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Lucene demo makes use of the dls metadata set. To have this working automatically over OAI, they need to be correctly mapped to the dc: prefix used for the oai_dc metadata. The model collectionconfig.xml also needs to be changed to not have any default example mappings, so that the global defaults defined in OAIConfig.xml will be used instead.

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  • main/trunk/greenstone3/web/sites/localsite/collect/lucene-jdbm-demo/etc/collectionConfig.xml

    r26011 r26095  
    194194                    <schema>http://www.openarchives.org/OAI/2.0/oai_dc.xsd</schema>
    195195                    <metadataNamespace>http://www.openarchives.org/OAI/2.0/oai_dc/</metadataNamespace>
    196                     <!--<metadataElements>dc.Title,dc.Creator,dc.Subject,dc.Description,dc.Publisher,dc.Contributor,dc.Date,dc.Type,dc.Format,dc.Identifier,dc.Source,dc.Language,dc.Relation,dc.Coverage,dc.Rights</metadataElements>-->
    197                     <mappingList>
    198                         <!--
    199                             The mapping is in the form: <publicly supported metadata name>,<mapped metadata name>, short as <A>,<B>
    200                             The first metadata name is medatory; if there is no mapped name followed, then the first name must be used by the records and
    201                             searchable in the database, otherwise it is the mapped name stored in the database. The number of mapping elements matches the
    202                             number of external metadata of the records. If only one name is present, the returned metadata will use this name plus the retrieved value;
    203                             if both <A>,<B> are present, the returned metadata will use <A>'s name plus <B>'s value retrieved from database.
    205                             **Bear in mind: if this mapping list is not present, the standard dc. metadata names (15 in total) will be used to retrieve metadata in the database.
    207                             **The only case when this mapping is not present is that: 1. this metadata format is oai_dc; 2. the metadata is also stored in the database by Dublin Core's names.
    208                         -->
    209                         <mapping>dc.Title,Title</mapping>
    210                         <!-- This mapping example means that the dc.Title is requested and the value of the metadata Title, which is used in this repository, is returned as response. -->
     196                    <!--   a custom mapping as this collection doesn't have dc metadata -->                   
     197                    <mappingList>                       
     198                        <mapping>dc:title,dls.Title</mapping>
     199                        <mapping>dc:subject,dls.Subject</mapping>
     200                        <mapping>dc:language,dls.Language</mapping>
     201                        <mapping>dc:publisher,dls.Organization</mapping>                   
    211202                    </mappingList>
    212203                </metadataFormat>
    213204            </ListMetadataFormats>
    214         </serviceRack> 
     205        </serviceRack>
    215206    </serviceRackList>
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