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2013-04-19T18:19:09+12:00 (9 years ago)

Because activate uses perl modules like LWP and NET and URI which may not be available in all standard perl distributions, these were recently added into CPAN by Dr Bainbridge. Along with that, cpan was added into the INC array in Doing so caused a conflict in the svn version of the code on Windows, where ActivePerl was installed. That perl installation had a conflict with cpan\auto folder in particular its HTML and Win32 subfolders because these are perl5.8 specific. A new cpan\perl-5.8 folder is being introduced with its own auto subfolder which will contain all these things to prevent conflicts with other versions of perl. However, cpan\auto\Image(\Size) will still remain in the top cpan\auto level since that's not part of the ActivePerl installation. As it contains only perl code and no binaries, it may not as tied down to any specific version of perl.

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