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Replace Greenstone info in installer with Expeditee, disable other languages since they need to be translated from the English version once the English version is finished, remove license text since idk if Expeditee is actually under GPL2

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  • other-projects/expeditee-release-kits/kits/rke/installer/antinstall-config.xml

    r28725 r28742  
    66            debug="false"
    77            lookAndFeel="org.tp23.jgoodies.plaf.plastic.PlasticXPLookAndFeel"
    8             name="Greenstone@version@ Installer"
     8            name="Expeditee @version@ Installer"
    99            windowIcon="/resources/icon.png"
    1010            defaultImageResource="/resources/header.png"
    1616        <select property="language" defaultValue="en" displayText="" useAsLocale="true">
    1717            <option value="en" text="English"/>
     18            <!--
    1819            <option value="fr" text="Français (French)"/>
    1920            <option value="es" text="Español (Spanish)"/>
    2223            <option value="zh" text="äž­æ–‡ (Chinese)"/>
    2324            <option value="ar" text="Arabic"/>
     25            -->
    2426        </select>
    2527    </page>
    3840        <!-- if linux|mac -->
    3941        <directory property="installDir"
    40             defaultValue="/usr/local/Greenstone,${env.HOME}/Expeditee"
     42            defaultValue="/usr/local/Expeditee,${env.HOME}/Expeditee"
    4143            create="true"
    4244            displayText=""
    4749        <!-- if windows -->
    4850        <directory property="installDir"
    49             defaultValue="C:\Program Files\Greenstone,${env.HOMEDRIVE}\${env.HOMEPATH}\Expeditee"
     51            defaultValue="C:\Program Files\Expeditee,${env.HOMEDRIVE}\${env.HOMEPATH}\Expeditee"
    5052            create="true"
    5153            displayText=""
    5557        <!-- /if -->
    57     </page>
    59     <!-- don't budge if installshield installation found -->
    60     <page type="input" name="dontBudge" displayText="" ifProperty="(${ISInstallDetected}==true)" showNextButton="false">
    61         <comment name="is-install-detected"/>
    6259    </page>
  • other-projects/expeditee-release-kits/shared/core/language-strings/

    r28718 r28742  
    77### Intro Page ###
    8 page.intro.displayText=Greenstone @version@ installer
    9 welcome.displayText=Greenstone@version.major@ is software for building and sharing digital libraries.\n\nThis installer includes the Greenstone system, plus tools for hosting digital libraries (Apache2.2 for Linux/MacOS, Greenstone Library Server for Windows), converting images (ImageMagick), and dealing with pdf and postscript documents (GhostScript - Windows and MacOS only).
    10 welcome-greenstone3.displayText=Greenstone@version.major@ is software for building and sharing digital libraries.
     8page.intro.displayText=Expeditee @version@ installer
     9welcome.displayText=Expeditee is an alternate hypermedia software... TODO write more stuff here
     10# welcome-greenstone3.displayText=Unused?
    1212## License page ###
    1717page.destination.displayText=Installation Folder
    1818installDir.displayText=Select an installation folder
    21 ### InstallShield install detected page ###
    22 page.dontBudge.displayText=Previous Install Detected
    23 is-install-detected.displayText=An installation of Greenstone2 older than version 2.81, or an installation of Greenstone3 older than version 3.04, was detected in the installation folder. Installation cannot proceed using the selected installation folder.\n\nPlease quit this installer, uninstall the existing Greenstone installation, and then re-run this installer (recommended). Alternatively, you may go back to the previous page of this installer and select a different installation folder.
    3328Looking_For_Previous_Installation.explanatoryText=If this is an over-install, load some properties of the existing installation to aid the installation process.
