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2011-06-23T15:15:06+12:00 (12 years ago)

Fixed a bug Sam discovered in the latest PDFBox that I recently committed in place of the earlier one (since the latest one was adding page separator tags so we could do paging when use_sections of PDFPlugin is turned on). The bug was that PDFBox code uses the System.lineSeparator for when a newline is required. But this resolves to be the empty string for me, so that the formatting of html output is incorrect, especially noticeable when processing the GS3 manual PDF where the Table of contents ends up appearing all on one line. The change made to the PDFBox src code is in its util folder, setLineSeparator(htmlLineSeparator); (instead of systemLineSeparator) where String htmlLineSeparator = "<br />" +systemLineSeparator;

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