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Since the perlcode to convert from GS2 collect.cfg to GS3 collectionConfig.xml has finally been changed for the advbeat_large collection, the Looking At A Multimedia Collection tutorial now works for GS3. The user will need to delete its index folder and rebuild the collection first for GS3. But otherwise the tutorial works.

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    27372737<Text id="0542b">where &lt;Username&gt; is the username under with Greenstone is installed.</Text>
    2738 <Text id="0543">Put <Path>advbeat_large</Path> in there.</Text>
    2739 </NumberedItem>
     2738<Text id="0543">Put <Path>advbeat_large</Path> in there.<MajorVersion number="3"> Then go into the <Path>advbeat_large</Path> folder and delete its <Path>index</Path> subfolder.</MajorVersion></Text>
     2740<MajorVersion number="2">
    27412742<Text id="0544">On Windows, if the Greenstone Digital Library Local Library Server is already running, re-start it by clicking the world icon on the task bar and then pressing <i>Restart Library</i>. On Linux and Mac, just do a forced reload/refresh of the web browser (eg. by pressing Shift and the refresh button in Firefox to do a forced reload). If the Local Library Server hasn't been started yet, start it up first by selecting <i>Greenstone Digital Library</i> from the <i>Start</i> menu on Windows, or run <Path>./</Path> on Linux and Mac.</Text>
     2745<MajorVersion number="3">
     2747Start up GLI and open the <AutoText text="Advanced Beatles -- large" type="italics" /> collection. Switch to the <AutoText key="glidict::GUI.Create"/> panel and <b>rebuild</b> the collection. <b>Preview</b> the result.
    27442751<Text id="0545">Explore the Beatles collection. Note how the <AutoText key="coredm::_Global:labelBrowse_" type="italics"/> button divides the material into seven different types. Within each category, the documents have appropriate icons. Some documents have an audio icon: when you click these you hear the music (assuming your computer is set up with appropriate player software). Others have an image thumbnail: when you click these you see the images.</Text>
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