    35 ### EXT ###
    36 Installing_AMP.displayText=Apache HTTPD (2.2.15), MySQL (5.1.47) and PHP (5.3.2)
    37 Installing_AMP.explanatoryText=<html>This component will install the Apache HTTPD web server, complete with MySQL (a database system) and PHP (a scripting language used for server-side coding).</html>
    38 ### /EXT ###
    4030Installing_Core_System.displayText=Core System
    41 Installing_Core_System.explanatoryText=<html>This is the core Greenstone@version.major@ system. It is a required component.</html>
     31Installing_Core_System.explanatoryText=<html>This is the core Expeditee@version.major@ system. It is a required component.</html>
    4333Installing_Java_Runtime.displayText=Java 8 Runtime
    4434Installing_Java_Runtime.explanatoryText=<html>This is a Java 8 runtime</html>
    46 Installing_Source_Code_Core.displayText=Source Code Core
    47 Installing_Source_Code_Core.explanatoryText=<html>This is the core Greenstone@version.major@ system for source releases. <br>\nIt includes supporting files to accompany the source code. </html>
    49 Installing_Source_Code.displayText=Source Code
    50 Installing_Source_Code.explanatoryText=<html>Install the source code if you wish to compile Greenstone@version.major@ <br>\nyourself, make modifications to your copy of Greenstone@version.major@, or if<br>\nyou just want to see how it works.</html>
    52 Installing_ImageMagick.displayText=ImageMagick (@bundled.version.imagemagick@)
    53 Installing_ImageMagick.explanatoryText=Greenstone uses ImageMagick to process images.\n\nThe bundled version of ImageMagick includes support for the JPEG2000 image\nformat. If you have ImageMagick on your computer already, or if you don't wish\nto include images in Greenstone collections, then you may choose not to \ninstall ImageMagick.
    55 Installing_Ghostscript.displayText=GhostScript (@bundled.version.ghostscript@)
    56 Installing_Ghostscript.explanatoryText=Greenstone uses GhostScript to process PDF and PostScript files.\n\n If you have Ghostscript on your computer already, or if you don't wish to\ninclude PDF of PostScript files in Greenstone collections, then you may choose\nnot to install Ghostscript.
    58 Installing_Apache_Web_Server.displayText=Apache Web Server
    59 Installing_Apache_Web_Server.explanatoryText=To serve Greenstone digital library content a web server is needed. \nThe open-source Apache web server is one such example, and as \npart of this installation process a pre-configured Apache web server \n-- ready to run out of the box -- is installed by selecting this option. \nIf you already have an existing web server installed then you can \nchoose to deselect this option to avoid having the pre-configured \nversion installed, however you will need to adjust the configuration settings of \nyour existing web server to link correctly to this Greenstone installation. \nIf you are unsure about this option it is recommended you leave it selected, \nas the configuration file it installs is a good starting place to learn \nwhat configuration options need to go into any existing web servers.
    6136Installing_Start_Menu_Shortcuts.displayText=Start Menu Shortcuts
    62 Installing_Start_Menu_Shortcuts.explanatoryText=Create shortcuts to Greenstone@version.major@ on your Start Menu
    64 Installing_Tomcat.displayText=Apache Tomcat (@bundled.version.tomcat@)
    65 Installing_Tomcat.explanatoryText=<html> Greenstone3 requires the Apache Tomcat web server to serve your digital library over <br> the web. If you have an existing installation of Tomcat, you can use that installation <br> (some configuration is required), so you can safely opt not to install this component. </html>
    67 Installing_Ant.displayText=Apache Ant (@bundled.version.ant@)
    68 Installing_Ant.explanatoryText=<html> Greenstone3 requires Apache Ant to start and stop the Tomcat web server, to recompile <br> the source code, and to perform some maintainence tasks. If you already have Ant installed, <br> you can safely opt not to install this component. </html>
    70 Installing_Documented_Examples.displayText=Documented Example Collections
    71 Installing_Documented_Examples.explanatoryText=A set of example collections, whose 'about' pages describe how they were created.\n\nEven if you don't install the Documented Examples now, you can get them from\nhttp\:// or from the greenstone CD-ROM.
