Changeset 24411

08/15/11 17:50:00 (9 years ago)

Katherine's commit for modelcol's collect.cfg explained that its collectionmeta section should not contain ex.* prefixes for GS extracted metadata. (It can and does contain ex. prefixes for extracted embedded metadata, since otherwise we may have multiple occurrences of dc.Title in there, when one of them is meant to refer to ex.dc.Title.) This resulted in correcting collect.cfg to not refer to ex.Title anymore in its collectionmeta section. And GLI is processing all ex. prefixes now, so undoing the previous commit in runtime-source where all ex. prefixes were removed from the collectionmeta section: this is no longer applicable (since there will be no GS extracted meta like ex.Title in the collectionmeta section) AND we don't want ex. prefixes removed from embedded ex.* metadata (like ex.dc.*).

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  • main/trunk/greenstone2/runtime-src/src/colservr/collectserver.cpp

    r24305 r24411  
    204204    text_t new_name;
    206     // make sure that any ex.XXX metadata in the string is turned into XXX for matching
    207     name.replace("ex.","");
     206    // Now that GLI has been fixed to deal with ex. prefixes, and modelcol's collect.cfg does not contain
     207    // Greenstone ex.* meta in the "collectionmeta" section, we won't encounter ex.* in collectionmeta here.
     208    // So we should not remove any "ex." prefixes here, since collectionmeta does not contain ex.* but it can
     209    // contain ex.dc.* type metadata, which will need to have their ex. prefix preserved for matching below.
    209211    if (indexmap.from2to(name, new_name)) {
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