿà€‚à€• à€¬à€Šà€²à¥‚ à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ.} 
    783 _textsearchtypeprefsboth_ [l=mr] {You can switch the search type of the collection between "normal" search, and "fielded" search.
     792_textsearchtypeprefsboth_ [l=mr] {à€€à¥à€®à¥à€¹à¥€à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Šà¥‹à€š à€ªà¥à€°à€•à€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€•à€°à¥‚ à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿ à€žà€Ÿà€§à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€µ à€«à€¿à€²à¥à€¡ à€¶à¥‹à€§.
    785 <li>Normal search provides a single query box. _textsearchtypeprefsplain_</li>
    786 <li>Fielded search provides a number of query boxes, each querying a different field of the index. This enables searching over different fields at once. _textsearchtypeprefsform_ </li>
     794<li>à€žà€Ÿà€§à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€ªà€§à¥à€Šà€€à¥€ à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€à€• à€•à¥à€µà¥‡à€°à¥€ à€¬à¥‰à€•à¥à€ž à€†à€¹à¥‡. _textsearchtypeprefsplain_</li>
     795<li>à€«à¥à€²à€¿à€¡ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€ªà€§à¥à€Šà€€à¥€ à€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€à€• à€ªà¥‡à€•à¥à€·à€Ÿ à€œà€Ÿà€žà¥à€€  à€•à¥à€µà¥‡à€°à¥€ à€¬à¥‰à€•à¥à€ž à€†à€¹à¥‡, à€ªà¥à€°à€€à¥à€¯à¥‡à€• à€•à¥à€µà¥‡à€°à¥€ à€žà€Ÿà€ à¥€ à€µà¥‡à€—à€³à€Ÿ à€¬à¥‰à€•à¥à€ž.à€¯à€Ÿ à€®à¥à€³à¥‡ à€à€•à€Ÿ à€µà¥‡à€³à¥€ à€
     796à€šà¥‡à€• à€«à¥à€²à€¿à€¡ à€®à€§à¥€à€² à€žà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€¶à¥‹à€§à€˜à¥‡à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‹  _textsearchtypeprefsform_ </li>
    792 _texttanumbrowseoptions_ [l=mr] {à€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€Ÿà¥€à€² à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€ à€µà€¿à€µà€¿à€§ à€ªà€§à¥à€Šà€€à¥€à€šà¥‡ à€¶à¥‹à€§à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‡} 
     802_texttanumbrowseoptions_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€Ÿà€€à¥€à€² à€®à€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥€ à€µà€¿à€µà€¿à€§ à€ªà€§à¥à€Šà€€à¥€à€šà¥‡ à€¶à¥‹à€§à€€à€Ÿ à€¯à¥‡à€€à¥‡} 
    794804_textsimplehelpheading_ [l=mr] {à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€šà€Ÿà€µ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹ à€•à€žà€Ÿ à€¶à¥‹à€§à€Ÿà€µà€Ÿ} 
    796 _texthelpscopetitle_ [l=mr] {à€¶à€‚à€•à¥‡à€šà€Ÿ à€–à¥à€²à€Ÿà€žà€Ÿ} 
     806_texthelpscopetitle_ [l=mr] {à€ªà¥à€°à€¶à¥à€šà€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€–à¥à€²à€Ÿà€žà€Ÿ} 
    797807_texthelpscope_ [l=mr] {à€žà€Ÿà€§à€Ÿà€°à€£à€ªà€£à¥‡ à€žà€‚à€—à¥à€°à€¹à€Ÿà€®à€§à¥à€¯à¥‡ à€žà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€¶à¥‹à€§ à€˜à¥‡à€€à€Ÿà€šà€Ÿ à€µà€¿à€µà€¿à€§ à€šà€¿à€°à¥à€Šà¥‡à€¶à€Ÿà€‚à€šà€Ÿ à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€— à€•à¥‡à€²à€Ÿ à€œà€Ÿà€€à¥‹ à€œà€žà¥‡ à€—à¥à€°à€‚à€¥à€šà€Ÿà€®,à€—à¥à€°à€‚à€¥à€•à€Ÿà€° ,à€‡à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿà€Šà€¿.
    798808à€•à¥‹à€£à€€à¥à€¯à€Ÿ à€šà€¿à€°à¥à€Šà¥‡à€¶à€Ÿà€‚à€šà€Ÿ à€‰à€ªà€¯à¥‹à€— à€•à¥‡à€²à€Ÿ,à€¯à€Ÿà€µà€° à€œà¥à€³à€£à€Ÿà€°à¥‡ à€žà€Ÿà€¹à€¿à€€à¥à€¯ à€®à€¿à€³à¥‚ à€¶à€•à€€à€Ÿà€€.
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