    73 ### Admin password page
    75 page.admin-pages.displayText=Administration Pages
    76 admin-expl.displayText=The administration pages of the Greenstone interface allow you to manage the users database, which is required if you wish to set up remote greenstone. They also provide an easy way to view log files and to edit the file 'main.cfg'.
    77 admin-expl-2.displayText=Do you wish to the enable the administration pages of Greenstone? (You will be asked for a password on the next page.)
    78 admin-expl-3.displayText=NOTE\: If you enable the administration pages, they may be accessible over the internet. Please choose a secure password to protect them. \n NOTE\: Administration pages can be enabled/disabled later by editing etc/main.cfg. Set status to enabled/disabled. An initial admin account with password admin will be created. Change this immediately.
    79 enable.admin.pages.displayText=Enable Admin Pages
    81 page.admin-password.displayText=Admin Password
    82 admin-password-expl.displayText=A user with the username 'admin' will be created for you with the password you provide. Please enter the admin password. The password must be between 3 and 20 characters long.
    83 admin.password.displayText=Admin Password
    88 ### Tomcat config page
    89 page.tomcat-config.displayText=Apache Tomcat Configuration
    90 tomcat-config-explanation1.displayText=Greenstone3 uses Apache Tomcat to share your digital libraries.
    91 tomcat-config-explanation2.displayText=You can either configure Tomcat here, or by editing the file in the Greenstone3 home folder (${installDir}).
    92 tomcat.server.displayText=Tomcat Server
    93 tomcat-server.explanatoryText=Please enter the name of the server machine where the library will be hosted. If you are not sure, accept the default (localhost).
    94 tomcat.port.explanatoryText=Please select the ports which tomcat should use. It is usually safe to accept the defaults. If you are already running other services on the default ports, please select some free ports.
    95 tomcat.port.displayText=Tomcat Port
    96 tomcat.shutdown.port.displayText=Tomcat Shutdown Port
     37Installing_Start_Menu_Shortcuts.explanatoryText=Create shortcuts to Expeditee@version.major@ on your Start Menu
    9839### Progress page
    10142### Uninstaller Strings
    103 uninstaller.greenstone.uninstaller=Greenstone Uninstaller
     43uninstaller.greenstone.uninstaller=Greenstone Uninstaller (TODO: remove Greenstone from this variable name, and change it to Expeditee)
    11454uninstaller.readonly=Read Only
    116 uninstaller.will.uninstall.from=Uninstall Greenstone from\:
     56uninstaller.will.uninstall.from=Uninstall Expeditee from\:
    11757uninstaller.uninstall.options=Uninstall Options\:
    118 uninstaller.keep.collections=Keep Collections
    119 you sure you wish to Uninstall Greenstone
     58uninstaller.keep.collections=Keep Collections (TODO: Greenstone specific? - remove?) you sure you wish to uninstall Expeditee have chosen to delete your collections.\nPlease backup any collections you wish to keep before continuing to figure out the current directory
    13070uninstaller.warning.nonexistent=WARNING\: {file} does not exist
    13171uninstaller.error.nonexistent=ERROR\: {file} does not exist
    132 uninstaller.error.couldnt.find.install.props=ERROR\: Could not find the '' or 'etc/' file.\nEither this is not a valid Greenstone installation, or the installation has been corrupted.\nUninstallation cannot proceed
     72uninstaller.error.couldnt.find.install.props=ERROR\: Could not find the '' or 'etc/' file.\nEither this is not a valid Expeditee installation, or the installation has been corrupted.\nUninstallation cannot proceed
    13373uninstaller.warning.couldnt.create.flagfile=WARNING\: Couldn't create the flag file. You will have to delete the jre and loose uninstaller files manually
    13676### Ant-Installer Core strings
    13877dirNotExistCreate=The folder does not exist, create it?
    13978dirNotExist=The folder does not exist
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